Walking for weight loss

  1. First of all, correctly select shoes .It is desirable to have a special walking shoes, several pairs, designed for different weather conditions. You can walk not only in summer, warm time, but also in winter, in cold weather.
    Shoes should be comfortable, you need to monitor the microclimate, otherwise discomfort during classes is guaranteed.
    Pay attention to the material, cut, the quality of the instep. Good shoes will spring, as if to carry you along the path, and in an uncomfortable model the legs quickly become stiff. Great, if you find shoes made from natural materials with breathable surfaces.
  2. It is very important to choose the most suitable clothing , especially with a large weight. Even sports suits are not always suitable for walking. You do not need the first set, but carefully chosen clothes. So, the jacket should be fairly loose, moderately warm. It is necessary to find trousers in which will not rub the skin. You also need to pay attention to the underwear.
    It is advisable to give preference to natural soft fabrics, cotton materials.
    You must dress on the weather. It is impossible to over-cool, but overheating is also harmful.
  3. Beforehand, think about route , schedule your workouts, calculate the time. The ideal option - to draw a plan of the terrain, and on it to mark out all the routes of your hikes. Training should be organized carefully, to approach the classes with special attention. Think about where it will be more convenient for you to walk, analyze the quality of surfaces. For example, a broken asphalt will bring you more problems than good.
    Very good, if you walk on soft ground, sandy trails, grass, good asphalt.
    If the tracks are still bad, try to smooth it with shoes with good shock absorption.
  4. Monitor the training process very strictly. Take note: you need to train constantly, adhere to the preset mode, rationally distribute load .Be sure to dose walking, do not try to "work out" for a few hikes, then to spend less time for classes.
    All loads must be distributed evenly by day of week, hours.
    If you go for a long walk once, and then go out two or three times just for pro forma, classes will not do you any good. If you read the reviews, you can easily make sure that in such training, the regularity, the systematicity, comes first.
  5. Monitor the records, the health status of .Find out if you have any contraindications for such physical exertion. It is very important not to neglect health. Monitor the condition of the body, be sure to consider all the indicators.
    We need to monitor the pulse, breathing and pressure. With any deviation from the norm, you will need to reduce the load, abandon long walks.
    For many losing weight, the best way out will be training under the supervision of a coach. Well, if you will use walking for weight loss, seeking advice from a doctor. It is advisable to get a cardiologist's advice, even if you do not complain about the heart.
  6. Maintain the diary of achievements .When you start to keep a detailed journal, celebrate any successes in it and accurately paint the schedule, this will perfectly discipline you. Just go for walks from time to time does not make sense. It's good to split your magazine into not a few parts. One take for the schedule, in the other, write down all your indicators. In the same diary, you need to note the weight changes.
    Pay attention! A sharp decrease in weight indicates the danger of training! Kilograms should go away gradually. If you lose weight fast, you need to see a doctor.
  7. Take everything you need with you and beware of the sun. You will need wet wipes, panamka and dark glasses in the summer, a special scarf to block the face in winter. It is very important to always carry a bottle of water, as it is necessary to replenish the fluid reserves constantly when the organism is subjected to increased loads.
  8. Needs your attention and power supply .If you go for weight loss, this does not mean that you can not eat before training. You can not leave the body without calories, nutrients. Be sure to follow the menu, include dairy, meat products with good calorie content. When you start to train properly, the fat deposits will disappear. The main thing is to restore the metabolism, so that the food is well absorbed, and get rid of the deposits that have already formed.
  9. It matters how fast to move. It is desirable to calculate the optimal speed , based on physical data, parameters, endurance of the organism. Do not rely only on weight, make priority the desire to lose weight.
  10. Use the with different techniques. You can walk with weighting, with sticks, walk at different tempos. Someone will ideally approach the technique of Leslie Sanson, and someone more like Scandinavian walking with sticks. The main thing that you tried several ways, did not stop at one technique. The combination of several approaches will allow you to expand opportunities, better train.
  • Getting ready for classes
  • What is more effective for losing weight: fast walking or running?
  • Walking for weight loss. Feedback, results and recommendations
  • It is important to know

Now the popularity of walking is growing. It is simple walking that can help every person who wants to part with extra pounds.

Nutritionists, trainers and slimbers note that walking for weight loss is the most successful, universal and effective method of weight loss.

It is important to pay attention to a number of nuances, as well as to choose the forms of walking competently, because you can also move around on foot in different ways.

The basic principles of walking for weight loss - video:

It should be remembered at what time it is better to deal with, how to correctly determine the load and choose the types of walking to correct individual parts of the body.

In addition, you need to monitor your health, carefully monitor indicators, so that training can only benefit and not harm the body. Simple tips will help you to do the right thing, get rid of extra pounds and enjoy every workout.

Getting ready for classes

To begin with, you will need to carefully prepare for classes. You need to take care of the equipment, pick up routes, think about nutrition and the regime of your day. Only a responsible approach to the matter will help you really effectively train.

