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Beautiful thick eyebrows of regular shape are an ornament of any girl. For those who want to maintain their ideal shape and color - useful tips and instructions on how to paint eyebrows.

How can I paint my eyebrows?

As a result of the long-term fashion for well-groomed natural eyebrows, a lot of different means for coloring eyebrows appeared:

  1. The most common and familiar method is a cosmetic pencil. This option is suitable for day or evening makeup, but it is not resistant, so a pencil is not suitable for a trip to the beach or to the gym. There is nothing more untidy than a face-smeared make-up. In addition, the process of make-up using a pencil requires good artistic skills and a lot of time every day. The undoubted advantage of the pencil is the absence of harm to the hairs and skin.
  2. Eye shadow and eyebrow wax. This coloration is more reliable than a pencil, but it is not water resistant and is not suitable for extreme conditions. First, using a brush on the hairs, apply a shade of shadow, and then fix the result with a special wax. The advantage of this method is that the eyebrows perfectly retain their shape throughout the day.
  3. Henna staining is considered to be more gentle than that made with persistent paint. The result lasts about two weeks. In addition, it has a strengthening effect on the hairs. From the minuses of this procedure: henna can flow or crumble, and the process itself is more complicated and longer than painting with paint, so it's almost impossible to conduct a procedure at home.
  4. Permanent paint gives a lasting effect up to three weeks. The paint does not burn out in the sun and is not washed off with water, so you can safely go to the beach, the pool or the gym, without fearing that the eyebrows "float".You can paint your eyebrows both in the salon and at home.
  5. Permanent makeup( tattoo) - the procedure for introducing a special pigment into the upper layers of the dermis. There are various techniques to maximize the shape and color of the eyebrows to the natural. The result of tattooing can last from a year or more.

How to paint eyebrows? The choice is purely individual. To paint your eyebrows at home, you should prefer permanent paint, since its application is as simple as possible, and the result is permanent.

How to choose eyebrow dye?

For permanent staining of eyebrows, hair dye can not be used. It contains aggressive ingredients, the contact of which with delicate skin is simply unacceptable.

Allergy tests must be performed before applying the paint:

Allergy test

  1. For this, a small amount of the finished coloring mixture should be diluted with a few drops of water and applied to the inner fold of the elbow.
  2. If within two hours of an allergic reaction is not followed, you can proceed with staining.
  3. If any rashes, redness, irritation or itching appear on the skin, discoloration should be avoided.

One of the most important items is the choice of color. Usually the palette of colors is very scarce. From the shades offered:

  • black;
  • cold brown( gray-brown, graphite);
  • warm brown( with a red tinge).

For the result to be natural and well combined with the color of hair and skin, you can adjust the intensity of staining.

It is not recommended to stain eyebrows more than two shades darker than the hair.

Nevertheless, for each hair color, you need to choose the appropriate shade of eyebrow paint:

  1. Natural and dyed blondes with a cold shade of hair( platinum, ashy, Nordic, pearly) are recommended to choose a gray-brown or graphite shade and withstand paint for 5-10 minutesless than indicated on the packaging.
  2. Hair blond( wheaten, golden, linen, honey) can be chosen with a warm or cold brown color depending on the color of the skin and eyes. To withstand the paint should be according to the desired intensity of color.
  3. For girls with light brown hair from light gray to a rich brown shade, choose a cold brown.
  4. For redheads is perfect warm brown. In this case, black is strictly not recommended, because dark eyebrows with bright curls will look very unnatural and even funny.
  5. With black and very dark brown curls, black eyebrows will look great.

For the first coloring it is better to buy a small package to conduct the test, because the paint may not match the color or cause an allergic reaction. Later you can buy a large package, which is enough for a period of several months to a year.

What else is needed for eyebrow coloring

When you see how eyebrows are painted in the salon, you can repeat the procedure at home without problems. This will require:

  1. Paint for eyebrows. It is better to choose a high-quality, which can be purchased in a beauty salon or a professional cosmetics store.
  2. Fine brush for applying paint. It is better to choose a brush of medium stiffness from artificial bristles, so that you can carefully paint each hair.
  3. A greasy face cream that protects the skin from staining.
  4. Gloves( rubber or cellophane).
  5. Hairbrush for eyebrows.
  6. Cotton swabs in case you need to adjust something.
  7. Black cosmetic pencil or black gel pen for contours.
  8. Cotton discs for removing paint.
  9. Micellar water for skin treatment before and after staining.

