11 beautiful hair styling methods with a long bangs

You can use the bangs to bring notes of variety to your everyday hairdo. Haircuts with a bang, have a visually complete look, but at the same time need constant attention and care. To bangs was an ornament, not a burden, one must learn how to properly lay it.

  • In short haircuts
  • Smooth
  • Bias
  • torn
  • Iroquois
  • On average hair
  • Bang ago
  • harness
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  • long hair on two sides
  • in retro style
  • Weave on

bang on short haircuts

Armed with a hair dryer, ironing, brashing and styling means, you can begin to experiment with the options for styling bangs. First the bang should be washed. Then apply mousse on hair and wait until it dries slightly.

As a daily option is very convenient bangs, milled at the tips, as it holds the volume without any auxiliary tools.

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The smooth, thick bangs can be laid with a hairdryer, attaching the volume to the roots, using a round comb, and the tips to dry, turning inside. Or ideally straighten it with ironing.

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For the consciousness of a romantic evening image on a hairstyle, a long beveled bang can be laid on the usual side and stretched overthe whole length of ironing. The ends are turned up and fixed with a varnish. Very impressive, if such a bangs cover one eye.

No less interesting will look oblique fringe, if it is tucked behind the ear and fixed with an invisible, and on top to cover with hair.

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The torn elongated bangs on stylish asymmetrical ultrashort hair cuts can easily be laid in separate strands and fixed with gel.
It will look dumb negligently, but add an image of audacity.

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Quite brightly and defiantly on short hair looks the Iroquois bang.

To create it, follow the root hair, pull the hair back from the forehead and lift vertically upwards. Root the roots with lacquer, and apply wax on the tips.

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On medium hair

In addition to the staples presented above on medium length hair, the following styling options will look wonderful.

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Fringe back

It is very popular recently to comb the bangs back.
This laying does not take much time, but looks elegant and keeps all day long. The main thing is to make a good haircut from the occipital part to the forehead. The longer the bangs, the more spacious you can do.

Lift the strands vertically, brush, put the hair back and smooth the upper curls. The ends of the hair are closed with invisible objects and fixed with lacquer. All other hair can be left loose or collected from the tail.

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harness Very delicate looks like a long bangs, laid on one side and back. A clean bang should be dried with a round comb and made on it a little hair. Strands twist into a tight tourniquet and pin it over your ear with a beautiful hair clip.

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On the side

An unchanging trend is a smooth bangs on one side. The hair is dried on one side, directing the jet of air strictly along the strands. Aligned curls are pulled at an angle from the line of hair growth to the temple, while fixing them with varnish.

Smoothing hairs smooth the comb with soft bristles, and the tips are tucked behind the ear and fixed with a clamp. This arrangement makes the face more gentle and feminine, so it is often used when creating wedding hairstyles.

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Original looks like a bang in the style of a pinap, which has the shape of a curl. In this version, you will need a ploy. Tighten the bangs, fix it with a varnish and carefully remove the curling plate, so as not to destroy the curl. Securely fix the fringe with invisible.

Such an original curl will ideally complement both loose curls and a voluminous bundle at the back of the head in combination with a solo bandage.

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On long hair

To decorate already beautiful long hair will help the original ways of laying bangs.

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On two sides

The simplest variant of laying is the division of the entire mass of hair into an even or side parting with subsequent stretching with an iron.
Strands will naturally blend, and the styling will look harmonious.

To lay a long bang, which is divided in half, dry the curls with a hair dryer and divide them into two equal parts. Armed with a round comb, twist the tips of the hair outwards. Do this procedure with two parts of the bangs. Slightly sprinkle with varnish, gently untwist strands.

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In retro style

To many owners of elongated bangs retro style fitting is suitable. On damp hair it is necessary to put mousse and to dry up a hair drier. Then, with the help of ironing, make smooth waves on the bang, clamping forceps, then in one direction, then in the opposite direction.

All hair is harvested in a bundle, and the bangs are secured with a clip behind the ear or on the back of the head.

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Weaving on the bang

It is very unusual for the long bangs to look pigtails. In this case, there are a great many variations of weaving.

You can start the weaving both from the temple and from the center, gradually collecting all the curls in the braid and framing the face with an elegant spikelet.

In addition, to quickly remove from the face of a long bang, it can be divided into two equal parts. Wrap the curls around the head and connect the elastic band to the back of the head.

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