Homemade gelatin lamination

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Lamination of hair consists in applying to strands of special means that form a protective film. As a result, the curls become sturdy, acquire an amazing shine and extra volume. However, many girls can not do this procedure in the cabin, because it is quite expensive. It will help in this situation, laminating hair gelatin at home. How to do it, we tell further.

Useful properties of gelatin

This product can serve as a worthy alternative to expensive salon laminating products, because it has many useful properties:

  1. The gelatin contains amino acids, proteins, collagen, dietary fibers. In addition, it includes vitamins, microelements and cellulose. All these components are very important for restoring the structure of the hair. Thanks to the use of such formulations, it is possible to improve the absorption of nutrients and the general condition of the curls.
  2. As a result of applying gelatin, the hair is covered with a special film that passes air. Thanks to this, it is possible to protect curls from the influence of negative factors. This makes the strands more elastic and gives them extra volume. In addition, the hair is smoothed, the split ends disappear.
  3. Gelatin has pronounced thermal protection properties, because it can be used by women who are regularly forced to use forceps and hair dryers.
  4. Thanks to the application of gelatin, the hair becomes much more docile, they easily "remember" the shape.
  5. This product has pronounced nutritional properties. Due to the presence in the gelatin of vitamin E in strands, moisture is much better retained.

It is these features of gelatin that make it a popular product that is actively used to care for curls.

Gelatin is part of most salon products for laminating.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

procedure Like any other cosmetic treatment, hair lamination has certain advantages and disadvantages.

The following can be attributed to the pluses:

  • hair acquires density and volume;
  • a pronounced shine appears, the curls acquire softness and smoothness;
  • split ends quickly recover;
  • disappears feeling of electrification of strands;
  • on the structure of the curls become thicker and smoother;
  • procedure does not harm the hair, and therefore it is suitable for all women without exception;
  • lamination can be safely done at any time of pregnancy;
  • thanks to the independent implementation of the procedure can be well saved.

At the same time, home lamination has a number of negative qualities that must be taken into account before the procedure:

  1. Mask with juice. To dilute gelatin, not ordinary water, but juice is actively used. For this purpose, it is possible to choose a product derived from lemon or carrots. To prepare the composition, 1 spoonful of gelatin to combine with 3 tablespoons of juice. The resulting mixture is heated on a steam bath until it is hot enough. Then leave the remedy for 3 minutes to cool slightly. Now you can proceed to the processing of wet strands. The composition is recommended to leave for half an hour, and then wash off.
  2. Mask with burdock oil. This component is considered one of the most effective care products for curls, which is associated with a large number of minerals in its composition. Also in the product is a lot of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, which are very important for hair. Therefore, the addition of burdock oil to the laminating composition makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the procedure. This recipe includes half a small spoon of burdock oil, which can be replaced with castor oil. The product should be combined with a large spoonful of gelatin. Now pour in a few spoons of warm water. All components are well mixed, after which you can proceed to the application of the mask.
  3. Mask with herbs. The choice of the composition of this product directly depends on the shade of the hair. So, blondes are suitable for infusion of chamomile, while it is better for brunettes to choose a broth prepared from nettle. Girls with short hair can take 4 tbsp.spoons of herbal decoction and mix them with a spoonful of gelatin. Long-haired beauties are better to increase these proportions several times. In the prepared mixture should put a small spoon of honey and mix well. Then treat the resulting composition with hair. This mask is considered the safest, since herbs are classified as absolutely natural products.
  4. Mask for bulk hair. To make the curls more dense in appearance, you need to take a small spoonful of gelatin, mustard powder and colorless henna. Introduce the egg yolk and a couple of large spoons of water. All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and slightly heated on a steam bath. Allow to cool slightly and to process wet strands. After 40 minutes you can wash your hair.
  5. Mask with mineral water. In this product there are many vitamins and minerals. Because water is great for making a mixture for lamination. Get a useful product can be by mixing 1 tablespoon of gelatin with 3 tablespoons of mineral water. Also in the mask is to enter a little lemon juice. In addition, perfect burdock oil. To prevent the appearance of lumps, the mixture should be held for a few seconds on a steam bath. After that, you can safely handle wet strands with a mask.
  6. Ingredients with milk. In this case, instead of water, you need to use milk. To make a mixture, a large spoonful of gelatin should be combined with 3 tablespoons of milk. All components are recommended to mix and warm up to a warm state. Then treat the strands, leave for 40 minutes and rinse them.
  7. Means with almond oil. Thanks to such a procedure, it will be possible to eliminate fatty gloss, fill follicles with useful substances and activate the growth of curls. For this mask, take a small spoonful of gelatin and a little almond oil. Its number is affected by the type of hair. For fatty strands, half the teaspoon of the product will be enough, for normal it is recommended to take 1 spoonful, and the owners of dry curls will need one and a half. To prevent the formation of lumps, the mixture should be heated for several minutes on a steam bath. After that, mix and wet the wet strands well.
  8. Egg mask. This tool is very easy to prepare: it is enough to mix warm water with gelatin in a ratio of 3: 1, then put the egg yolk, mix everything thoroughly. To put on ringlets. The mask is not recommended to be put on a steam bath, as the egg can curdle.
  9. A remedy for dry hair. Such locks require more vitamins and minerals, which will provide them with nutritional components. Therefore, the standard gelatin mask should be enriched with apple cider vinegar, 1 small spoon will suffice. Another should take a few drops of oil, you can use castor or burdock. Thanks to this procedure, the strands will become strong and beautiful.
  10. Ingredients for oily hair. To cook it, you need to mix the egg yolk, a few tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, as well as 1 large spoonful of gelatin. It is recommended to pour a little shampoo into the mass. All the ingredients are well mixed and processed with strands, and then rinsed.
  • hair structure in all people is significantly different, so there is always the risk of getting an undesirable result, for example, in some cases lamination makes strands stiffer or simply useless for them;
  • the main contraindication to the procedure is considered to be intolerance to gelatin, so before applying the formulation should make an allergy test;
  • long-haired girls may encounter difficulties in applying and washing the composition;
  • , after application of the laminating agent, the hair can become fat faster;
  • often ends of curls become dry.

