Signs about the flower of the cola or nettle

In nature, there are a large number of varieties of ornamental foliage koleus. This is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Yarototkovaya( Gubotsvetnye).His homeland is tropical Asia and Africa. Due to the variety of coloring of beautiful velvet leaves, the flower became a popular decorative landscape plant. Also koleus grow on windowsills and balconies, but with it certain superstitions and signs are connected.

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Mainly in the houses grow a wheeled hybrid - unpretentious, small-sized houseplant. The leaves are oval, broadly ovate with a heart-shaped or truncated base. Edges of the leaf plate are crenate, wavy, sometimes indented. Because of the external similarity of the leaves, the flower received a second name - colored nettle.

Signs of

  • A plant in the house promises financial losses and financial collapse to its owner.
  • People say "koleus in the house - to a fire".

  • If the flower has blossomed - you should expect unexpected events.
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Is it possible to keep the house

Coleus rather unpretentious and able for a long time to please their owners with bizarre beauty. Why this handsome man "overgrew" with negative signs is not known. However, all the growers say that they are longtime admirers and owners of various kinds of koleus, and for many years no such trouble has happened to them.

Some types of plants not only decorate the surrounding area around themselves, but even benefit. For example, Coleus Forskolii is used in the manufacture of certain medicines and dietary supplements due to the content of forskolin, which is able to activate and normalize the metabolism, to help vitamins and other beneficial substances to digest. Thanks to this, fatty deposits are burned more efficiently and faster, the appearance and condition of the skin improves.

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Care for the wheel

If it was decided to start inhis home is a koleus, you need to know how to look after him:

  • The flower loves the light: the more leaves it has, the more sunlight is needed for the plant. Therefore, it should be placed in well-lit places, while it should be borne in mind that in the summer direct rays of the sun are contraindicated, but in winter - it is highly recommended.
  • From the beginning of spring to the end of summer, the wheel is poured as necessary, that is, when the top layer of the soil begins to dry out. In winter, the volume of water should be reduced, sometimes 2-3 waterings per week are enough. It is recommended to use water for irrigation. The lack of moisture in the soil is judged by the state of the leaves: if they began to become sluggish, they should be urgently watered.
  • Coleus loves a high level of humidity at home, so it can be put in the kitchen - it is here that moisture is present and always warm. If the humidity is low, then the leaves should be sprayed with water at room temperature.
  • In spring and summer, the flower needs to be fed. To do this, you can use organic or mineral fertilizers.
  • In winter, the plant can lose its attractive appearance, so with the onset of spring and the emergence of new shoots, it is necessary to prune.
  • Every 2-3 years the koleus must be transplanted.

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