With what to wear leather skirts of different styles. Fashion choice

  • Why wear a leather pencil skirt?
  • Why combine a skirt-sun from the skin?
  • Skirts midi of leather and the secrets of combining things
  • With what to wear a trapezium skirt and mini model: create the perfect bow

A leather skirt is the same garment that will never go out of fashion due to the sexuality of its silhouette and elegant notes. With what to wear a leather skirt - a question that worries many girls. But before answering it, you should tell about the features of the styles of such clothes.

Why wear a leather pencil skirt?

Skirt pencil made of leather is considered to be the most popular model, because it is very easy to enter into everyday and official style. Feminine model is perfectly combined with shoes on high and low heels, with a variety of boots and ankle boots. With the combination with the top everything is slightly more complicated, but here you can find a lot of options for everyday output.

With what to wear a leather pencil skirt so it looks stylish:

  1. The simplest option is to combine similar clothes with a variety of blouses of all colors and styles.
  2. You can achieve an ideal bow when you combine such a sexy model with a crochet-top.
  3. Excellent with leather skirts look sexy and tight body.
  4. You can also supplement the image with a tight-fitting shirt tucked into a skirt.

Of course, the most popular version of the combination, relevant for several decades - it's a blouse, tucked into a leather skirt. If the girl makes a choice in favor of the model "pencil" of standard black color, then the blouse can be chosen absolutely any shade - from white to red, blue. The top should tighten the figure, demonstrating the sexuality of the female body.

In 2017, more and more non-tight clothes styles are coming into fashion. That's why a girl can combine a skirt with a blouse that runs elegantly on the contrast of external sexuality and relaxation.

If the lady makes a choice in favor of models of extravagant color, then the top should be selected carefully. For example, a fashionable model of wine color will look great with a black and beige top. If a girl chooses a green leather skirt, then as a top will fit a crust-top white or light green. Actual color combinations can not be ignored, because they help make the bow finished.

The pencil skirt itself looks perfect on the ladies with the figure "hourglass" or "pear".
If the lady is also a happy owner of long slender legs, then the skirt will definitely look unforgettable.

Why combine a skirt-sun from the skin?

The leather skirt sun came into fashion about 3-4 seasons ago and firmly settled in the lists of each girl's favorite clothes. The main advantage of this model is that it looks youthly bold and unusual. Besides, getting a skirt-sun, a woman has a unique opportunity to combine leather clothes not only with heels, but also with sneakers.

Surprisingly, this skirt looks extremely organic with low sneakers on a flat sole. The image with athletic notes only adds to the playfulness of the lady. Combine this thing can be in the following combinations:

  • with cro-tops, the skirt-sun looks extremely organic and interesting;
  • shirts of loose style with a short sleeve will also be able to complement the image;
  • can combine a thing with polo-jerseys and sneakers, creating a truly sporting image;
  • sweaters with an unusual print can also elegantly fit into the image.

It is because of its versatility that this skirt has gained such a massive popularity. It does not have the rigor inherent in the shape of a "pencil", but it can look elegant.

Depending on the lady's mood, the skirt can be combined and combined in the most bizarre ways. So, for example, if a girl wants to create a bright youth image, she can complete a leather skirt with a sweater of large mating, and as shoes choose low boots at low speed. If you add a leather jacket to the image, then the onion will be simply unforgettable.

In pursuit of a romantic way, a lady can complement a sun-skirt with ankle boots on a medium-sized heel and an elegant blouse. As a result, the same thing will play completely different colors, and here everything depends only on the imagination of the lady herself.

Despite the multifacetedness of this model, women in the age of choosing it rarely, because the skirt-sun looks at times too extravagant. That's why fashion specialists believe that this thing is relevant only for young people, but this does not mean that a brave woman of fashion for 40 can not please herself with a playful acquisition.

Since the leather skirts of the shape of the sun can sometimes be too short, a lady should ensure that her image, especially when combined with heels, does not look too vulgar.

Midi skirts from leather and the secrets of combining things

Midi skirts are now very popular, and the reason for that is. The thing is that such models go to everyone: both owners of magnificent forms, and thin. To combine such models with other clothes is necessary with the mind, since far from all things here will look perfectly.

  • An excellent bow will be obtained if the model with a length of midi is complemented with a sexy shortened top. This option seems simple and informal at the same time, it fits all owners of flat tummies.
  • The next interesting variant is the combination of such a skirt with a one-color shirt with long sleeves. This image, supplemented with medium-sized heels, is suitable for visiting the office or official meetings for work. The skirts of the midi of the skin are usually monophonic. If the lady chooses an extravagant model of bright color or with a pattern, then it should be combined with a monochrome t-shirt and low-heeled sandals. Such an image will turn out to be very audacious and will suit those girls who are accustomed through clothes to express some protest.
  • Midi skirt looks rather modest, not provocative. If the lady wants to add a degree of sexuality to her image, she needs to give preference to the top with her shoulders open. So, for example, a knitted sweatshirt with a lowered throat will add to the bow of passion, making the image a little more frank.

Because modern fashion tends to destroy restrictions and stereotypes, the standard combination of a skirt with heels ceases to be the only one.

Now brave girls effectively complement the midi model with sneakers and low sneakers, making feminine clothing a bit more athletic. This version of the combination is suitable only for the most courageous persons.

With what to wear a trapezoid skirt and a mini model: we create the perfect bow

We can not say that the length of a mini is very popular with modern fashion designers. If 10 years ago without such a skirt it was impossible to imagine a fashion show, now the designers try to move away from the stereotypical ways of expressing a woman's sexuality.

However, if a girl chose an ultra-short skirt, she should forget about her combination with high heels. With what kind of model will it look optimal?

  • In terms of shoes, the shortest bottom is best combined with sandals and sneakers on a flat sole, with half-boots without a heel.
  • As a top, you should choose a standard T-shirt or wrestler.
  • If a girl wants to create an elegant bow, then she should stop on tight blouses that emphasize the beauty of the figure.
  • The youth image can be created using a sleeveless shirt combined with a short leather skirt.

In addition to the standard tight-fitting model, flared skirts with a minimum length do not lose their relevance. They look even more extravagant, that's why they fit into the framework of youth and sports style.

Another popular style - a leather skirt-trapezoid, which has not lost its relevance for a couple of years. Such clothes are perfectly combined with simple T-shirts, and with elegant blouses. Its main advantage lies in the fact that the style allows a lady with any figure to look in such clothes is just perfect.

Now very popular multi-colored skirt-trapezoid, which can be combined with white or gray sleeveless T-shirts. Playing on the contrast of different shades, the girl will manage to look fashionable and, as they say, with a twist.

A leather skirt is a very popular thing, which is chosen as youth style admirers, as well as adepts of elegant feminine images.
When choosing such clothes it is necessary to focus not only on the relevance of fashion trends, but also on the nuances of combining models with their everyday images. If the girl has a personal taste, then even the most extravagant skirt will be able to fit into your fashionable wardrobe.

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