Evening makeup for the brown eyes

  • Basic rules of evening make-up for brown-eyed women
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  • Successful options for evening make-up for the brown eyes

Many girls prefer to make make-up without thinking about the color of their eyes. The main attention is often paid to taste preferences, and for someone the hue of your favorite lipstick, the color of the outfit becomes decisive. Not always taken into account and the various nuances of applying mascara, eyeliner, and the imposition of shadows. It is enough to think about all the important points, remember the recommendations to create a harmonious, memorable, bright make-up!

Do you think how to make an evening makeup for the brown eyes? Then read simple tips, take time to step-by-step make-up lesson. You will be able to become irresistible very quickly, conquer all with femininity, elegance! In addition, your makeup will perfectly hold, with him there will be no problems.

Basic rules of evening make-up for brown-eyed women

To begin with, remember the most important points. Simple secrets of evening make-up need to know every owner of brown eyes. Do not forget the universal rules, non-observance of which can lead to gross mistakes in the application of cosmetics.

  1. Try different shades, textures. Do not stop in one color, tone, be more diverse. Changing the images, you will be able to determine for yourself the ideal version of makeup.
  2. At the last minute to create an evening makeup for the brown eyes is not worth it. It is necessary several times to apply different shades, carefully choose the most suitable. With methods of eye reduction, shapes and lines, it is also better to experiment. See how to do the evening makeup for brown eyes in the style of Smoky eyes:
  3. Brown eyes may look completely different depending on the lighting. It is extremely important to consider how exactly light will fall, how intense it is. Otherwise, you risk making your make-up too faded or too bright.
  4. Consider the color of the clothing, lipstick, be sure to take into account the shade of the skin. But do not make it all the main thing when creating makeup, choosing methods and cosmetics.
    The main thing is the color and shape of your eyes. You decorate them, so it is important to consider all the subtleties: the line of the eyebrows, the shape and length of the eyelashes, the shade of the iris, the shape of the eyes, the eyelids.
    The density of eyebrows and eyelashes also matters. Even a shade of eye proteins can be decisive, for example, when choosing carcasses! Make sure that everything goes together harmoniously, and that the eyes after applying makeup look much better.
  5. Refuse the standard solutions, do not try to compare yourself with the beauties from the covers of magazines. You can take someone as a model, borrow an interesting technique, but full copying is always detrimental, because the original will still be noticeably better. And you thereby reduce self-esteem. Let your evening make-up for the brown eyes be original, natural.
  6. Pay attention to the nuances of your appearance, be sure to evaluate the results, inspecting makeup from different angles, changing the lighting.
  7. Very dark shadows, wide-spread wide eyeliner suitable for creating an expressive look, deeper, more attractive.
    Remember: if the eyes are planted close and they are small enough, you should abandon the thick "black" make-up! Visually, he will reduce his eyes.
  8. Much depends on the color of the hair. The girls color them, so the shades of the hair and eyes are different. This must be taken into account. For example, when the hair is light, dark-brown sharp dark makeup does not look so harmonious. Eyelashes better to make brown, soften the color of the eyebrows, it is desirable to add shine, lilac and violet tones. For brunettes, any deep shades, black and blue mascara are ideal, eyebrows can also be made as dark as possible.

Would you like to learn some more specific rules, the secrets of beautiful makeup for brunettes? Now you will recognize them and be able to use them!

Simple secrets of beautiful evening make-up: all for the brown eyes

Remember the secrets of makeup for brown-eyed women. They will certainly help you and help you look perfect, emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes!

  • Look carefully at the eyes from different angles. Is there a golden hue in the iris? Is it a little lighter near the pupil? Then boldly use golden, light shadows, add a pink and peachy tone! Inside the eyelid, make it lighter, give it soft, soft shades. They do not necessarily have to repeat the color of the iris, you can make them even lighter.
  • Happy owners of brown eyes with a greenish tint can choose an interesting version of evening make-up: green, light and deep emerald, shades with golden and brown are combined. You can use emerald eyeliner, brown mascara. Two-color eyelids look great. Shade, which you want to accent, apply to the outer side of the eyelid, and closer to the bridge of the nose, use an additional color.
  • Avoid unnecessary shine! Makeup does not need to be done with a mottled, overly kaleidoscopic, multicolor. When everything is monotonously dark, this is also not very good. Arrange the accents. For example, you make your eyelashes thick, long, fluffy. And the liner can be left thin.
  • When you decide to create an accent on the shadows, do not overreach your eyes too brightly, make excessively thick eyelashes. So your view will remain mysterious, enticing!
  • Evening makeup for brunettes is better to do more vivid. Black mascara, dark eyebrows, slightly shaded eyeliner - all this will allow to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, the depth of view.
  • Another secret is useful to all women whose eyes have a bluish tint. It not only fits beautifully with brown eyes, but also allows you to use the original make-up. Choose blue mascara, blue eyeliner and boldly combine bluish-gray shadows for the corners of the eyes closer to the bridge of the nose and deep golden-hazel nuances for the main part of the century. The effect is stunning!

Now you know about make-up for brown eyes even more. But we must not forget about the elementary rules of applying cosmetics.

Make makeup correctly

Be sure to apply makeup correctly, so that your beautiful evening makeup remains fresh, attractive for many hours. Never use cosmetics of dubious quality, because it not only looks bad, but it can also damage your health.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying makeup. Simple washing with soap will not work. Use tonics, milk, special cleansers. On the eyebrows you need to apply a special gel, it is advisable to look after the skin around the eyes separately. Dark circles should not be! For them there are special correctors.