Step-by-step instruction

To laminate hair with gelatin, you will need the following:

  • food gelatin - 1 sachet;
  • balm or mask that suits your hair type;
  • container of glass or ceramics;
  • hot water;
  • gloves;
  • shower cap;
  • hairdryer;
  • towel.

For this effective procedure, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Take a large spoonful of gelatin and place in a container. Add 3 tablespoons of hot water and wait for the swelling. This process will take about 20 minutes. If lumps appear in the composition, the container can be heated on a steam bath or in a microwave oven. As a result, the lumps disappear.
  2. During this time, the hair needs to be washed and treated with balm. Dry strands should not be, they are enough to get wet with a towel.
  3. Put in a gelatinous composition about half a large spoon of hair mask and mix well. As a result, you should get the most homogeneous mass, in texture resembling sour cream.
  4. With the resulting mixture, cover the head, and from the roots of the hair it is necessary to retreat by 2 cm. This is of great importance, since getting the composition on the skin can lead to itching and the appearance of peeling. As a consequence, the procedure will cause serious discomfort.
  5. After applying the mixture, it is recommended to wrap the head with a film or put on a special cap, and wrap it on top with a towel. For a quarter of an hour, heat the hair with a hairdryer through the towel. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the procedure will be greatly improved. After this treatment it is necessary to hold the composition for another 1 hour.
  6. After this time the mixture should be washed off with warm water. Then use a hairdryer is not recommended. In extreme cases, you can get soaked with a towel.

Effective masks recipes with gelatin

To improve the effectiveness of the procedure, you can select a useful gelatin mask:

Useful tips

To achieve good results, it is necessary to fulfill the following recommendations:

  • To heat the gelatin, you can not use a steam bath. It is enough to put the mixture on a warm battery and leave it there for a while. Thanks to this, all lumps dissolve. It is also possible to place the composition in a microwave oven. The fact is that the presence of lumps in the mixture will significantly complicate its flushing.
In the composition it is recommended to add non-balm, namely a mask. The fact is that this cosmetic means helps to open hair scales. Balsam, on the contrary, leads to their closing, and therefore there is a risk not to get the desired effect.
  • If you do not like using synthetic products, you can prepare the mask yourself. For this you need honey and 1 egg. It is important to consider that after the yolk hair can get an unpleasant odor, therefore it is recommended to use only protein. This component should be mixed thoroughly with honey of preparation to a homogeneous consistency.
  • You can also use a shampoo instead of a mask. It also helps to prepare a good laminating compound.
  • It is not recommended to treat the hair roots and scalp with the gelatin mixture. The product has a pronounced drying effect. If you ignore this rule, there is a risk of dandruff and irritation.
For wrapping the head, it is recommended to use a film and a towel. The longer the composition will be present on the hair, the more effective the procedure will be.
  • To treat the mixture with long curls, you can use a brush that is designed for staining.
  • The effect of lamination will last approximately 1-3 weeks. To get good results, it is worth doing the procedure no more than once or twice a month.
  • To fix a new hair color, lamination is done after applying the coloring composition.

Gelatine lamination is a rather effective procedure. The condition of the hair before and after it is significantly different. The main thing is to strictly follow all the recommendations on the preparation of the laminating compound and apply it correctly to the hair.

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