Graduation in the kindergarten: congratulations to children

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Congratulations in prose from parents and caregivers
  • Poetic wishes from parents and caregivers
  • Congratulation on graduation for employees of kindergarten
  • The main mistakes in the preparation of holiday wishes
  • Ideal congratulations for kids and teachers is difficult to come up with, because here it is necessary to take into account the young age of kids anduse the simplicity of rhyme. Of course, similar poetic lines can be found on the Internet, but many of these wishes are characterized by stereotypedness and banality. It will be much more interesting and touching to congratulate children on graduation in kindergarten, invented and made up independently. How to create it and what should be paid attention to in the process?

    Greetings in prose from parents and caregivers

    When designing a prom plan in a kindergarten, parents often forget that the main characters of the celebration are their children. That is why congratulations to educators and other garden staff should not take too much time.

    Now, in 2017, the popularity of typing stylized proms, for example, designed on the theme of a favorite fairy tale children or a famous cartoon. Therefore, congratulations themselves to children at the prom in the garden should reflect the general mood, correspond to the theme of the celebration.

    If adults can not come up with poetic lines for their kids, they can stop on congratulations in prose. However, each such holiday speech must comply with several rules:

    1. Congratulatory statements in prose should not be too long, as the kids can get tired listening to them.
    2. We need to carefully think over the structure of such a prosaic congratulation, so that the statements are not boring and trivial.
    It is necessary to avoid complex speech turns and high-flown words, which children are unlikely to understand.

    So, for example, the ideal greeting lines in prose may sound like this:

    "Taking a step today beyond the limits of your favorite kindergarten, you step on a completely new, unexplored path. Ahead of today's graduates are waiting for the opening, fabulous and funny moments, a new friendship. So let the fire of knowledge, lit in the kindergarten, grow stronger every day, illuminating the path to a new, happy and adult life. "

    Such a congratulation will be simultaneously touching, simple and fabulous. If you want to make wishes from educators in prose, then you should stick to a slightly more business style.

    For example, it may sound like this:

    "For the last few years, you have covered this kindergarten with your unswerving energy and cheerfulness. Saying goodbye today with the kindergarten, do not forget those who worked here and tried to tell you as much as possible about the world. Entering a new, amazing stage of your life, sometimes remember about your kindergarten, because here you first learned what friendship and mutual assistance is. "

    It is necessary to avoid the standard wishes for health and happiness, because they do not express any emotions and often remain faceless. The more touching and personal is the wish for the kiddies, the more they will remember it.

    Poetic wishes from parents and educators

    Wishes for graduation, made in verse form, is a special topic for discussion. The thing is that these rhymes appear almost on every children's holiday and therefore lose their individuality. Adults should not take poetry from the Internet or special publications, because then they will not have a soul and the necessary mood.

    When composing your own congratulations from parents in verse, the following nuances should be taken into account:

    • poetry should not be too long not to bore kids( maximum 8-12 lines);
    • should avoid high-pitched metaphors and complex turns of speech, as they will not understand the children;
    • verses do not need to have a verified rhyme, for here the touching, rather than the beauty of the syllable, is much more important.

    Greetings from parents can be as follows:

    "Today we congratulate children,

    With this bright and joyful day.

    We wish them health,

    We'll all go to school soon.

    We will work there, study,

    We learn many rules.

    We will strive for new heights,

    Do not forget your kindergarten. »

    In such congratulations you can talk about how much the kindergarten has given to the kids, how they appreciate the knowledge and skills received here. The congratulation itself can be made by parents, having read it by turns on a line. In this case, one gets the impression that each of them took part in the development of this festive verse.

    Wishes from teachers or from the manager can also be written in a poetic form.

    If the employees of the kindergarten do not have poetic talents, they should turn to the ready verse lines, slightly changing them.
    Ideal congratulations for preschoolers may sound like this:

    "You came to the kindergarten,

    Here they played and studied.

    Here are good friends you found

    And in the bottomless knowledge of the world you are immersed.

    Soon the school, the first class

    you will curl up without looking back.

    Only you do not forget then,

    How to play together hide and seek.

    As they grew and developed,

    New peaks cognized.

    Sometimes you quarreled, swore,

    But always on the right path entered. »

    Congratulation from the employees of the kindergarten is almost always touching, with some notes of nostalgia. Absolutely the whole collective can take part in its reading.

    Congratulation on graduation for employees of kindergarten

    Do not forget that graduation in the kindergarten is not only an important moment in the life of every child, but also a touching evening for the employees of the institution. Parents and children should make an interesting and bright congratulation, which completely reflects their feelings about the end of the kindergarten. The most important thing here is not to write an interesting poem, but to present it correctly.

    For example, adults can take up the design of a special poster on which there will be photos of toddlers and tutors with various congratulations and drawings. A beautifully designed poster administration of the kindergarten with pleasure hang in a prominent place in one of the offices. On such a poster, congratulations can be the most common, taken from the Internet, because the effect here is achieved through the proper presentation of wishes.

    Also, children can prepare a scene with a reading of congratulations for their beloved tutor and staff of the institution.

    How should such a greeting be from children for adults?

    1. It should not contain complex turns, so that children can easily read and remember the rhyme.
    2. In this work, either the name of the kindergarten or the name and patronymic of the teacher should be mentioned, so that the wish is more personal and touching.
    3. The congratulation itself should not be too long, because it will be difficult for children aged 6-7 years to remember a large amount of text.

    So, for example, the ideal greeting for employees of the kindergarten may look like this:

    "Our long-awaited holiday has come,

    Our first ever graduate.

    Our garden is cute and coveted,

    Say goodbye to today we are with you.

    We wish the teacher of our

    successes, creative victories.

    And in the good memory let your

    For us there is a burning greeting.

    In the garden, of course, we will miss,

    For everyone who made us smile.

    But the new world should we open

    And obey knowledge and study! »

    Children can read congratulations by choir or at will, and here everything depends on the structure of the holiday itself. However, educators and managers will obviously be satisfied with the fact that the kids together with their parents made such touching wishes for them.

    The main mistakes in the preparation of holiday wishes

    Sometimes these children's holidays are not very diverse, and parents often make insulting mistakes in the preparation of congratulations, which makes the celebration more boring and dull.

    • While planning the children's graduation, it's important to understand that kids want to have fun. That's why congratulations should not be too much. Between these wishes should be arranged various competitions or musical inserts with merry children's songs.
    • Another important rule in drafting wishes is their duration. It is necessary to avoid too voluminous poetic and prosaic utterances, which are able to bore not only the children, but also adults. The shorter and laconic the rhyme will be, the better.
    • Also adults should not allocate one child, who will begin to read out all the congratulations to educators and managers. It will be much more correct if every kid participates in the graduation. From the composition of the congratulations you can make a fun game: the kids should take part in the "brain storm", invent posters for educators and other employees of the kindergarten.

    If adults plan to congratulate the children themselves with the help of verse lines, they should avoid banality. It is better not to take the verses from the Internet, as the lines compiled by oneself will be much more touching and vivid.

    If it is a question of a prosaic congratulation, then it is necessary to avoid complex adjectives and adverbial turns. Making your speech complex and incomprehensible, adults are unlikely to achieve the desired reaction from the kids. Most likely, the children will be just bored on such a holiday, and they will not want to remember about it in the future. Of course, the children's graduation party is a memorable and important event. The task of parents is to make this celebration cheerful and touching at the same time. In this case, the children will remember not only the graduation party itself, but also bright moments from their kindergarten life.

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