Interesting ideas for a photo shoot on the street

Where, as not on the street, we often prefer to conduct improvised photosessions, ranging from simple frames to soap dishes, at best, mirrors, and ending with real shooting, preferably with a sensible photographer. It is street professional photography that is the second most massively glossy in the world after shooting in the studio.


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    The list of features of a photo shoot on the streets depends on the conditions and the pores of the year. So, the most difficult is the survey in the winter months. In addition to additional lighting, it is necessary to take into account that the duration of such a photo session due to the cold should not be more than 15 minutes. Therefore, the poses and variations of the realization of the idea must be thought out in advance.

    It is advisable that you have the opportunity to warm up and correct makeup between sets of shooting.

    Best beautiful poses and other ideas for a photo shoot on the street look here

    In the autumn days often there is not enough lighting. It is advisable to use light reflectors( you can apply large white paper) and additional lighting even during the day.

    In summer it's best to shoot from 12 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, natural light is good enough and you do not need extra. Also in the summer, successful shots can be done at dawn or at sunset. The same applies to warm spring days. But by March and November the same requirements as for the winter months.

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    Where to hold

    You can take a photo session on the street in any suitable city or village location. The location is chosen depending on the idea, but there are general requirements:

    • Avoid getting into the frame of banners and any other advertising, garbage cans, garbage, uncleaned or dirty streets;
    • Try to hold a photo shoot in low-lying places( unless the crowd is part of the idea).A large number of people look bad in genre compositions;
    • Avoid unsuccessful urban tracks, for example, not proportionality or asymmetry in the streets, crooked paths in the park, ugly buildings or anything that simply does not fit into the frame.

    You can hold a photo session using several locations at once, including locations of open city cafes, wide carriageways( especially at night when there are no cars), beautiful stadiums, clean and clean areas, successfully painted graffiti walls and so on.

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    Examples of ideas

    The following ideas can be considered the most suitable for a young girl:

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    Collage "photo walk"

    To make the collage interesting, take photos during a photo shoot in different genres: portrait single, portrait group, fullgrowth single, full-length group, subject survey( shooting details) - say, if you have a beautiful bouquet in your hands, you can take a portrait photo with him, and take a bouquet separately, and then combine it all into one collage.

    Here are the ideas for a photo shoot in the photogallery genre and examples for collages:

    • The idea of ​​a holiday. For the photo session, holiday attributes( not necessarily all together) will be needed: inflatable balls, soap bubbles, crackers and so on. In this photo shoot you are allowed to fool around, as the soul desires. Take off your madness( in a good sense of the word) in different genres and do not forget about subject photography. Think of the plot of the idea, here the plot with a humorous background is suitable;
    • The idea of ​​romance. Above we have already given an example with flowers. There are other ways to bring romance to the photo session. Suitable soft toys, sky lanterns, wine( drink necessarily from beautiful glasses, not from plastic cups), a basket with fruit for an improvised picnic on the street, scattered on the ground / water rose petals and so on.;
    • The idea of ​​nostalgia. It all depends on the imagination. You can use the attributes of nostalgia: candles( like one, for example, thick in the hand, and a lot, for example, lay candles pavement), books, photographs and so on.
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    For the design of the collage, you will have to learn the basics of photoshop, in order to eventually combine several images into one collage that would transfer the mini-history and the very idea of ​​your photo shoot( see the collage example in the photo for the article).

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    Fashion on city streets

    To prepare for this photo shoot and implement the idea, you will need to make a make-up in the style and select the appropriate outfit. But the main part in the shooting will play the very production - the way you will pose. The entire style of the fashion is precisely in the poses of this genre. So, you can put on whatever you want, it does not matter, but take the necessary pose, and in the end get an excellent result. Or you can at least scroll through the fashion magazines and study the makeup and clothes of the models, and still get on the photo not as you would like. So just be bolder and do not hesitate to embody this idea correctly. In the implementation of this photo shoot looks very nice.

    You can make this photo session in the form of a collage. It is better to combine in such a collage no more than three photos, for example - full-length vertical, a close-up portrait or portrait with an emphasis on the lips / eyes, plus a vertical portrait on the body or chest. The idea of ​​a photogallery is also suitable for the transfer of the scenario of a photo session in the fashion style.

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    Romantic evening

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    Ideal for this idea is a cozy open city cafe. Create a romantic image, you can also work through the image of you-a woman or a romantic home image( cozy knitted dress, leggings, sweater and jeans).Choose a cozy place, it is desirable that in the background there was a street, and the place itself was lit with a soft, evening light. For entourage you need a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with a book.

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    Winter and New Year's ideas

    Contrary to the fact that it is more difficult to hold a photo session in winter, it is during this period that outdoor shooting is most often performed. This can be facilitated by a special winter snowy atmosphere, which reigns on some urban or rural streets.

    For winter, you can realize a lot of ideas. For example, to arrange something like folk festivals, only for you alone. Surely in your city there is an ice rink or equipped slides, ice sculptures or other places of entertainment made for the holidays. You can also do a snowman.

    For such a photo shoot, you can choose an image in the Russian style, complement it with a bright shawl with hohloma, beads, boot boots and so on.

    As for the New Year's ideas, you can try to shoot near New Year's street installations, for example, near a Christmas tree or installations on the topic of biblical motifs. Ideas with costumes are also suitable. You can try as traditional images: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snow Queen, and less fabulous.


    Very interesting is also a photo shoot in some old part of the city. You can play along and make a retro motive, but you can reverse, play on the contrast and just on the background of the old part show modernity.
    The most difficult is a photo shoot in the winter, you need to show the image, and in the down jacket it seems like not aesthetically)) But I really liked the idea of ​​a winter Russian costume, as in the article on the photo) I'll take note!

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