Recommendations on how to choose the best hair straightener

At home each woman has a variety of appliances for styling: hair dryer, curling iron, ironing. The most universal of all is the rectifier. This device is able to please owners of curls and straight hair, because with his help in just a few minutes you can make a wonderful stacking. Further in the article recommendations are offered on the choice of the most safe and convenient rectifier.

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Types of rectifiers

Every day the market is replenished with new rectifier models forlos, it's not worth the technology in place. When choosing a similar device, it is worth paying attention to the material from which the active elements are made and what additional functions it is equipped with.

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Convenient hair styling tool, consisting of two plates, between which the strand is clamped and aligned under the influence of high temperature.

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Working surface material

Working surfaces of ironing can be:

  • metal. Regular use of such a rectifier will lead to brittleness and cross-section of the hair, due to overheating of the plates. The price of such irons is very low.

  • ceramic. Irons with such plates are the most popular. Work surfaces are heated evenly and treat the hair carefully. The disadvantage of this kind of plates is that they can be stuck with cosmetic products from the hair. Therefore, after each use, they must be wiped.
  • with tourmaline or nanodiamond. The device with such a coating is not cheap. During the action, these plates ionize the hair and carry out an antistatic effect.
  • with Teflon. They do not injure strands and allow you to perform beautiful styling in a short time and without much effort.
  • is titanium. They heat up quickly and do not damage the hair.

For home use, you can also purchase combined rectifiers: titanium + ceramics, ceramics + nanodiamonds + teflon, tourmaline + ceramics. They are distinguished by the most gentle effect on the hair. Such ironing is very convenient to use, because they can very quickly heat up and move easily through the hair.

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Plate size

Heating plates for ironing can be of different sizes. Width of narrower working surfaces 2-3 centimeters, wide - from 3 to 10. Maximum length of plates is 12 centimeters.

Wide plate is more suitable for owners of thick hair. A straightener with narrow plates can not only straighten hair, but also curl.

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Experiment lovers will certainly be interested in ironing with additional nozzles. If they are available, you can make the effect "corrugated", curl curls. The nozzles in some models of ironing can even move, which allows them to be pressed more tightly to the hair.

Learn how to create a stylish hairstyle "Shell" by yourself
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Temperature modes

High temperature is the basis of any ironing. Therefore, when buying a rectifier, you need to consider:

  • heating rate;
  • the ability to adjust the temperature;
  • the presence of a temperature indicator.

Modern ironing is heated for 25 seconds. Rectifiers with a titanium coating reach the required temperature more quickly. Most often, the faster the device is heated, the higher its price.

The device equipped with a temperature regulator will allow you to choose lower values ​​for fine hair and high for curly or very thick.

Modern models of ironing have an electronic thermostat and digital display. But these additional functions can significantly affect the cost of the product.

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Thanks to the ionization function, negative ions are released from the working plates under the influence of high temperature and sealed flakes of the upper layer of hair. The curls become light and obedient, even after the thermal impact on them.

There are rectifiers with cooling function. It does not allow hair to overheat and closes their scales. Curls after cooling will be healthy and smooth.

Another additional function is the laying of damp hair. With a straightener with this function, you can lay on damp hair without injuring them.

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Safety device

To use the rectifier, it was safe to choose a model, you should pay attention to the availability of:

  • long cord with swivel mount for ease of use;
  • auto-shutdown, which can prevent fire and prolong the life of the device;
  • cold elements that will protect the user from burns;
  • heat-resistant cover in which the hot iron does not light up.
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Recommended models

It is not necessary to save on the instruments on which the beauty and health of the hair depends. Therefore, choosing an ironing pad, it is best to look closely at devices from well-known manufacturers. It is worth paying attention to the models:

  • Philips Care Straight Curl HP8345;
  • Philips Pro HPS930 / 00;
  • Braun Satin Hair 5 ESW;
  • Rowenta SF 4412.
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The electric comb-rectifier is the main competitor of ironing. The device appeared on the market very recently. He is able to make the laying even more accessible and easy to perform, and the hair is even and obedient.

