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Any girl would like to get healthy long hair without resorting to helpexpensive salon procedures. Purchased funds, though they promise an instant result, but still do not justify the hopes placed on them, and the desire to acquire a luxurious head of hair remains an unrealizable dream. About how to quickly grow hair at home, we'll talk further.

Girls with well-groomed long curls always attract attention, because it is impossible to pass by such beauty and not turn after. But what if the hair stopped at the same length and did not want to grow further? What if I want to get rid of unsuccessful haircuts or stains in the shortest possible time, which spoil the whole attractive image? The answers to these questions are in our article.

Factors affecting hair growth

It is worth noting that a certain length of hair is laid down genetically. The rate of their growth also depends on a number of individual characteristics that are directly related to heredity. In addition, in everyday life there are many other factors that can have both a positive and negative impact on the health of the hair.

  • If you are a supporter of various experiments with diets, limit your diet and do not get the daily norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, then it's no wonder that you can not grow beautiful long hair.
  • Lifestyle also affects the health of your head of hear. Smoking, alcohol and other harmful habits harm the entire body, provoking various disorders or diseases. Being in a weakened state, the body first of all will struggle with the toxic effect of harmful substances, and not promote intensive growth of the braid.
  • Constant stress, depression and chronic lack of sleep are the factors that become the main culprits of abnormalities in the nervous system and, as a result, excessive hair loss.
  • People who have any endocrine or metabolic problems complain about the slow growth of their hair. Often it is the increased level of testosterone that does not allow a man to grow hair, as a result of which serious complexes appear and discontent with his appearance. To cope with this problem, you need to seek help from an endocrinologist and test the adrenal and thyroid gland function.
  • It's important to remember that improper scalp care when using "wrong" remedies also contributes to slow growth and premature hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select special cosmetics, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body.

On the way to the treasured spit

It just so happens that someone has given nature a thick, thick head of hair, while others need to resort to various tricks in the form of accrued hair or false strands. Such parameters as the density and length of the head of hair are inherent in us genetically from birth, so you will hardly be able to radically change the condition and structure of the hair.

But to make strands more docile, shiny, healthy and affect the speed of their growth, everyone can. For a month, it is real to grow hair by about 1.5-2.5 cm, but you should make considerable efforts to make your dream come true.

  • The speed of hair growth is primarily affected by the health of the skin. First you need to get rid of dry skin, dandruff and other related problems. To provide effective help in the forces of a qualified trichologist who will make you an individual treatment program.
  • If you want to grow long and thick hair, pay due attention to split ends. They must be cut once every 2-3 months to prevent further stratification of the rod. Today, the haircut with hot scissors is popular, with the tips of the hair sealed. Thus, the curls are much less exposed to the cross-section, and the hairstyle as a whole retains an attractive appearance much longer.
  • Do not forget to protect your hair from the effects of ultraviolet rays. For this, when in the sun, wear hats or make a bundle, knot and other hairstyles, with which you can hide the tips of your hair.
  • Be sure to use a special thermal protection if you curl the hair with a curling iron or even straighten it with a hot iron. Try as little as possible to dry hair with a hair dryer and use a variety of varnishes, foams and mousses of strong fixation.
  • To keep the tips as long as possible well-maintained, moisturize them after each washing with liquid crystals. As an effective and inexpensive means suitable jojoba oil or grape seed. A couple of drops of oil rubbed in the palms, after which it is applied to wet ends.
  • Treat your locks with love, keep them as neat as possible so as not to disturb the integrity of the hair rods. Do not brush your wet hair. Wait until they are a little dry, and only then with cautious movements begin to comb the strand behind the strand.
  • Staining and chemical perms noticeably spoil the hair structure, expose them to the risk of loss. Weakened and lifeless, strands will not grow at a sufficient rate, so it is best to abandon such harmful procedures.
  • Try not to expose yourself to stress and overexertion. Keep your peace of mind so as not to provoke hormonal disorders.

How to maintain the beauty and health of hair?

If you decide to grow your natural hair color or just dream that all people around you admire your shiny curls, then you should pay attention to the two main components - quality care outside and nourishing the hair from the inside.

