What you need for decoupage technology

Today, handmade things are experiencing a peak of their popularity. In addition, it is incredibly fashionable and prestigious to give such gifts. But what to do if you decorate the house with exclusive things, but you can not make original interior elements? That patience and time is not enough, then skills and skill. First of all - do not despair. The main thing is that there is a desire and the simplest way to decorate a finished product with the most original and at the same time simple method. This is decoupage.

  • What is decoupage
  • Object for decor
  • What napkins do you need
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Brushes
  • Primer

What is decoupage

Such a beautiful word as "decoupage" means nothing but an applique. In French, the word "decoupage" sounds like "cut".And the technique of decoupage is the decoration and decoration of things with the help of various motifs cut from the paper.

Examples of decoupage on wood, glass and on a plate, see here http://woman-l.ru/kak-sdelat-dekupazh-dlya-nachinayushhix/

So, all you need is to be able to cut and glue. At the same time, you yourself will be surprised by the results of your work, because the products covered with special lacquer, decorated in the technique of decoupage, look like real painting!

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Object for decor

What can you decorate with this unusual decor? Yes, almost everything! Any convenient wooden, metal, glass or cardboard surfaces. It can be as household items, and various elements of decor: frames, chests, flower pots, mirrors, candles, boards, and many other things that will simply change after applying them to paper applications.

With the help of decoupage, you can also update, for example, old furniture, and create unusual interior items, for example, make a beautiful box from a shoebox or decorate unusual glass jars or bottles, turning them into storage tanks for loose products or an original addition to the kitchen interior.

And decorated with wooden surfaces of cutting boards and breadboxes - a real "classic of the genre."The main thing to consider when choosing a decoupage object is that its surface is monophonic and not too dark, so that the picture can be clearly seen.

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What napkins are needed by

Initially, for decorating in the technique of decoupage used motifs made on special thin paper, but today the craftsmen found for decoupage more simple and easy to use material - three-layer napkins. So now the technique of decoupage is called "napkin".

The choice of motives here is really huge - from a variety of colors to a cute children's theme. It all depends on your imagination and the purpose of the thing that you are going to decorate.

To gently cut out the selected motive for decoupage, you will need a special scissors.

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Napkins are very thin material, so scissors will need small, very sharp and best of all - with rounded ends, because they will be most convenient to cut out small parts.

The next step is to paste the cut motif. We need glue for this.

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Of course, it's best to use a special glue for napkins. But if it's not there, the usual PVA glue will do. By the way, you can replace the adhesive with acrylic paint( naturally, colorless) on a water basis. By the way, it will make the thing you decorate moisture-proof and keep it from burning out in the sun. True, it will cost you a bit more.

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It is not a bad idea to have a set of acrylic paints of base colors. Paints may be needed in rare cases to draw thin lines or correct flaws, when in some place the drawing has not been slightly translated.

You need to choose acrylic. Oil paints dry very long, full drying of them is reached only after two-three weeks, but acrylic dries out literally in minutes. Also, acrylic can be used as a colored primer( applied with a sponge or brush).

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And here is where to fool your fantasy! Depending on the choice of varnish, you can make your work glossy, and matte and even visually age it, using a varnish with the effect of craquelure. In addition, lacquers come with a diamond gloss, with a strong glossy gloss and even with a triple gloss, thanks to which the item you decorate will look like it is made of porcelain.

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You can use iridescent varnish, varnish with sparkles, varnish on an oil or acrylic base, moisture resistant and for outdoor use, the benefit of the choice is now simply huge.

It is important that over time they do not turn yellow and do not smell, but on the surface there are no traces of the brush.

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To gently apply glue and lacquer, you will also need a good brush. It is most convenient to work with a flat semi-rigid brush about 1-2 cm wide, but if the decoration is large - you can take a brush for work and wider. For acrylic and underpainting, it is better to purchase columns # 2 and # 3.

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This material is not always necessary for old wooden surfaces or ugly metal surfaces. You can buy a primer in the shops for artists. Its role is important, as it smooths the surface and clogs all holes, holes, hides any ugly defects.

If the wooden surface you are going to decorate is not even and requires additional processing, you may need sandpaper.

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