What a child should be able to do in 9 months

9 months is a very important period in the life of a child, because now he is preparing for one of his most important skills - walking. To achieve this goal, the kid constantly trains, improving his movements and developing muscles. He is very active, travels a lot around the room, though, while still crawling, but trying to stand on legs at every opportunity. At this stage of development of the baby, parents should try to protect their environment as much as possible in order to avoid injuries.

Along with the physical, the mental and emotional development of the baby is improved, his speech improves, and self-service skills develop. So to achieve the age of nine months the child is able and understands much.

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional and social development
  • Self-service skills

Physical development

The basic indicators of the child's physical development are constantly increasing. So, for the ninth month of life the baby adds about 500-550 grams in weight and grows by about 1.5 cm. The volumes of his head and thorax increase by half a centimeter. Thus, by the age of nine months, the child normally rises from 8800 to 9500 grams, its height is 71-74 cm, the head circumference ranges from 44.5 to 45.5 cm, and the circumference of the chest varies from 46.5 to 47, 5 cm.

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Another indicator of the physical development of the baby is the number of teeth. Of course, the time of their appearance is very individual, but according to the generally accepted norm, it is at the age of nine months that the child should have second( lateral) incisors, both upper and lower.

The baby's sleep mode changes at this age. So, in norm the nine-month child should sleep at night not less than 10-12 hours. In addition to night is important and day sleep of the baby - from one and a half to two hours twice a day.

The rest of the time the baby is awake, actively learning the world and improving its motor skills.

So, normally a child at the age of nine months should:

  • crawl well;
  • move through small obstacles;
  • get on all fours on insignificant elevations;
  • try to climb the stairs;
  • can easily sit down from a lying position, and vice versa, lie down from the sitting position;
  • surely sit without support for a long time;
  • holding on to the support, to stand on the knees and on the legs;
  • stand with the support of one hand;
  • with support for both handles or with the support under the mouse to step from foot to foot;
  • to get to it in ways accessible to the object of interest;
  • holding on to the pedestal, moving by step;
  • roll the ball.

However, no less important achievement of a nine-month-old child than preparing for walking is his ability to use his fingers to play and perform various actions.

Now the baby has such fine motor skills that he is able to:

  • grab small objects with his thumb and forefinger and hold them with only two fingers;
  • remove and re-add items to different containers;
  • open the caps of the capsules;
  • string the rings on the rod of the pyramid;
  • to crumple and tear the paper;
  • act simultaneously as two toys, holding them in each hand separately.
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Mental development of

The child's mental abilities also develop substantially. So, by the age of nine months his memory, thinking, speech improve, and the most important intellectual achievement of a nine-month-old baby is understanding the speech of people around him. This significantly changes his behavior, and also affects mental and physical development. Now the kid understands what awaits him the next minute - he will eat, walk or sleep, it's enough for an adult to just say the name of this action.

So, normally at the age of nine months the child must:

  • understand what they want from him, and try to perform some simple actions, for example, to give an object that he holds in his hands or waved goodbye;
  • remember the games you like;
  • finding a toy hidden in his eyes;
  • to repeat for an adult simple movements: raise and lower handles, clap hands, etc.;
  • know the names of objects - toys, furniture, household items and be able to choose an object that is called among the rest;
  • show parts of the face in the picture or on someone else's face( nose, mouth, eyes);
  • understand the meaning of the words: "give", "on", "lie down", "get up", "give up", "yes", "no", "can", "impossible", "goodbye", etc.;
  • clearly pronounce some syllables and words, in particular: "dad", "baba", "mother" and others, however, still unconsciously;
  • try to reproduce heard sounds and intonations, for example, repeating over an adult, imitate the voices of animals.
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The main activity of a child that helps him develop mentally and physically, as well as to recognize the world around him, is a game. And at the age of nine months of playing the child become conscious. He understands what and what objects can be done: the ball is rolled, the rings are stringed on a rod, rattles are thundered, etc. Now the child is ready for developing games that parents must provide him.

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Emotional and social development of

An important stage in the social development of a child at the age of nine months is the awareness of his and other people's space. It is at this age that the child begins to behave differently at home and away. This is due to the fact that in a situation unfamiliar to him, the child does not know what will happen next and what he should expect. Therefore, in an unfamiliar place the child often embraces fear. It can burst into tears and it can be difficult to calm down. At the same time, at home, the child can safely, confidently and freely move from room to room, knowing where everything is and what can happen to him in the next minute. Here he understands everything and everything is familiar. The child begins to realize what is happening and the world in which he lives.

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At the age of nine months the child already clearly traces the cause-effect relationships. For example, he knows that if the father takes a portfolio in his hands - then, soon he will leave. The same goes for my mother, for certain reasons the child understands that my mother will soon leave. A child can not not be upset about it, he is still struggling with separation from his parents, but now he can endure his love for mom and dad for things he likes or toys and stay with these things in the absence of parents. So the child has his favorite toys and various items - a pillow, a blanket, etc. Psychologists consider this an important step in the mental development of the baby, because this is the guarantee of his future independence.

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Self-service skills

At the age of nine months, the child is ready to learn the first skillsself-service. Thanks to the new physical skills and the development of the motor skills of the handles, a nine-month-old baby can drink from a cup and even try to use a spoon. Of course, it turns out he is not very good, and my mother needs to show maximum patience to cope with the desire to feed the baby herself. But, believe me, giving your child the opportunity to show independence, you will help him much more. Give the child a piece of bread and cookies, let him eat. And do not forget to plant it on a potty, it is very important that the child is already in such infantile age accustomed to cope with his need for a pot, and not in a diaper or in bed.


Our child in 9 months crawled, it was the most long-awaited our "skilful".He could already sit and stand at the buttress, but he did not want to crawl, only he was rolling like a plastunian.

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