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Following the last bell and final examinationsThe moment when you need to say goodbye to teachers and classmates. The graduation ball is a milestone in which the former schoolchildren close the door to childhood and open the door to a new, adult life.

The graduation party is one of the most important and memorable days in the life of every person. Therefore, teachers, parents, and graduates themselves want this day to leave only the most pleasant and vivid memories in their hearts. How will this holiday take place, depends on how well it will be organized. Preparation for this evening includes quite a few items. One of them is the decoration of the banquet hall at the prom.

Today there are a lot of different ways of festive decoration of the premises. Most often as decoration items are used:

  • Inflatable figures.
  • Fabrics.
  • Balloons.
  • Paper flowers.
  • Symbolic inscriptions, decorative letters for which, in turn, can also be produced in various ways from different materials.
  • Pneumodecorations.
  • Fir garlands.

Balloon decoration

In addition to the fact that the balls - it's quite economical, beautiful and festive material for decorating the room, they can be released at the end of the evening into the sky, thus making the holiday more spectacular and memorable. So, we decorate the hall at the balloon outlet.

To make the room look as festive and attractive as possible, it will take a lot of balls, so it's best to prepare a special pump for inflating them.

First of all, it is recommended to carefully inspect the hall in which the celebration will be held, and determine what colors prevail in its interior. Based on them, and will be made up room. Do not use more than two or three colors to not get too colorful and tastelessly decorated room.


  1. As a rule, in most banquet halls there are columns. If you attach a garland of balls across the length of their spirals, which you can do with your own hands, you will get a very elegant and festive hall.
  2. You can also make arches of balloons between columns. It should be ensured that the arches are in harmony with the general tones of the holiday, do not take up much space and do not obstruct the space of the hall.
  3. In addition, the columns can be decorated with balls, tied together in the form of flowers. Such compositions are attached to the surface of the columns with the aid of a conventional scotch tape.

Door and window openings

Garlands of balloons will also look nice around windows and doorways. Before you start making garlands( if, of course, they are planned to do yourself), you should first learn how to properly connect the balls. This is necessary in order that in the end you get smooth and symmetrical compositions.

It should be borne in mind that the balls used to decorate the hall for the prom night are best to be inflated on the same day when the festive event takes place.

Tightly inflated balls in the room can simply lose shape by the time the guests arrive, if ordered in advance.


Balloons filled with helium create a particularly cheerful and festive atmosphere. Experienced air designers are able to build quite original compositions from helium balls on the ceiling( and not only).However, decorating in this way the hall at the prom is quite possible and on its own.

For example, colorful and original look on the ceiling colored circles, formed from balls. To make such a circle is very easy and fast:

  1. To do this, tie a garland of 15-20 balls and close its ends in a ring.
  2. The resulting ring is placed on the ceiling, and its middle is filled with other balls.
  3. Several such color accents on the ceiling can completely transform the room!

If at the end of the holiday all graduates write on their balls their cherished desires and release them into the sky, then a rather touching and solemn end of the event will turn out.

Balloon from

If you do not know how to decorate a scene for a prom, you can make a panel with an inscription, for example: "Good luck, graduates!".To produce it you will need:

  1. Rectangular piece of plastic garden mesh of the required size. The optimal size of the grid cells is 9x9 cm.
  2. Balloons.
  3. Cardboard box.

Decorating the room with balls in the form of panels is a rather original idea. Such a composition can be made according to any drawing you like, but most often the panels are made with inscriptions or figures.

Panel manufacture:

  1. The cardboard box will be used to calibrate the balls to make the finished product beautiful and neat. Draw on its bottom with a compass or a suitable saucer a circle with a diameter of 11 cm and carefully cut it with scissors.
  2. Then take the ball and inflate it to a diameter that will be somewhat higher than required. Inserting it into the hole of the caliber, let out of the ball the excess air until the diameter of the ball is equal to the diameter of the calibration hole.
    This method is also recommended for use in the manufacture of arches, garlands and other ornaments from a large number of balls.
  3. Inflating the other balls in this way, insert them into the holes of the grid. Since the size of its cells is less than the diameter of the balls by as much as 2 cm, the balls will be tightly fixed and do not fall out. Previously, you need to draw a diagram of the desired pattern or inscription( for example, "Graduates - 2017", "Goodbye, school!", "Good luck!") On the leaf in the cage. More than three colors it is better not to use, so that the inscription does not turn out too mottled.
  4. Fill the grid cells with balls, alternating colors according to the scheme.

Decoration of a hall with flowers from a paper

If you decided to decorate a hall for a prom night with balls, this does not mean that you can not use other decor objects besides balls. So, the arches or garlands made of balls will look much more interesting if you attach flowers and leaves from the paper between the balls.