  1. It is necessary to select individually the means that will deal with this or that problem. Do not forget to pay attention to the composition of each product. It is better to give preference to products on a natural basis, which do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Effective growth of head of hair is promoted by shampoos, which contain various extracts of useful herbs.
  2. As much as possible moisturize and nourish your hair. To do this, buy nutrient masks and conditioners, which will give the hair the necessary elasticity and elasticity. Do not forget to use a special balm rinse after every wash.
  3. In addition to using store tools, make masks for intensive hair growth at home. Unlike purchased tubes, old grandmother's methods do not require large financial costs. But the effectiveness of such recipes exceeds any expectations of even the most notorious skeptics. As a conditioner you can use various broths of herbs. For growth, use burdock, calendula, nettle or chamomile.
  4. Every day try to do active head massage for ten minutes. Pads of the fingers must be carefully performed circular movements, they contribute to the acceleration of blood circulation in the skin. Similarly, you can rub any base oils or other special products. Enhanced blood flow perfectly stimulates the hair follicles, thereby intensively accelerating the growth of strands.
  5. Before going to bed, thoroughly brush your hair with a massage brush. The aromatherapy has a positive effect, in this case the above procedures are carried out using essential oils. Choose eucalyptus, orange, ylang-ylang or lavender oil, all of which have a beneficial effect on the scalp. For the treatment of a couple of drops of the drug is applied to the comb, then gently comb each strand. It is very important to choose combs only from natural materials, so give preference to wooden products with natural bristles.
  6. Include in your diet vitamin-mineral complexes or dietary supplements that saturate the body with nutrients and nourish hair follicles from the inside.

Home hair masks

If you really set out to grow a natural hair color, then you need a lot of patience. Sometimes you may think that the locks are frozen on the same length and do not want to grow any further. It is at these moments that an irresistible desire to go to the hairdresser's shop to update the haircut creeps in.

But, succumbing to a minute weakness, which equates to zero all your diligent undertakings, you can never become the owner of a luxurious long braid to the waist.

Various home remedies help to activate hair growth. They can be prepared from improvised ingredients that are at home. Folk recipes for beauty are always very popular, and the effect of using them is truly amazing and pleasing. Do not forget that almost all masks should be used before washing hair, and for best results it is necessary to wrap the head with polyethylene and a towel.

Beer mask for hair

  1. You will need two proteins, which should be thoroughly beat, then add a glass of beer to them. The mask is mixed and applied first to the scalp, and then spread the mixture along the entire length of the hair.
  2. Properly insulating the head, leave the remedy for 45 minutes.
  3. Rinse the beer mask with a normal shampoo.

Yeast mask for intensive growth

The speed of hair growth is influenced by yeast, which includes a whole range of useful microelements, as well as vitamins of group B. To make a miracle mask, it is necessary to dissolve ina small amount of water 1 tbsp.l.dry yeast, and then add thereto 2 tsp.honey and dry mustard. After an hour, the mask is washed off.


In a convenient container mix 1 tbsp.l.olive and burdock oil, add one yolk and pour in 2 tsp.cognac. The mask is thoroughly mixed and applied to the entire length of the strands, leaving for 1-1.5 hours.

Mask based on fermented milk products

To activate hair growth use kefir or curdled milk. For this, the dairy product is rubbed into the scalp several times a week. Half an hour after application, wash your hair with shampoo.

In sour-milk products contains a large number of useful bacteria and vitamins, and the curls after such a mask become very shiny and elastic.

Masks for hair growth with a warming effect

The principle of action of such remedies is based on the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp. The skin irritating effect awakens the hair follicles, so soon not only a noticeable increase in length will rush into the eyes, but also an impressive increase in volume.

Do not use heating masks too often, just apply them on the scalp once a week. In order not to overdry the tips, before the procedure they must be lubricated with olive or linseed oil. Thanks to the increased blood flow, you can grow locks 7-10 cm for 3 months.

Mustard mask

1 st.l.dry mustard dilute with a small amount of water until creamy consistency. To intensify the burning effect, a couple of tea spoons of sugar are put in the mixture. If you have dry brittle strands, add egg yolks, kefir and various base oils to the mask.

The mixture is applied exclusively to the scalp, trying not to touch the tips, and after 30-60 minutes wash the hair with warm water.

Mask with tincture of pepper

It differs even more efficiency due to significant increase of blood circulation. However, the possessor of sensitive skin such a recipe may not be suitable. You can purchase the product at any nearest pharmacy.

It will take 1 tbsp.l.tincture, which is mixed with any base oil in proportions of 1: 1.The resulting product is applied only to the roots, and after 2 hours the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo.

Onion mask

In order to not smell fragrant among the surrounding with a specific aroma, curls rinses with water, which is added a little lemon juice or a few drops of any essential oil.

