Review of fashionable summer hats 2016 with a photo

  • The most popular variants of beach hats
  • Fashionable summer hats for every day
  • Evening versions of fashionable hats
  • Fashionable summer hats for men
  • Baby variants of summer hats

The presence of interesting and colorful accessories in everyday fashion is the guarantee of a fashionable sensation known to designers as welland simple followers of fresh trends. For example, without a variety of shapes and sizes, there is not a single show, because designers have long understood how such a simple detail can transform an image.

What fashionable summer hats 2017goda should be in the wardrobe of every woman, and with what things should they be combined? This is what we are going to discuss in detail.

The most popular options for beach hats

Fashionable beach hats 2017goda is a stylish accessory that not only complements the ladies' image, but also protects you from the sun. In the new summer season, woven models with wide as well as narrow fields are the most popular. Braided hats in the coming summer will combine with swimsuits, and with dresses, and even with a sporting style.

What other beach models will not be ignored by fashionistas in 2017?These will be:

  • Hats with narrow margins in the masculine style, made of dense fabric.
  • Kepi in different colors and sizes.
  • Cowboy hats, which can be both woven and fabric.
  • Fabric and straw panama with medium-sized fields.

Picking up an accessory for beach rest, a person should think not only about the external appeal of such a model, but also about the usability. So, for example, fashion designers suggest to refuse beach hats with excessively large fields, because in combination with swimsuits they look a little ridiculous. It is also better to choose woven or straw hats, as they let in air, promote its circulation, but do not allow overheating in the sun.

You can decorate such hats in many different ways. Now you can find models decorated with chains, feathers and various pieces of cloth, tied in the form of bows. In the process of decoration is also worth remembering about the sense of proportion, and otherwise even the most fashionable accessory will look ridiculous and clumsy.

If a girl wishes to add to her boldness, she should prefer a braided cowboy style hat. These models look bright, look organic in combination with any clothing, but are especially suitable for creating a vivid image with jeans or shortened shorts.

Trendy summer hats for every day

In 2017, designers and fashion fans offer ladies to use a hat not only as a beach accessory, but also as a bright addition to any everyday image. Fashionable women's hats meet different colors and sizes, but for everyday wear, the following models are most often used:

  • Wide-brimmed hats with medium-sized fields of dense fabric.
  • Gaucho model made of dense fabric with hard margins.
  • Fedor hat with medium dimensions, as well as the shape of a cylinder.
  • Feminine model of trilby.

When choosing models for everyday use, the girl should follow approximately the same rules as when choosing a hat for the beach. It is important to think about the convenience of everyday wear, and the nuances of the combination of an accessory with clothes. So, for example, a wide-brimmed beige or black color model is suitable for combination with jeans, and for going out in a chic dress.

Casual women's hats can be combined with almost any way, but they are especially advantageous with sarafans, dresses made of light fabric, with overalls of different colors. In the summer of 2017, midi skirts will be especially popular, which can also be supplemented with a feminine hat with wide margins.

Fyodor and trilby hats are more suitable for combination with feminine outfits, for example, with overalls and dresses. Choose a bright, but of moderate color( for example, red or dark blue), which can easily be combined with absolutely any outfit.

Modern fashion is quite diverse, so girls can shift accents by combining beach models of hats with everyday fashion. Cowboy models, made of dense fabric, are suitable for supplementing the everyday style with sports elements.

Also on the beach you can safely go in the hat trilby, which effectively looks with sundresses loose cut from light fabric.

Evening variants of fashionable hats

Buying a fashionable hat for the summer of 2017, one should think about how the accessory will be combined with evening dresses. In the coming season on the fashion podiums reigned not only straw hats of all colors, but also models with veils. Fashion for hats with veils is renewed, and in 2017, without such an accessory, no fashionista can manage.

Usually such a model does not have fields in principle, and the veil itself only reaches the chin. Wishing to additionally decorate an already bright hat, the designers complement the lace on the veil in various patterns, along the way, inserting decorative elements and in the base of the accessory.