In general, a lot of different decorations can be made of paper: garlands, arch, letters and numbers for inscriptions, pendant balls.

Such decorations will create a truly fabulous atmosphere at the graduation party and fill the interior of the room with bright colors.

For making flowers, thin paper for packing or silencing of several colors is best. The color scale should be selected in such a way that the paper flowers harmoniously fit into the main tone of the room. Just like in the case of balls, do not use a large number of different colors - this will make the room too colorful and tasteless.

Large ball-flower made of paper in silence

For decoration of the hall for the prom, the huge flowers in the shape of a ball, suspended from the ceiling, can be used. They are made of the finest paper of tishyu or packaging paper, which can be purchased at a specialized store.

Making such flowers is very easy and fast. To produce them, you need six large sheets of 50x150 cm. When you prepare the sheets, do the following:

  1. Fold them in a pile, fold in half, press the fold line with your fingers and unfold it.
  2. Cut the sheets along the fold line. You should have rectangles measuring 50:75 cm. Fold the resulting rectangles into a neat stack.
  3. Now you need to fold the accordion sheets about 2 cm wide. Next, you need to arrange the ends of the accordion. If you want to get a flower with sharp needle-like petals, cut off the corners on both sides at each end of the accordion. If you need a flower in the form of a peony with rounded petals, then the ends are scissor shaped, forming semicircles.
  4. Fasten the middle of the resulting accordion wire, and from above tie a thread or tape, which will hang the ball.
  5. Now it remains to straighten the paper, lifting six layers up, and six - lowering down to the center. Do this carefully, so as not to tear the delicate petals of the flower. As a result, you will get a round ball with a diameter of 50 centimeters.

Such flower balls can be used both for decorating a school for a prom, and for decorating a hall in which a solemn event will be held. If you make them smaller and thread on a string or line, you get a bright and spectacular garland.

Flower Ball

Very beautiful look hanging balls, the surface of which is pasted with flowers from corrugated paper. With such ornaments, you can arrange a class for the prom or a banquet hall.

To make the ball-base you will need:

  • Round balloon.
  • Adhesive PVA.
  • Pretty thick thread for knitting.
  1. The thread must be impregnated with glue and wrapped in a thick layer on the surface of the ball, trying to keep the gaps as small as possible. Then the ball should be left to dry completely.
  2. When the glue dries, the balloon should be pierced and carefully removed through the gap between the threads.
  3. Now glue a pistol to the surface of the resulting ball of roses, twisted from strips of corrugated paper. The width of the stripes is 2 cm, the length is about 20 cm. Roses need quite a lot, so it is desirable to do them in common with the whole class - so the preparation at the graduation school will go faster and more fun.

You can use a foam ball as a workpiece, so the work will go much faster.

Floral ball of corrugated paper - video

Cardboard and corrugated paper letters

There is another simple and quick way to make flowers from paper. Rosettes made in this way are perfect for making cardboard letters.

Often happens that the school scene, decorated with inscriptions, does not look particularly presentable and spectacular because of badly colored and not at all festive letters. If you paste bright, beautiful roses on large cardboard letters, then the scene will look professionally designed.

You can make such roses from ordinary colored napkins. For one flower, two napkins are needed.

  1. Fold two napkins together.
  2. Draw a circle with a diameter of 8-10 cm from above and cut it around the circumference.
  3. Now take the stapler and make a bracing in the center of the circle.
  4. Lightly glue any middle of the circle around the paper clip with any glue and form a bud with the fingers from the first tissue layer.
  5. Apply glue to the next circle and form petals around it from the bud.
  6. Continue thus forming the flower to the very last layer.

Obtain these roses with a glue gun on the surface of cardboard letters. The inscriptions made in this way can be used to decorate the classroom, the school stage and the banquet hall in which the graduation party will be celebrated.

How to make roses from napkins for decorating figures - video

Designing room with textiles

With the help of beautiful fabrics, even the most boring dining room can be turned into a chic banquet hall. The room, decorated with textiles, looks rich and very impressive. However, it should be borne in mind that compared with the design of the hall with balls or paper flowers, the variant with textiles will be much more expensive.

Of course, fourchette skirts, tablecloths, all kinds of draperies and chair covers you can rent - in this case, you can transform the hall simply beyond recognition. But, if you decide to decorate the room yourself, then you should pay attention to the material called polysilk. It is often used for draping tables, columns, a stage, because it is quite cheap, but it looks quite impressive and presentable.

Polysilk is a material resembling a shiny fabric that, when draped, forms soft creases and fits perfectly to other decor elements.

It is important to remember that whatever you use the decor elements, the main thing is do not overdo using different materials and choose interesting color combinations.

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