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If you see the word "snickers", you assume that the article in this article will be about chocolate bars, then your ideas about stylish sports shoes are too outdated and you are not aware of the latest trends in fashion trends.

And if earlier the choice was not particularly great and we were satisfied with the banal sneakers of textile on rubber soles, today the assortment of sports shoes allows women of fashion to buy a version on low speed or on a platform, with various elements of decor in the form of lacing, stickers or buttons. But, even paying attention to these models, many do not dare to acquire such a model, because they simply do not know what to wear sneakers and how to properly choose clothes for them.

This article will help you determine the appropriate pair and tell you how and with what it is necessary to combine topical sports snickers to make the image look stylish and truly harmonious.

Where did this fashionable footwear come from?

Back in England, about three centuries ago, shoes were created from canvas material on rubber soles. This option was designed for people from the lower class, and the shoes were not of high quality and quickly fell into disrepair. It is noteworthy that initially there was not even a difference between the right and left shoes, and the snickers themselves did not even remotely resemble today's improved model of sneakers.

Over time, the rapidly wearing fabric was replaced by a more durable textile, the sole height increased noticeably, and at the same time an additional element appeared in the form of the usual lacing. Shoes began to be used as sports, and only in the end of the 19th century, having got to America, snickers began to be popularized rapidly, and everyone already wanted to get such comfortable and universal sneakers.

In 1917 the manufacturer Converce released the Converse All-Stars model, which is very popular among young basketball players, and already in 1924 the Dassler brothers promoted a new round of sports shoe development and developed a concern that resulted in two world-famous brands of shoes - Adidasand Puma.

Snickers for every taste

Comfortable and practical sneakers come to the rescue in cases where it is vitally important to look stylish and non-trivial, but the paramount criterion is comfort, convenience of the chosen footwear. This model will especially appeal to the girl, whose growth is far from model standards, and so want to be a little higher, without harming the health of their legs.

Earlier, miniature representatives of the fair sex, in order to add a few centimeters in height, preferred uncomfortable high-heeled shoes, today sneakers on the wedge can easily solve such a problem without such accompanying problems as flat feet and painful horny corns.

Assortment offers women of fashion choice of several topical models:

  • Classic sneakers.

This model resembles the usual sports sneakers or sneakers and is suitable for sports. Lovers of active lifestyles such shoes are especially useful, because in it you can go for a run, and go shopping, and go on a date with your beloved, without fear that in half an hour on the feet will bloom with fresh calluses.

  • Snickers-shtiblets.

This kind of variation is more strict in appearance. Only the outsole reminiscent of the sneakers remains sportive, but the top is close to the business style, thus resembling formal shoes.

  • Leather sneakers.

The top of the product can be made of leather or natural suede. If you successfully choose a model, then you can go to the office or to a business meeting with work partners.

  • Snickers on the hidden platform.

Shy of your small height? This problem can cope with the sneakers on a hidden platform, which can be used both in a sportive way, and choosing for them feminine leggings, skirts and even dresses of a variety of styles.

Why wear sneakers?

Which model do you prefer - comfortable flat-bottomed sneakers or massive punk-style conversations, or maybe you'll stay on options with a hidden wedge? It is from this choice will depend on the further combination of suitable outfits and accessories.

Today classic black and white coloring of the product fades into the background, popularity is gained by sneakers of bright juicy shades and models with an unusual and very unusual print.

2017 offers several combinations in which snickers will be the main highlight of the whole image as a whole. Such sports shoes are perfectly combined with a variety of things.

  • With jeans, trousers and leggings.

If you are afraid of all sorts of experiments, then sneakers with jeans will become for you the most win-win option. Moreover, such shoes are appropriate not only in the summer period of the year, but also in winter, and you will be able to pick up a warmed pair of so-loved sneakers. In this case, snikers and jeans are perfectly combined with a drape coat or a quilted jacket.

The warm autumn model can be combined with chunks of the khaki tone, and on top of wearing bright t-shirts or shirts, supplemented with a denim jacket. If the weather does not please the sunny warm days, in this case, in a pair with the snickers use slim or skinny jeans, warmed by a leather jacket and a long fur vest.

To those who choose jeans in favor of being too boring, we recommend taking black leather leggings as the bottom. As for the supplement, it can be a variety of shirts, T-shirts, pullovers and swiss shots, supplemented by outer clothing on the weather. It is worth noting that snikers in this combination can be the most striking bold shades.

  • With dress, skirt and shorts.

If you really use the new topical sneaker models, then to the fullest. Apparently, this expression became the motto of designers, and therefore they decided to create a fusion, skilfully combining sports themes with feminine and romantic outfits.

  1. The most daring is the contrasting combination of delicate dresses and skirts with sporty and practical sneakers on a hidden platform. The main rule in this case is to combine incongruous. If you prefer a light chiffon dress with a floral print, then the perfect addition will be leather coarse and rough massive sneakers on the tractor sole. Especially this image will be relevant in the spring, when the weather is already pleased with the warmth, but a small cool breeze still does not allow to put off the outer clothing to the next chill. Finish the image of the selected jewelry and a small hat with round margins.
  2. When choosing a skirt, boldly buy products of various lengths: maxi, midi or short. As a top use chiffon blouses, t-shirts with bright patterns and different shirts, combining them with jackets, cardigans and bulky sweaters, and for the role of athletic shoes choose conversions or sneakers on a wedge of a variety of shades.
  3. An excellent duet, along with the snickers, will create shorts made of denim or leather. In this case, pay special attention to additional accessories. Stylish headgear, bright scarves and scarves, shoulder bag - all these elements will perfectly fit into everyday and actual casual style.

Things you should not wear with Sneakers

Things that stylists do not recommend wearing such a sport model are not the strictest taboos. Especially as the designers themselves demonstrate on the catwalks similar experiments, mixing absolutely polar styles so that new trendy combinations appear, which surprise those surrounding with their eccentricity and daring riot of various color solutions. Why can not we experiment a little?

And still it is necessary to be extremely careful and try not to combine sneakers with the following things:

  • Everything that concerns the classics. Even those models of this shoe that are outwardly close to the formal style are not recommended to be combined with classic business suits and dress-cases.
  • Wide trousers. Another element of the wardrobe with which such a combination would be extremely unfortunate. Choosing wide or flared jeans, you should complement the image with classic and more feminine versions of shoes. Snickers in this case will serve you a bad service.
  • Maxi skirts. Of course, sports shoes can be combined with a long skirt. However, here you need to be very careful not to become the object of close attention due to the tastelessly chosen outfit. If you are afraid of making a mistake, then give preference to a win-win option - models in the style of the military.

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