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Every girl wants to look bright and expressive. This is especially true for women of fashion with blond hair, because many women consider this shade boring and inexpressive. In order to bring a zest to your image, they can perform melioration on fair-haired hair. Thanks to this procedure, the hair will play with new colors, will look healthy and beautiful.

Variety of procedure

Not everyone knows that melirovanie has many varieties. Each girl will be able to choose the best option and look attractive.

  • French melting does not lead to a radical change in the image, it only slightly refreshes the hairstyle.

When you do it, the curls lighten a little, and as a result, you can achieve the amazing effect of burnt hair. That is why this kind of highlights is very popular in the summer.

Professionals advise applying the dye to light brown hair in this way. To achieve attractive results, usually choose a light coffee color palette. No less successful will look and milky tone.

  • To give the locks a lot of shades, perform the California highlights.

This procedure involves the use of wax. As a result of such technology it is possible to achieve nutty or cognac shades on light brown hair. You can also get rich honey or coffee options.

The procedure is performed without the use of foil or other devices. To get the most natural result, the paint is treated with strands in random order. Then the dyed hair is mixed with the rest of the curls. As a result, it is possible to obtain gradual color transitions.

Such melirovanie long remains on the hair, but because the roots do not often have to tint. The result is achieved through heterogeneity of the hairdo, and the growing roots can not spoil your image. If you cut the tips, you can and do achieve the effect of recently dyed hair.

  • A special kind of highlights is the Brazilian technology. In this case, the paint is not applied from the very roots. Due to this, there is no need to constantly tint the roots of the curls.

To perform this highlighting, at first lighten some strands, after which they are painted in various shades. Then the hair is mixed, which allows to achieve a multicolored result. However, the hair looks natural enough.

  • To make a classic highlighting on blonde hair, you can apply a special dyeing technology that is carried out outdoors. Due to this, damage to the curls is avoided. In addition, this procedure allows you to give your hair a stunning volume.
  • Darkening of dark blond hair is performed in various ways. The master can make a sufficiently contrast option or perform smooth transitions between tones. Everything depends on personal preferences and overall style. It is very interesting to look at small melioration on fair-haired hair, which allows you to achieve the most natural results.

Selecting the composition of

If you are planning to do highlights in the salon, the master will independently choose the optimal tool taking into account the required result and the structure of the hair. If you want to dye your hair yourself, special attention should be given to choosing cosmetics.

Today on sale you can find many compositions that allow you to make highlights on long blond hair:

  1. .This compound is considered the most aggressive. If you do not have the necessary dyeing skills, there is a risk of significantly damaging the hair. However, it is this tool that is used to perform the melioration of dark blond strands. It is important to consider that this powder should not be applied to thin or dry hair.
  2. Paint "Mazhimesh".It has a creamy consistency and does not bring much harm to hair. Gentle effect of the dye is due to the presence of wax in the composition. When you use it, you can achieve a light golden tone. Therefore, such a paint is not recommended to apply to owners of dark hair.
  3. Powder Platifiz Precision. The product is used to fully or partially lighten the strands. Sometimes experts apply it to gray hair, but to expect an ideal result in this case is not worth it.
  4. Platine Precision Powder with discolouring properties. This tool has a wide range of applications, but it is best to use it for dyeing short hair. This is the perfect solution for a dark-brown tone, as it allows you to achieve platinum color.
  5. Pasta Platinum. This tool does not harm the locks and makes it lighter in seven shades.

Special attention to the experts advise to draw on the fineness of staining of light strands. They are usually quite thin and soft. Owners of such hair should choose such a coloration as mahamesh or balayazh. In this case, the second option is suitable for those who want to make the hair more structural, and short hair - more volume.

How to perform the melting of the

To make a highlight on light-brown hair at home, you need to take into account certain features of the procedure. There are many methods that allow you to achieve the desired result:

  1. With the use of rubber bands. This is the easiest method to implement, which will suit even beginners. To lighten the strands, you need to divide them into three identical parts and use the rubber bands to make the tails. After this, it is possible to proceed with to apply a clarifying agent. To wash off the paint, it is better not to remove the rubber bands. They can be removed after the procedure is completed.
  2. With a special cap. This technique is ideal for owners of short hair. Before the procedure begins, wear a special cap with holes on the head. Through them alternately take out the curls, after which they process them with a coloring composition. At the end of the procedure, the cap is removed and the curls are thoroughly washed with water.
  3. Outdoors. The method consists in applying a special composition to individual strands. After that, they should not be covered. Due to the application of this technique, it is possible to achieve the most natural results and homogeneous distribution of the paint.
  4. Using foil. This technique is suitable for those who have long or medium hair. First, you need to perform a smooth parting, then go to the separation of strands of the necessary width. It is recommended to begin the process with the occipital area. Each curl should be placed on foil, the top to process the dye and wrap.

Melting with foil - video

Advantages and disadvantages of

procedure As with any other hairdressing procedure, highlighting has certain merits and demerits. The undoubted advantages include the following:

  • not all strands are exposed to the negative influence of peroxide;
  • using this technology can make hair visually more voluminous and lively;
  • melirovanie with ease hides the gray hair;
  • thanks to this procedure, you can refresh the image of girls who do not dare to radically change the image;
  • , when the roots grow, there is no significant difference between the colored and natural strands, and therefore it is possible to easily release the hair;
  • thanks to melirovaniyu can be well saved, because this procedure can be done every few months, and not every 3-4 weeks, as with traditional staining.

It is important to understand that highlighting has some drawbacks:

  • process takes quite a long time, because it sometimes takes about 3 hours to perform a highlighting;
  • to make high-quality melioration on its own is quite difficult, so you'll have to turn to a professional master;
  • is not worth doing this procedure after a chemical wave or staining, otherwise you can get very unexpected results.

Hair care after melioration

After performing this procedure, strands need special care. If you do not provide it, the color will quickly lose its saturation. To avoid this, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Use special tools that are designed to care for colored hair.
  2. Every week it is recommended to make moisturizing masks. Thanks to this, it will be possible to restore the loss of moisture.
  3. After each wash, rinse your hair with herbal decoctions. They will make the locks more healthy and shiny.
  4. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer during the first week after melioration. To dry hair, just a plain towel. If you do not succeed in stopping the hair dryer, do not use high-temperature modes.
  5. Fresh fruit and vegetables should predominate in the diet. Thanks to this it will be possible to restore the health of the curls.

Effects of highlights

Frequent staining adversely affects the condition of the hair. Even the most sparing methods can make curls dry, dull and lifeless. The structure of the strands will be helped by the use of special care products.

In addition, experts do not advise doing highlights too often. To make the hair look attractive, it is enough to carry out a correction every three months. If you want to refresh your hair, you just need to cut the tips of the tips.

Lighting on fair-haired hair allows each girl to look stylish and fashionable. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to preserve the health of the curls, to give them an interesting shade and to make them more voluminous in appearance. In order to prevent the negative consequences of such staining, it is very important to pay special attention to the care of locks and to follow the recommendations of professionals.

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