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Types of

There are several types of electric combs:

  • Classic ceramic comb. Externally from the usual massage brush it differs only in its weight and connection to the network. The basis of the device is a heating plate and denticles with rubber tips. The maximum heating temperature of the element is 200 degrees, and the protective tips do not heat up to more than 50 degrees. That provides gentle and soft hair care. The device actively struggles with loss, accelerates the growth of hair and tones the roots.
  • Hairbrush is a multifunctional device that simultaneously dries the hair, straightens them and gives the hairdo the necessary form.
  • The brush with the rotating cylinder works in several modes, it is not only able to straighten the hair, but also to wind it.
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Some models of electric combs are equipped with an electronic display, heating temperature control buttons, hair ionization technology and water tanks or medicines.

It is worth noting several advantages of comb-rectifier:

  • device is easy to use, its use does not require special skills, you just need to slowly comb your hair like an ordinary brush;
  • device quickly heats up and also quickly acts on curls;
  • ceramic coating at high temperature does not damage hair, but strengthens it;
  • has massage functions, which helps to increase hair growth;
  • gives the hair a beautiful sheen and keeps the volume of the head of hair;
  • is suitable for frequent use, because it practically does not harm the locks.

On dirty hair, the comb-straightener is not recommended to use, as a result, the hair will look sloppy.

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How to use

The basic rules for the safe use of the device are specified in the operating instructions from the manufacturer, which should be read before the first application. To obtain a beautiful styling at home, it is necessary to perform a number of actions:

  • Wash and dry hair in the usual way;
  • apply a thermal spray to the strands;
  • switch on the device and select the desired mode;
  • rectifier heats up 30-40 seconds, after that it is ready to work;
  • comb the hair in the direction of growth until the desired result is obtained;
  • switch off and clean the appliance.

Depending on the volume and length of hair, this laying takes 5 to 15 minutes.

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Recommended models

The comb-rectifier is a novelty, therefore large companies rush to release their models, equipping them with additional functions. When buying a comb-rectifier, you need to pay attention to the product quality certificate and choose the most suitable option based on your own requirements.

The most popular models of electric combs:

Fast Hair Straightener HQT906 is the most advertised version of this type of rectifier. It weighs 500 grams, the heating temperature can be adjusted from 150 to 230 degrees. It has a long cord that rotates in all directions. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic that protects from burns. Equipped with a massage function.

Bosh PHB5363 is a wireless hair straightener. Characterized by the technology of ionizing hair. After application, the hair does not become electrified, it becomes perfectly smooth and silky. Unlike the previous model works on batteries, it is very convenient on the road.

Braun Satin Hair - takes care of locks, does not electrify them and gives smoothness for a long time.

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This kind of iron differs from other rectifiers not only in appearance, but also in technology of impact on hair.

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Basic characteristics of

Straightening occurs under the influence of steam, which in no way affects the structure of the hair. Therefore, they are ideal for daily use.

The set of the device includes tongs and a small steam generator, into which water is poured.

The water hardness level can be determined using the test strip that is in the kit. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that the device does not have a system of protection against scale and it will quickly fail if you use untreated tap water.

The advantages of steam rectifiers:

  • no negative effect on the head of hearing;
  • even with frequent use of curls look healthy and well-groomed;
  • effect after straightening lasts very long;
  • despite the complex design, easy to use.
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Work surface material

As with conventional hair iron, the steam rectifier plates can be made of different materials that affect the structure of the hair differently.

The most popular of the inexpensive options is a ceramic rectifier. It easily slips on strands and does not injure them.

Professionals prefer Teflon-coated devices, because they do not stick to stowing agents.

The principle of operation of a tourmaline rectifier is similar to that of a ceramic one, in addition, it reduces electrification.

The trowel made with tungsten iron will last for a long time even without laying tools.

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How to use

Use steam iron is recommended only for clean, well-dried hair in a strictly defined direction. On some models are indicated special arrows, which you need to pay attention to when straightening.

The whole point of this procedure is that the head of hair is first processed by steam, and then by heat. If you do not hold the iron correctly, you can damage the waves. It should be evenly treated with a steam strand width of not more than 5 centimeters.

After straightening it is necessary to cover the curls with special cream-care to minimize the consequences of traumatic impact.

The only negative - girls with short haircuts can not use a steam rectifier, it is suitable for straightening only long curls.

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Recommended models

Buying such devices, it is worth paying attention to models of well-known manufacturers: L'Oreal Professional Steampod, Rowenta Steam Pod, Vitek.

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