In terms of fashionable colors, preference should be given to black, white and red hats, which not only look spectacular, but also easily combine with evening toilets. The main advantage of a hat with a veil is that it adds drama and chic to absolutely anyone alongside.

Ladies are more ready to give preference to cylinders.2017god - a time of even greater confusion of male and female fashion. Accents of women's collections are increasingly shifting to unisex, so the cylinder, which is a traditional male accessory, will triumphantly enter the number of women's accessories in the summer of 2017.

Cylinders should be selected with narrow margins and a rounded top. Tuljah should not be too high, and you can decorate the hat with a contrasting ribbon that envelops the entire surface of the cylinder.

As this accessory will look extremely bravely, a lady should give preference to cylinders of black or beige color. Such a fashionable hat is perfect for combining with overalls or with evening suits in a masculine style.

Fashionable summer hats for men

Fashionable men's hats in 2017 are also represented quite widely on the international catwalks, but here there are much fewer experimental trends. What kind of hats should men choose for the summer of 2017?

  • Cowboy models that can be easily combined with both jeans and shorts.
  • Hats with narrow fields of dense fabric of all colors and textures.
  • Various caps and models in a sporty style.

Of course, no mod in the coming season can not do without a popular cowboy hat. And if ladies prefer models from dense fabric, men should stop on wicker cowboy hats, which will suit both beach rest and everyday wear. The additional decorative elements do not require such a model, since it looks good already. Combine such an accessory should be with shabby jeans and loose T-shirts. The main advantage of cowboy hat lies in the fact that it adds to any image of youthfulness, without reducing the degree of male attractiveness.

In the coming season should abandon any hats with historical notes. For example, cocked tricorns and cylinders can hardly be found on the fashion podiums, while hats with narrow fields fill all the shows.

Choose a bright model of an unusual color, which will make the image a little more bold and original. By the way, such a hat is perfectly combined with other accessories, for example, with scarves in tone, with bracelets and other ornaments. A hat with narrow margins will help and make the beach image unforgettable.

Baby variants of summer hats

Children's hats for girls or boys in 2017 are also quite diverse, but when choosing them, parents should think first and foremost about convenience for the child. Do not dwell on wide-brimmed models, as it will be difficult for children to wear them, because such accessories can close their eyes and cause great discomfort.

  1. The ideal choice is a trendy straw hat with medium-sized fields. Such an accessory will help and protect the child from the sun, and make the image of the baby a little more vivid. Straw hats are suitable for both boys and girls. Another advantage of such an accessory - it is easy to combine with any clothing, but especially nice straw hats look with overalls and dresses made of lightweight fabric.
  2. The next version of the summer hat for a child is a panama made of cloth. If adult collections completely ignore this accessory, on the children's fashion podiums it is found everywhere. In addition to its main function of sun protection, this hat also makes the image of the baby modern, bright.
  3. Parents should experiment with color, choosing a fashionable hat of bright color with an unusual pattern. Now you can meet Panama, which depicts both characters of cartoons, and famous characters from fairy tales.
  4. You can also choose a one-color accessory, for example, green or yellow, which will be slightly easier to fit into the everyday image of the child.
  5. Do not lose their relevance and caps that look equally good both on boys and girls. In the case of the image of an adult woman, the caps will look good only within the sport style, but the children can safely use this accessory and as a supplement to dresses and overalls.

Choosing a hat for a child, parents should also remember about the features of their wardrobe. With the help of a bright hat of the same style, you can create a successful pairing out, bringing up the styles of the parent and child.

Many people do not pay enough attention to the choice of accessories, as if not understanding that the fashionable beach hats of 2017, as well as everyday models, can significantly transform the image, making it more interesting. Having in his arsenal several hats at once, a person will be able to more easily combine clothes from his wardrobe, making each his exit a real event.

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