Crochet with elongation: to whom is suitable, how to lay

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  • Varieties of square with extended front strands
  • To whom is this hairstyle suitable?
  • With or without a bang?
  • How to lay quads with extended front strands
  • Features of grooming

Kare - one of the most popular haircuts in the world, has long become a classic. The reason is clear: this haircut is suitable for everyone, regardless of the density and color of the hair. A huge number of variations of the form allows you to choose the most suitable hairstyle for an oval, hide flaws and emphasize virtues. Also, many modifications of quads make it possible to frequently change the image without harm to the hair. One of the most fashionable varieties to date - a square with long front strands.

To whom does this option, how to choose the shape and style? Is it possible to combine such a haircut with a bang? Let's analyze the answers to all these questions in our article.

Varieties of square with extended front strands

The options basically depend on how long the facial hair is and short at the back.

  • The classic version is a traditional cut of square with long strands in front, which has a soft cutting angle and smooth transitions.
  • A square with a graduation will add a bit of artistic disorder and will make it possible to make even more voluminous even thin, thin hair.
  • The asymmetric square with the elongation looks very bold and extravagant. Asymmetry looks very interesting both on shortened strands, and in a smooth transition to long strands.
  • The square on the pedicle is especially short with locks on the back of the head, so it is suitable only for the owners of even hair. The front strands with such a haircut usually fall below the chin.

Well look elongated front locks with a flat bang, and with a braid, which smoothly passes into the side strand.

To whom does this hairstyle suit?

Kare with elongated strands goes to both young girls and mature ladies. The main criterion for choosing a haircut depends on the type and thickness of the hair:

  1. The right hair is perfect for this option, since the structure of the strands will help to emphasize the geometry of the hairstyle.
  2. On curly hair such a square will look less effective. In order to emphasize the lines of such a haircut, it is necessary to straighten the hair with iron when laying. Owners curls are more suitable classic straightforward, as the elongated strands will look sloppy.
  3. Thin hair such a haircut will help to give the right volume and splendor, but with the proper laying.
  4. The square with elongated strands will emphasize the beauty of thick hair.

With or without a bang?

The variant of a hairstyle without a bang is universal and will approach all. The main thing is to correctly arrange the parting:

  • Girls with an oval face shape will approach both a straight and an oblique parting, and if desired, the front strands can be beautifully combed back and neatly stabbed on the vertex.
  • The owner of a trapezoid shaped face is better to refuse a direct parting, as he will emphasize massive cheeks.
  • An oblique parting fits to any face oval and makes it more elegant and interesting.
  • A square with straight bangs will suit slim girls with a rectangular, triangular or oval face. Girls with a round face shape are better off such a bang, since it will give an extra volume to the already full cheeks and chin. To thin girls the same haircut, on the contrary, will add the necessary volume.
  • The oblique fringe in the company with a square will help to hide any shortcomings of the face oval: completeness, excessive elongation, a big nose and many other shortcomings. This bang always animates the image, giving it youth and courage.

How to lay quads with extended front strands

Haircut requires daily styling with a hairdryer and a brush-brashing, and owners of wavy hair can not do without ironing and special means for straightening strands. There are many options for laying:

  1. Ideally straight strands are a classic option for the quads.

    In order to arrange the haircut properly, you need iron, a means for thermal protection, preferably with an equalizing effect. Hair should be dried using a hair dryer, using a straightener and a round brush-brushing. This will prepare the hair for leveling with ironing. Now we "pull" the strands with the help of it and, if necessary, fix the additional volume at the roots by means of a special powder.

  2. Inwardly wrapped tips are an option that allows you to emphasize the correct oval face. To create this laying, twist the strands inward with a round comb and hair dryer, and fix the hair will help the lacquer.
  3. Romantic styling with artistic disorder is ideal for a bean-cutting haircut, where the lengthening of strands runs from the back of the head to the bottom of the face. Well stretched with a round brush and hair dryer attach volume to the roots. A little wax or gel we rub with palms and slightly "comb" the fingers of the locks, thereby making them more expressive.
  4. Very stylish and elegant looks like quads with tips outward. This laying will look gorgeous with evening dress. To create it, you need a styler with ultra-strong fixation, a hair dryer and a round comb. You can divide the hair on a straight parting or make a stack on one side. The first option is suitable for the owners of the right oval face with a low forehead and without excessively full cheekbones. Skew parting will help brighten up the flaws - too thin face or high forehead. Owners of a long nose are better off giving up such a hairstyle.
  5. You can lay the square not only with ironing.
    If straight hair is bored, you should use a curling iron and a diffuser to create lush and frivolous waves. In order for the styling to look more effective, use a means to create a radical volume, a nap, a spray to give shine.
    This laying is very useful in windy weather, when the opportunity to keep the hair perfectly smooth is practically absent.
  6. You can create soft waves on an elongated square with forceps, fixing an elegant wave with a varnish. Hair on the other hand can be stabbed, combed or plaited into neat thin pigtails. It looks so elegant and perfect for a solemn event.

Features of grooming

Do not forget that the square does not tolerate negligence. Unwell, damaged hair will look very untidy. If the hair has been exposed to aggressive staining or overdried by a hair dryer and curling iron, you must first take care of them.

  • In order to maintain a perfect hairstyle, it is necessary to find time for styling at least using a hair dryer every day.
  • If the hair is not perfectly even, you need to arm yourself with a thermal protection and leveling agent.
  • Owners of fine hair will also need a means for giving volume.
You can not do without a well-cleansing shampoo( especially for hair prone to fat), moisturizing masks and nourishing creams or spray to protect the tips.
But it will be necessary to forget about various high tails and shovels. Collecting such hair is quite difficult. There are very few options: the hair braids into several spikelets or stitches the front strands on the back of the head, leaving the backs loose. Video on the topic: Cutting the square.
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