A special foundation for the eyelids will allow the shadows to stay perfectly. Without it, small particles can begin to crumble pretty quickly.

It is advisable to use the impeccable quality as it is often difficult to handle. It should not fade or blur, lose its original shape.

Going to a high-level celebration, have the opportunity to prepare for it in advance? Then, not only try out 5-6 evening makeup options for the brown eyes, but also do a "rehearsal".Check how the cosmetics will stay, making a complete make-up and leaving it for a long time. Then you will be sure of your makeup.

Evening make-up on the steps: decorating the brown eyes

Now you can use the simple instruction. Make a make-up today - a lesson in front of you! Everything is laid out step by step, and the photos will help you not make mistakes.

First thoroughly cleanse the skin, remove all previous makeup.

Take color and golden shadows, a set of brushes, a liquid foundation for shadows and mascara, an eyeliner. Moisten the skin with a nourishing cream, wait 10 minutes and pat the face with a tissue.

Let's get started!

  1. When your face is already free of cosmetics, you need to take care of the durability of makeup. Take a special base. It must be applied to the upper eyelid. The shadows will perfectly lie, you will save them from shedding and smearing.
  2. Take a soft brush, apply a black matte shade. Begin the movement from the middle of the upper eyelid, finish it on the outer corner of the eye. It is advisable not to apply shadows too far, closer to the cheekbones, from this the effect is lost. It is not necessary to wind them beyond the bending lines, because then you grow them.
  3. Apply golden shadows with a soft brush from the inner corner of the eye. They must reach the middle of the century. Do not leave borders with black shadows, shade golden shadows. All the transition must be made smooth. Gold perfectly emphasizes the depth of the brown eyes.
  4. Black shades neatly shade. At the top edge of black, apply purple shadows. The shades should blend, eliminate the color transition lines.
  5. Begin painting the lower eyelid. The upper and lower zones must be connected by black shadows. To the outer corner of the eye should lead a smooth arrow from the middle of the lower eyelid. This way you "open your eyes".Try not to make them too round, adjust the shape with shadows.
  6. Take care of the inner part of the lower eyelid. From the inner corner of the eye, follow the arrow to the middle of the lower eyelid, down to the blackest line. Gently shade the transition line so that the border is not sharp.
  7. Take a black pencil, preferably soft. Bring them the lower eyelid. Begin the line from the upper inner corner.
  8. Thoroughly make up eyelashes. Note: if they are slightly powdered and then well dyed, eyelashes will become noticeably larger. In addition, you need to paint not only the upper, but also the lower eyelashes. Otherwise, the view will not be expressive enough, the eyes will lose their volume.
  9. Eyebrows need to be combed with a brush, apply a special gel on them and give them the desired shape. After that you can tint them, making it slightly darker.
  10. Now you know how to do evening make-up of brown eyes in stages.

Everything's ready!

Successful options for evening make-up for the brown eyes

Let's consider several successful options for evening make-up.

Romance for the Brown Eyes

Great looking bright evening make-up in a romantic style. For the inner corners of the eyes, liquid shadows with a damp sheen will fit, giving the appearance of sensuality. It can be made thin, without shading, and the lower eyelid should be accentuated with dark shadows. The transition from dark gray shadows to walnut on the outer part of the eyelid looks great, and curvy eyelashes curved perfectly complement the impression.

Elegant evening makeup

Brown eyes can be made expressive, but do not create too flashy makeup. Accents are placed on the eyelashes, a fine thin eyeliner, an elegant line of eyebrows. Shadows should be softer, and shine and golden shades can not be used. Make-up will give the look of mystery, create a feminine image, but at the same time natural beauty will remain. Brown eyes are very expressive in themselves, they need not be sharply emphasized.

The perfect form of

The eyes of the almond shape are the dream of many women. If the eyes are not very closely planted, large enough and oblong, it is worth using an interesting version of evening make-up. Shadows will only need black, purple and gray. They need to be applied in turn, creating a smooth transition of shades. The upper eyelid densely summed up, grows. The arrow must be brought to the corner of the eye. Lower eyelid dye a thin line, and lead it not from the corner of the eye. It is necessary to densely make up eyelashes and give a clear shape to the eyebrows.

Focus on eyelashes

Very soft looking make-up for brown eyes, in which the main accent is created on eyelashes. Eyebrows should be made up with a pencil of nutty shade, the lower eyelid should also be brought in brown. Shadows are better to choose grayish, with a silvery tinge. The main thing is to give the maximum volume, impressive length to the upper eyelashes. They will become the main ornament of the eyes. This evening makeup is suitable for brown-eyed women with dark blond hair.

Brilliant make-up of

A good solution is to make a classic catchy make-up with a "cat's eye" eyeliner. He will give the image a mystery, sensuality. The upper eyelid is guided by a thick line, an emphasis is placed on the eyelashes. Shadows are better to choose peach, beige, golden. Arrows emphasize the expressiveness of the look, the beauty of the shape of the eyes.

See how to make makeup in the style of "Cat's Eye":

Choose your version of makeup for the brown eyes! Let your evening image be irresistible. It is important to remember all the nuances, apply makeup step by step, observing simple rules. Then he will be pleased with perseverance, beauty, will quickly make the eyes more effective, give the look expressiveness.

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