How to make jeans shorts with your own hands

Jeans - an indispensable part of any girl's wardrobe. They are practical, convenient, and they can be worn for any occasion. And how to deal with old, already worn and stretched jeans, which it is a pity to throw out? The best solution is to convert your favorite pants to shorts. After spending a little time and effort, you can update your wardrobe with fashionable and original shorts, without spending a penny.

  • Contents:
    • How to trim jeans
    • How to cut short jeans with your own hands
    • Edge in the form of a fringe
    • Edge of a jeans in the form of an ornament
    • Shorts with torn edges
    • How to paint jeans shorts
    • White shorts
    • Colored shorts

    How to cut jeans

    To give old jeans a new life, you will need the following tools:

    • scissors;
    • needle;
    • thread;
    • sewing machine;
    • chalk.

    Before you cut off your jeans, it's important to measure the length correctly. It is desirable to do this by trying on jeans. Having determined the desired form of future shorts, add to the length of a couple of centimeters for finishing the edge. If you want to make a double tucked edge, you need to leave at least 4 cm for the edge. Mark the edge with chalk or a slice of soap. One important point - if you want ultra-short shorts, the back of them should be left a little longer, but the front can be shortened at your discretion.

    After fitting, remove the jeans and draw a line between the marks. It is on this line that you will cut off excess material. Now cut your pants very carefully. To make the edge smooth, the scissors for cutting should be very sharp.

    Attach the cut piece of cloth to the second trouser, so that the shorts are the same length.

    Make a mark and cut off any excess material.

    If you have never been involved in cutting fabrics, it's better to be safe, so as not to spoil your jeans. So, first cut your breasts to the knee, then, gradually bending and trying on, measure and trim to the desired length. The main part is completed, now the most painstaking work is to draw the edge correctly.

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    Making jeans shorts with your own hands

    You can make out shorts in several ways. Everything depends on the desired result. You can make ragged shorts, or gently bend and flush the hem of the jeans. The easiest way is to bend the edge of the trousers in the double layer and iron it. But you can do more creatively. Let's consider possible variants of registration of an edge.

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    Edge in the form of a fringe

    This is the simplest version. To create such a model, use a sewing needle or tweezers to separate several horizontal threads from the free edge of the jeans. How much depends on your preferences, but it is better not to make fringe jeans longer than 2-3 cm.

    After removing excess threads, fan the fringe with a small brush. If desired, the finished edge can be bent.

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    Edge of jeans in the form of an ornament

    Very original variant. To do this, you will need to use a template of thick paper. Attach the stencil to the edge of the pants, depending on the desired total length, and draw the edge with a lint or handle over the template.

    Then, gently cut the edge of the intended pattern.

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    Now you can stitch the bent edge on the sewing machine, or leave without bending.

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    Shorts with torn edges

    This is the most fashionable option for today. Special efforts will not be required for this. After trimming the jeans you already have a ragged edge, it remains only to refine it. To do this, you can use a blade or a clerical knife. Do an additional 2-4 small cut horizontal jeans.

    Then rasprepite cuts with your hands or sandpaper.

    Thus, you can create a worn-out effect on jeans.

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    How to paint jeans shorts from

    Trimming jeans and correcting the edge is not all. If you want, you can create an original model that you will not see anymore on anyone. It is only necessary to show imagination and use bleach or special dyes for jeans. For example, we'll look at the basic ways of painting the finished shorts of their old jeans.

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    White shorts

    Use bleach and turn blue shorts into trendy white or pale blue. To do this, dilute the product in water in a 1: 1 ratio.

    Soak it in shorts for a couple of hours.

    You will have to perform the procedure several times, until you get the right shade.

    The creative option is to splash the bleach on the jeans in a chaotic manner and leave it on the time indicated in the instructions to the tool. As a result, you will get two-color shorts with the original pattern.

    After finishing, wash the shorts in the usual way.

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    Colored shorts

    This option is suitable for fans of bright colors. Paints for fabrics can be purchased at any sewing accessories store. These dyes dissolve in water and are easy to apply to the fabric using a brush. Colored shorts are a very bold decision. Before painting them in any case you need to whiten. In order for the paint to come off, it will be necessary to leave the jeans in the bleach solution for several hours.

    Then rinse them and evaluate the result.

    Jeans are bleached, the colors are ready, now it's up to your imagination. You can paint with special stencils patterns, or paint the shorts in one tone, completely placing them in the paint solution.

    After 15-20 minutes rinse and dry.

    The ombre effect is very fashionable today, when shades of a close color smoothly pass one into another. In this case, it is better not to use more than 3 colors.

    Choosing shorts in the store, you can not always find the perfect option for yourself. An excellent way out is to make shorts with your own hands from old jeans. Even without being a professional seamstress, it's easy to implement. For decor you can use rhinestones, laces, rivets, etc. A little effort, and now in your wardrobe there are new fashion shorts.

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