One small onion is grinded with a grater, after which 1 tbsp is added to the gruel.l.honey. All is stirred and applied to the scalp. Wash off the mask after 40-60 minutes.

Mask with cinnamon

You can buy ordinary culinary powder or add cinnamon essential oil. In order not to cause a burn, you should be very careful and add to the mixture no more than 1 tsp.powder or 5 drops of oil.

Mix 1 tsp.burdock oil and the same amount of cinnamon powder, add to the mixture 2 tsp.honey, and then massage the product into the roots of the hair. The mask is held no more than an hour, focusing on the degree of burning.

Blonde girls should not use such recipes, because cinnamon gives the hair a light dark shade.

Proper nutrition when growing long hair

  • Experts advise you to exclude fatty, spicy and fried foods from the diet, to minimize the consumption of flour and sweet treats. A harmful effect on the body is provided by various carbonated drinks, fast food and quick snacks on the run. Therefore, one should abandon once and for all from the bad habit of visiting fast food chains.
  • Eat as much as possible fruits and vegetables, lean on fresh greens, in which there is a complex of vitamins and a large amount of fiber. For the proper functioning of hair follicles, the body should receive a daily rate of calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium and beta-carotene.
  • A real storehouse of all sorts of trace elements and nutrients is brewer's yeast, which, thanks to the large number of B vitamins, have a beneficial effect on the speed of hair growth. To achieve the desired result, you need to spend two courses of treatment for them within one year.
  • The health of hair, skin and nails is in direct proportion to the state of your digestive system. Slow down growth is facilitated by slags, toxins and pathogenic microorganisms that disrupt the normal operation of the entire intestine. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to cleanse the body with the help of antiparasitic drugs and take special preparations from dysbacteriosis.
  • Now a fairly wide range of multivitamin complexes, which in just a week increase hair growth and prevent excessive loss of hair. It is not necessary to choose expensive means. Before buying, read the reviews about a particular drug, consult a doctor, after which it will be easier for you to determine the most appropriate product option.

Broths of herbs for hair growth

  1. For preparation take 1 tbsp.l.burdock root, 2 tbsp.l. Calendula and pour the ingredients with a liter of water.
  2. Liquid is brought to a boil and then cooked for 15 minutes with a small fire.
  3. As soon as the broth cools down a little, it is rubbed into the roots of the hair. It is not necessary to wash off the product, because it does not completely stain the hair.

Decoction of crushed burdock roots can be rinsed with head of hair after each washing of the head. This procedure will well strengthen the weakened bulbs and enrich the strands with useful nutrients.

  1. To prepare at home another effective rinse, you need 1 tbsp.l. Ivy leaves pour three glasses of water.
  2. The mixture is brought to the boil and the broth is cooked for 10 minutes.
  3. The product can be rubbed into the scalp or used as a conditioner after washing with shampoo.

Broth for hair growth - video

Tips from

specialists If you want to improve the general condition of your hair or want to quickly grow weakened after staining curls, then take note of a few fairly effective tricks.

  • Before applying the shampoo to the scalp, it should be slightly diluted with water in the palms and slightly foamed. In the process of washing, do circular motions with the pads of your fingers to strengthen the flow of blood to the skin. Thus, you will not only wash away all the fat and accumulated dirt, but also contribute to faster growth of the strands.
  • Wash your hair with a sufficient amount of water, so that there are no cleansers left on the skin. The remaining shampoo is able to provoke clogging of the pores and increased greasiness of the skin.
  • At the conclusion of the procedure, always use moisturizing and nourishing balms. The conditioner is applied for the entire length of the hair, retreating from the roots about 3-4 cm. Experts do not advise to keep the remedy on the hair for too long, several minutes will be enough.
  • Wet hair should be wiped very gently, using the usual terry towel for this. Do not make sharp rhythmic movements to dry the strands as soon as possible. Enough to wrap your head with a towel and wait 10 minutes until the water is completely absorbed into it. Try as little as possible to use a hairdryer, ironing and ployka.
  • Do not neglect headwear in the cold season. Strong frost and precipitation have a negative impact on the condition of the strands, contribute to premature hair loss.
  • Vedic sages assured beauties that the speed of hair growth directly depends on the lunar phase. There is a belief that the haircut made during the growing moon has a beneficial effect on the length. To determine the suitable day for the march to the master you will be helped by a special Vedic calendar of haircuts and hair dyeing.

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