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  • What are the devices for curling?
  • Which fuse should I prefer?
  • How to make hair curl with a curling iron, ironing( instruction and video)
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Women tend to change their image, experiment with styles and learn new fashion. So you can open new facets of your own beauty and have fun. You can change the image with your hair at least every day. To help in this matter come various hairdresser inventions. Let's find out how to beautifully wind hair with ironing.

What are the devices for curling?

Modern technologies offer simple styling tools available to everyone, as well as more sophisticated professional. We will analyze them in turn, in order to know how to choose an ironing device or other device:

  1. Plowing is the simplest type of electrical appliances for curling. It has a cylindrical shape and a special clamp to hold the curls. By heating fixes either small curls or large curls - depending on the diameter of the cylinder. You can wind the hair straight from nature or change the degree of curling of wavy hair. The most popular surface of the plate is ceramic. Its demand is explained by the fact that the ceramics heats up evenly and quickly enough, minimizes damage to the hair from high temperatures. Metal fuses are not so sensitive to the fragile structure of the hairs, but they are the most affordable. In the list of more than 20 well-known firms producing curling irons, there are also unique models with a coating of titanium, teflon and velor.
  2. The tongs are flat iron for styling hair, the second most popular. They are often used to smooth curls, but they can also serve as curling irons for curls, and in the presence of different attachments - to form zigzag waves of corrugation. Materials for manufacturing are used the same as for ploek. The tongs can have a number of interesting functions, such as automatic shutdown, steam supply and overheating protection. The most modern examples are equipped with a display for touch control of curling irons.
  3. Multifunctional stylers are whole sets for styling. With their help, you can create the most diverse stacking. This smooth hair, corrugated, spiral and horizontal curls, as well as natural waves. If the device is equipped with the ionization function, then from its use the hair will become even smoother and shiny.
  4. Machines for curling - a very expensive device for quickly establishing beauty on female hair. This is a professional hairdresser, which is a heating and rotating cylinder. The temperature level can be adjusted, as well as choosing the time mode of the wave.
  5. Puffing in the form of a brush, or a hair dryer - a device for curling curls and creating volume. It looks like a comb with denticles made of bristles or hard materials. With this curling iron, you can simultaneously dry your hair and make a stylish styling.
  6. Thermobikes: in the box there are usually 20 pieces of different diameters. The new technology will allow curls to curl with the help of curlers for half an hour, without damaging the structure of the hairs and retaining their healthy shine.

Which fuse should be preferred?

It's time to come true to the dream of playful curls on the head. We'll figure out how to curl your hair with a curling iron. It is useful to listen to the advice:

  • small cylinder curling perfectly suited for twisting short hair and creating small rings on the hair more authentic;
  • take a larger curling ploy for modeling curvy curls at the tips of long hair or creating volume waves over the entire length of the strands;
  • If your goal is to create more density and volume, then start curling the curls on the curling rod as close to the roots as possible, avoiding contact with the scalp;
  • so that the hair does not become electrified, it is better to use a ceramic or tourmaline dressing;
  • if your hair is rather thin, it is advisable to look at the curling iron with a sparing temperature regime: this will be more than enough to securely fix ringlets in the form of rings, and the risk of damaging their structure will be minimal;
  • for waving hard hair, it is best to use curlers that have the function of supplying hot air.

is suitable. Any type of hair is not recommended to be exposed to high temperatures more than twice a week. Let your beautiful head of hair rest, and then it will always please you with a healthy appearance. Let the elastic curls or chic locks alternate with the natural hairstyle or other original stylings without the use of ironing.

How to make hair curl with a curling iron, ironing( instruction and video)

In the preparatory phase, you need to wash your hair and dry it in a natural way or with a hair dryer. It is not recommended to apply various varnishes and mousses, as they can promote the adhesion of the strands to the surface of the fuse. It is best to buy a product for thermal hair protection and use it every time before the curling procedure.

So, how to beautifully wind hair:

  1. Comb your hair, divide them into several zones: two at the temples, one at the back of the head and in the parietal part. Use hairpins to separate each strand. Begin to curl ringlets from the nape towards the frontal part of the head.
  2. Separate the stitch on the back of the head with a thin comb handle. Each strand should have a width of about 2 cm, then it can be successfully and permanently fixed.
  3. Begin to create curls in turns: we set the iron for curling the hair vertically and wind the strand spirally from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  4. It is allowed to keep the strands in the wound condition for no more than 20 seconds( depending on the initial temperature).
  5. Now we learn how to screw the hair with an iron. We pass to the temporal strands: we divide them in exactly the same way - into equal locks 2 cm wide. We perform the perimeter of the familiar script.
  6. At the final stage, we do the hair curling with an iron in the front-parietal zone.
  7. Wait for the curls to cool down, then you can comb them with a comb with sparse denticles, then sprinkle your hair with varnish. If you do not want to give your hair a natural flair, then spray the varnish immediately, without first combing it.

It is very fashionable and beautiful to look wavy hair, laid with iron not from the roots, but a little further, for example, 7 cm from them.

But that's not all the secrets of how to curl your hair iron. In vogue, the forgotten curl by the tongs-gofre again comes back:

  1. Curl the entire length of the hair with zigzag waves using forceps.
  2. After that, fan the curls with your fingers to make them look soft and bulky.
  3. Complete the styling by creating a stylish selection: throw the entire volume of hair in front on one side.
  4. You can fix the hair with invisible or leave it in its original form. This styling will look good as an addition to the business style, and equally great - with feminine light dresses.

How to straighten your hair iron( tips and video tutorial)

All modern irons for straightening hair can cope with any curls and excessive fluffiness of the head of hear. To wisely change your hairstyle from wavy to smooth, you need to remember the simple rules of using ironing.

  1. First, wash your hair. After that, apply a thermal protection: spray or milk. You can use additional protection from hair damage - a moisturizing balm for washing.
  2. Dry your hair with a hairdryer so that there are no wet spots on the strands.
  3. Now divide the volume of hair into two equal bundles, after which we separate the top part from them.
    To begin to align it is necessary from the bottom strands, gradually passing to the crown. The width of the strands should not exceed 3 cm.
  4. Each curl try to level slowly, but for one movement ironing. Do not need to stop the iron on different parts of the strand.
  5. In conclusion, you need to comb the entire length of hair, if desired, apply a styling product - wax or lacquer. To make the volume from the roots, use a special tool and make a basal hair.

For maximum quality hair styling iron can be carried out for each strand comb, and immediately after it - the device. This recommendation in particular will help lucky owners of very thick hair or strongly curly hair. Do not take too wide strands, otherwise they will not get warm enough, and you will remain dissatisfied with the end result of shaping your hair.

If you want to evaluate the professional iron for straightening hair, then you can go to the nearest hair salon and make an appointment for styling. Here you can get knowledge about the correct use of plaques and other hairdresser's instruments, as well as make sure that your home iron does not differ much from a professional one. Modern manufacturers are responsible for the health of their customers' hair, therefore, by purchasing a ceramic or tourmaline ploy, you are making a right and safe choice.

Even if you use ironing a couple of times a month, do not neglect the extra care for your hair. Cut the ends of the strands periodically to avoid cross sections, make nourishing masks from the oils.

Now you know how to use an iron to get amazing curly curls or chic straight hair. Try to try on different images and types of hairstyles, do not be afraid of bold experiments with hair. Modern means for preserving the beauty of hair and creating a variety of styles for cheers will cope with the task set and will make those around admiringly look after you.

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