If you suddenly need to remove the paint from your eyebrows, you can use "Lokon" - a means for chemical hair curling, several milliliters of which should be borrowed in advance from your master hairdresser. With him you can also consult, which color is better for the eyebrows and consult about the shade.

Eyebrow staining stages

After all the necessary preparations have been made, you can start painting. At the preparation stage, you should carefully collect the hair, so that the locks do not fall on the face, since even individual hairs can smear paint and spoil everything. It is better to pin a bang or remove under a bandage.

  1. First you need to take off your makeup. To do this, it is better to use a cotton disc moistened with micellar water, or a means for removing makeup. To finally remove the leftover cosmetics from the face, it is better to wash with warm water with the usual gel or foam.
  2. Eyebrows are well combed with a special brush first from the bottom up, and after - in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Use black eyeliner or conventional gel pen to draw outlines. The eyebrow should start from the line drawn from the wings of the nose upwards, and end at the intersection with an imaginary straight line running from the bottom of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. To denote these points, you can use a long pencil or ruler. Bend should be chosen depending on the shape of the face. The angle should not be too sharp and sharp, so that the eyebrows do not look unnatural. The thickness is chosen depending on the size of the facial features, but the eyebrows should not look like strings or be too wide.
  4. Use a cotton swab to apply a greasy cream around the eyebrows, without stepping on the lines drawn.

    Apply cream around eyebrows

  5. To mix the paint, you need to find a small glass or plastic container, if it was not in the package with the paint. In no case can not use metal. Before you start to prepare the color mixture, you should wear gloves.
  6. In the container we place 1-2 grams of the coloring mixture, prepared strictly according to the instructions in the package. In order to mix the ingredients, you can use a toothpick or a cotton swab if the kit does not have a special blade.
  7. Use a thin or beveled brush to apply the paint on the eyebrows, starting from the outer corner. For example, you can paint the outer part of one eyebrow to the corner first, then do the same from the second and after continue to decorate the internal parts. This is done so that the outer corners are more saturated. When applying paint, try not to go beyond the drawn outline.
  8. Paint time depends on the intensity of the desired shade, but no more than indicated in the instructions.
  9. The paint should first be removed with a cotton swab dipped in warm water, and after a good wash with gel or foam, paying special attention to the area around the eyebrows.
  10. Now you can slightly adjust the shape of the eyebrows and remove with tweezers hairs from the total mass.

How to paint eyebrows at home - video

Some more tips on how to wash off the eyebrow if the color turned out to be too saturated without resorting to extreme methods in the form of hydrogen peroxide and "Loquone":

  • Apply a thin layer with a cotton swab on the eyebrowcastor, burdock or olive oil. After an hour, remove with a cotton pad moistened in an alcohol-based tonic. Repeat the procedure several times until the desired color intensity is obtained.
  • cut in half a cotton pad, moisten it in lemon juice diluted with water, squeeze well and put on painted eyebrows. Withstand no more than 10 minutes, constantly checking the result. After a good wash with warm water and apply moisturizer.

Care for colored eyebrows

Eyebrows, like hair, require regular care before and after staining. Even well-colored, regular shapes, they will not look well-groomed if the hairs are sparse and thin. Therefore, you should always pay a few minutes a day to properly care for them:

  1. Regular combing with a special small brush. Hairs should be carefully combed in different directions.
  2. Oil masks for strengthening and growth. Excellent fit olive, peach, castor, burdock oil.
  3. If the hairs are too sparse, you can use special means to stimulate growth. As a budget alternative use alcoholic tincture of red pepper, menthol. Apply such a mask should be very carefully, a thin layer, not allowing them to spread.
  4. Store with a special gel or wax. These funds will help maintain the required shape of the eyebrows during the day and visually make the hairs thicker and thicker.

Beautiful eyebrows of the correct form always favorably emphasize the eyes, make the look more expressive. The better to paint eyebrows and what shape to give to them, is solved individually. In pursuit of fashion trends, we should not forget that the choice of shape and color should depend on the shape of the face, the color of the hair, eyes and skin.

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