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Red dress can rightly be called the most stylish and expressive subject of the wardrobe. A woman who dared to put on a scarlet dress is confident of her irresistibility and sexuality and is determined to impress others. However, if she did not make the appropriate make-up under the red dress, the expected effect may not occur. Having decided with accessories and ornaments to the toilet, it is necessary to execute the finishing touch, which will make the image harmonious.

Makeup for brunettes

Dark-haired girls look stunning in red outfits. Bright color will create a dramatic contrast with the hair and skin, but one wrong decision in makeup - and the seductive beauty can turn into a person, to say the least, not distinguished by impeccable taste.

The principle of everyday make-up to a red dress is maximum naturalness and restraint:

  • It is better not to impose a thick foundation on the face, it is enough to dispense an IV cream and a corrector if necessary.
  • The upper eyelid is covered with light shadows without a shimmer, the corners of the eyes are emphasized by the hylaiter - so the view will be open, and the general appearance will be rested and well-groomed.
  • Eyes can be brought with thin and not too long arrows, apply lengthening or volumetric mascara on the eyelashes to give the eyes expressiveness.
  • It is better not to use a matte or glossy red lipstick during the day. For a brunette is quite enough transparent shine with a slight pink or coral hue.

Evening make-up

Naturally, it should be more expressive and differ a lot of used decorative cosmetics. For women, whose appearance is bright in itself, there is a rule: the emphasis is on one thing: either in front of eyes or on the lips.

The ideal solution - the so-called smokey ice. It can be performed both in classical style and smoky gray. The second option is very suitable for the representatives of the color-type "winter".

Eyes are allocated, in connection with this bright red lipstick is not used, it is mauve ton. Stylists recommend to give preference to neutral shines or lipstick of coral or peach hue.

If the accent is to be made on the lips, the eyes are highlighted with liner and ink. You can use silver or gold shadows with brilliance.

This method is recommended for women with very light skin. On the porcelain face, the greatly reduced eyes look not so spectacular as bright and neatly colored sexual lips.

Important: lipstick and lacquer are selected in one shade, as bright as possible.

Makeup for blondes

Blondes should not be used in makeup black mascara, podvodku and liners, much more naturally and intelligently look brown shades.

A palette of shadows for everyday make-up should include silvery shades, they go very well to blonde women. In the evening makeup, pink and even crimson and burgundy tones are allowed, but such a daring make-up is already considered professional and must be performed by an experienced make-up artist.

It should be noted that intense shades of shadows will add to the look of the blonde of gravity, so you need to give preference to natural, relaxed colors. But the arrows will make the look open and expressive.

Under the condition of moderate use of make-up for eyes, blondes may well use red lipstick not only in the evening, but also in the daytime.

Make-up for red-haired women

A girl with fiery hair in a red dress is a bright picture, getting used to her attention, so when doing makeup you should be careful and follow the following rules:

  1. Red does not need to use black mascara and eyeliner, it is recommended to give preference to brown.
  2. A set of shadows should include all shades of brown - chocolate, bronze, beige, coffee with milk. With bright colors, it's better not to experiment, it will create a sense of disharmony.
  3. Lipstick color can be the same as the dress, but it looks good and bronze. It is necessary to exclude pink and too light shades.

To make the image perfect, you should take into account that the hair, dress and lipstick should not merge into one, but too pronounced contrasts are unacceptable.

Tips for stylists

The red dress requires perfect makeup. He should not compete alongside, but a pale make-up will serve the girl badly.

Against the background of a beautiful bright dress, a woman with inexpressive make-up will look unpresentable. It should be noted that red color ruthlessly emphasizes all the imperfections of the exterior: dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, pimples, inflammation. Healthy well-groomed skin is the key to perfect make-up.

Make-up artists recommend adhering to simple enough rules that will make any girl look great:

  1. One day before applying make-up on your face, you need to remove excess hair and shape your eyebrows.
  2. Clean and moisturize the skin.
  3. Apply to the face, décolleté area and neck first the make-up base, then the tonal remedy, remove the excess with a napkin.
  4. Do not apply too much correction to the nose area of ​​the nose. It will be enough to have a thin layer, so that under electric lighting the face would look natural.
  5. Corrector to mask small wrinkles, blue under the eyes, pimples and other defects of the dermis.
  6. When choosing a make-up for a coral dress, you should prefer a radiant, using natural shades and soft iridescent colors.
  7. To pink or light red, a smoky make-up of the eye is also suitable.
  8. Eyebrows are recommended to tint with a pencil, the shade of which is one tone darker than the natural color of the hair.
  9. To give a good face, you need to use blush. They will make the face expressive and refresh the skin. The shade of them can be anything other than pink and brick red.
  10. In the evening it is recommended to use shimmering powder.

How to dye your lips under a red dress

The representatives of the "summer" and "winter" color are very scarlet lipsticks. It is also suitable for light-haired women with thin lips and a rounded face. But the girls with a big plump mouth better to abandon the saturated causing shades, they will look vulgar.

With an outfit of red color, the ombre looks amazing, but it is acceptable only for owners of green and gray-green eyes. To make an ombre simply, it is necessary for this:

  1. Circle the lips with a pencil of black color.
  2. Apply the lipstick of the desired shade, shade the pencil.
  3. In the center of the lower lip to apply a lipstick of white color, this will make the image sensual and sexy.

With a red dress, cranberry, light red, carrot lipstick and also neutral, pale red, coral shine are perfectly combined.

Avoid shades of brown scale and pearly lipsticks.

How to dye your eyes

Eye shadow is selected individually, given the color of the eyes and skin. Under the red dress, gray, brown shades come, but red, green, blue and lilac are taboo. It will look good peach, golden, silvery, white, gray, sandy tint.

For green and blue eyes:

  1. Apply white shadows to the upper eyelid.
  2. Work the crease from the eyebrows in shades of gray hue.
  3. The lines of eyelash growth in the upper and lower eyelids are circled in pencil.
  4. Apply dark gray or black shadows.
  5. Dye eyelashes with mascara.

On brown eyes:

  1. Apply light shadows to the eyelids.
  2. Draw fine neat arrows extended to the bottom.
  3. With voluminous ink, tint eyelashes.

Now you know what make-up will suit a red dress. A little attention to your appearance, and the effect will be stunning!

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