Espadrilles: what are these shoes and what are they wearing?

  • Originally from Spain
  • How to choose the right pair?
  • With what to wear espadrilles?
  • Tips for caring for Espadrilles

Seeing the newfangled word "Espadrilles"?many of you may not even immediately realize that it's about stylish shoes. Then in the head there will be a logical question about what to wear espadrilles and what they are. But even without encountering earlier with this unusual name, you still saw such shoes somewhere in a fashion magazine or in a store. And maybe even in your closet there is such a wardrobe subject, about which you practically do not know anything.

Espadrilles consist of rope soles and natural fabrics. They are on a flat course in the form of practical comfortable slippers or can be feminine sandals on a high platform with small strings. Now you have guessed, what are we talking about?

Originally from Spain

Back in the 13th century, Spanish peasants created clothes from a wide variety of improvised materials because of lack of finance. It was the ordinary grass, from which ropes and ropes were made, became the main element for the creation of cheap and uncomplicated footwear. In honor of the plant itself, Espadrilles were named, and to be comfortable to wear shoes, it was tied to feet with the help of ordinary ropes. These slippers were available to everyone, so the product enjoyed great success among the Spanish population, and the popularity of espadrilles eventually spread to the entire globe.

Even later, the great Manolo Blanik created his first collection of espadrilles, thanks to which he made a successful career as a fashion designer. Then in the middle of the 20th century Yves Saint Laurent drew attention to these shoes, releasing models on the podium in pretty comfortable slippers, which later settled in the closet of every modern fashionista.

How to choose the right pair?

Espadrilles are updated and evolving, so now such shoes are not only practical slippers on a flat sole, but also comfortable sandals or sandals, which are decorated with decorative trim, interesting elements in the form of flowers, beads and shells.

Before choosing a pair of shoes you need to take into account a few important tips:

  • Attention should be paid to the quality of the sole of the product: weak and poorly sewn ropes after a couple of hours of wearing can lose their presentable appearance, so before you buy, do not be afraid to assess the strength of the material before purchase, from which espadrilles were made. Substandard fabric can also quickly deteriorate. Most often, these shoes break on the toe and heel, forcing you to doubt the advisability of such a choice.
  • Remember that Espadrilles are worn exclusively on bare feet, and the use of various tights, gaiters or socks is simply unacceptable in this case. However, for personal hygiene, when you go to the store, grab a thin nylon socks with you, so that it's more comfortable to try on a new pair of shoes.
  • If the product presses in certain places, rubs or is punched, then you have taken an unsuitable model or missed with a choice of size. First of all espadrilles should bring a sense of comfort and convenience, otherwise you will simply be disappointed in this purchase.
  • Smell the product. Quality footwear has a light fragrance of flax and hay, while synthetic models smell of glue and rubber.
  • If you think that the quality will depend directly on the cost of the product, then you are seriously mistaken.
    Espadrilles - democratic shoes, which does not differ too high price.
    The products of the world brands, such as Chanel, certainly cost a little more, but among the mass-market you can choose quite worthy options.

With what to wear espadrilles?

These shoes are perfectly combined with clothes made from natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, and also looks great with things made of denim, creating ultra-trendy and laconic everyday images.

However, it should be borne in mind that espadrilles look extremely inappropriate if they are used together with classic suits, elegant dresses or tulip skirts.

The variegated materials with crystals become superfluous in a combination with plain and practical footwear, therefore, choosing an outfit for a party or a solemn event, forget about the existence of such a model as espadrilles. But if you are looking for an attractive bow for a beach party, then such a version of shoes will be a very appropriate choice.

1. Espadrilles on a flat sole.

  • Prefering models at low speed, choose to them light flowing dresses above the knee or short dresses with a floral pattern. The outfit will be supplemented by a small handbag over his shoulder, a small straw hat and round glasses.
  • Men's espadrilles look great with trousers of chinos, which can be supplemented with a comfortable T-shirt with a bright print and a practical denim jacket.
  • Female espadrilles on a flat sole are good pairing with summer shorts and skirts, use stylish vests or other t-shirts with bright prints in combinations. The shoes themselves can be both monophonic and striped, embodying a fresh sea image on summer vacation.
  • These shoes are combined with leather products, giving the image a touch of everyday and unpretentious simplicity. The highlight is a red shirt in a cage, which is complemented by accessories in the form of a hat with round margins and massive ornaments that complete the whole appearance.

2. Espadrilles on the wedge.

  • The refinement of the models allows them to be skillfully combined with dresses and sarafans made of natural fabrics, and also the shoes on the wedge are perfectly combined with chiffon outfits or with long skirts on the floor. The outfit will be terminated with light silk blouses of delicate light colors or summer linen tops that perfectly blend with lush long skirts.
  • Espadrilles with a satin décor create a feminine and romantic outfit along with a short sarafan, and the tenderness of the image will be emphasized by a small hat, complemented by silk or satin décor.
  • White models on a wedge are combined with short summer shorts or jeans, but may not look good with flared trousers or evening dresses. Preferring a comfortable and stylish cache style, choose short pants with bright T-shirts, complementing the image with a small handbag, watch and all sorts of headgear.

Tips for the care of Espadrilles

The main enemy of fabric shoes is water, therefore, using espadrilles in rainy weather, you run the risk of saying goodbye to this delicate and capricious model.

In this case, not even the fabric upper base of the product will be seriously damaged, the jute sole, which like a sponge will absorb all the moisture, will suffer most.

In rainy weather, the sole of shoes can be seriously affected.

For shoes to last you as long as possible, use certain rules to care for it. They are absolutely universal and suitable for both female models and for male versions:

  • Clean the sole and top of the product with careful movements using a delicate brush with soft bristles. Careless and rough movements can deform the shoes, so pay attention to not creating excessive pressure during cleaning.
  • To remove all remaining dirt completely, use a slightly damp cloth. But do not forget that excessive amounts of moisture can only damage the product, and if clumps of dirt do not respond, then a special tool should be purchased that does not damage cotton or canvas material.
  • Such a substance is applied to the contamination area and allowed to soak in, after which, with the help of a special brush, the dirt and all remnants of the remedy are removed. Perform these simple actions, and your espadrilles will again be ready for a prolonged wearing. Related Videos: MEN'S FOOTWEAR.How to choose and wear a summer MEN'S FOOTWEAR.Types of summer men's shoes
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