Remember that your task is to execute the given program and reduce weight, and not just walk a few times. Walking for weight loss requires a very responsible attitude.

As soon as you think through all the nuances, stock up on good clothes, shoes, draw routes and determine the schedule, you can start full training.

When there are any doubts, you should immediately contact a professional coach. Someone will need to consult with doctors. Precisely do not interfere with the advice of the therapist, cardiologist.

What is more effective for losing weight: fast walking or running?

Experts are still arguing about the relationship between running efficiency and fast walking. Running or walking for weight loss is better?

It can be noted that when running, more calories are consumed, since the organism is exposed to more significant loads. However advantages of walking tours of are undeniable:

  • It is walking for weight loss that provides an optimal load, without causing fatigue.
  • It is universal, suitable for almost all people and does not require special physical preparation.
  • Running is much more difficult, in addition, it is quite difficult to calculate the load.

Note the basic pluses of walking , if you compare it with running.

  1. It will be much easier for you to determine the optimal load. Control your condition, heart rate, pressure is much easier when walking.
  2. You will be able to exercise even if there are age restrictions, medical contraindications, since walking is not associated with greater physical effort.
  3. When walking, you can perfectly organize your leisure. People listen to music, books on audio carriers and even learn foreign languages ​​while taking walks. Of course, when running the right concentration is not achieved.
  4. Walking for weight loss is ideal for those who have small problems with blood vessels, heart. Very obese people will also train with ease.
  5. Walking regularly, you will not undermine your health, but develop an organism. You can walk a lot without fear of negative consequences. Such trips at a good pace will allow you to train muscles, strengthen the spine, improve the performance of blood vessels and heart.

Of course, someone can choose for themselves and running, but traveling by foot is the most optimal option. Such trainings are especially effective, universal.

Walking for weight loss. Reviews, results and recommendations

Women of the 21st century increasingly choose walking. Of course, losing weight walking on foot is much more pleasant than sitting on hard diets or performing complex exercises.

Many ladies note that simple training can greatly change the figure, weight, affect the life and well-being of the person as a whole.

It's easy to walk, it does not take much time and effort, and the results are felt right away. Kilograms gradually go away, fats are split, normal metabolism is restored. Walking can be practiced after 40 years and during pregnancy, walking in the frost, rain.

Specialists note that walks are really effective. It is important to pay attention to the details, so that the walking technique is consistent with the goals set. It is necessary to consider what muscles work, then it is not difficult to achieve results.


  • For slimming "lyashek" it is desirable to go "from the hip", to make a step a little wider. Also for slimming thighs walk on the stairs, precarious terrain.
  • Walking with weighting will suit everyone who decided to eliminate excess pounds on the stomach.
  • Very good for slimming belly and sides Nordic walking. It is advisable to remember the main recommendations before doing it. Just buying sticks is not enough.
Technique of Nordic walking - video:
  • For slimming belly it is necessary to "walk" with the help of a stepper. It allows you to make the stomach flat enough fast.
  • Walking with sticks, weighting is used to lose weight legs, will help in this case and stepper.
  • Fast walking helps for slimming calves, you can walk on the treadmill.
  • The classes of the famous Leslie Sanson are very effective for slimming the buttocks and thighs. However, if you want to achieve results quickly, you will have to reach complex courses of 3, 4 miles.

Home walking with Leslie Sanson, 3 miles - video:

The technique of Leslie Sanson is very popular! It's enough to watch the video lesson 3 miles to assess the excellent training of the coach and the advantages of the techniques.

At home, you can do, losing pounds and even without leaving the apartment. True, such training at home is still desirable to combine with walking outdoors, because that's how the heart is better supplied with oxygen, the metabolism is restored faster.

  • If you walk with Leslie 2 miles, you can easily eliminate excess volumes on the hips, flanks, significantly tighten the stomach.
Walking for weight loss with Leslie Sanson, 2 miles - video, part I: Walking for weight loss with Leslie Sanson, 2 miles - video, Part II:

Important to know

  • Many are interested in training in the morning or evening.

Specialists say that training is most effective in the morning, so it is worthwhile to plan the schedule in such a way that one walk must fall at the morning. For this you can slightly change the mode of the day.

Doctors do not recommend training on an empty stomach. Walking before breakfast can adversely affect the body.
  • Carefully you need to behave in the winter.

In the frost the cardiovascular system works a little worse. If there is weakness in the legs, unpleasant tingling or numbness, it is necessary to interrupt the exercise.

  • Attentively to the schedule of trainings, it is necessary to distribute intelligently loads and after 50 years, since problems with the heart can already arise during this period. It is worth noting that for cores training is also suitable, only the load should be minimal.
  • Men often recommend Scandinavian walking or strenuous workouts on the track, but traditional traditional activities give good results. It is enough to walk every day, to determine the optimal load, so that the weight decreases significantly.

Now many people are convinced that walking for weight loss is not a myth. Habitual walks are really capable to save from excessive volumes, superfluous kgs. Related Videos:

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