Summer shoes: fashion news of 2016

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  • Fashionable summer men's shoes. Actual trends

Stylish summer shoes are in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Every season this collection is replenished with new models that allow creating interesting, unique images. In 2017, designers delight fashionistas with original details and fresh color combinations.

Fashionable summer shoes 2017: the main trends of

This summer, designers decided to focus on the original combination of textures, screaming colors and unusual shapes. As a result, collections of fashionable shoes have turned out to be stylish and very diverse.

Topical shades of

Fans of base colors will have to temporarily hide their traditional shoes somewhere in the closet. In the coming season in the fashion will be models of bright and bold colors: emerald, bright blue, blue, burgundy, orange. Welcome options that combine a few bright colors. And the more contrast the combination, the better.

Popular models

Ballet shoes

Ballet flashed on the catwalks infrequently, but they all differed in their original design. The most popular type of casual shoes fashion designers decorated with appliqués of fabric, beads, lace ribbons, sequins, sequins. No less bright were the color combinations.

Summer is not the time for boring classics. In some collections there were models with a sharp toe, which reminded shoes from the 80's and 90's. Ballet, similar pointe shoes deserve special attention. Similarity with the shoes of dancers was achieved due to wide satin ribbons and laces.

Heel shoes

It's not necessary to talk about the classics in the full sense of the word, but the black boats defended their positions and were presented on the catwalks by several designers. Of course, they can not be called ordinary. The classic model is decorated with original elements of decor: metal inserts, lace and even feathers.

Sandals and shoes on an even platform

Fashion designers who prefer street style will surely be happy this season, because designers have included street-style models in their collections. This version of women's shoes is both daring and feminine. There were not only sandals, but also sandals, flip flops on an even platform.

Sports, Sports, Sports

If classic shoes, ballet shoes and models on the platform seem too boring to you, pay attention to sports options. Designers presented a wide range of such shoes.

Slipes, moccasins on the platform will be especially popular. They are perfectly combined with both skirts and pants.

In the fashion collections there are also sneakers and sneakers. Are you worried that it will be uncomfortable to wear them in the summer heat? Do not, because the designers created models with an open heel. Shoes are fixed with a strap.

Gladiator's sandals

In the summer season 2017 there will be a total fashion for gladiator sandals. What guided eminent couturier, it is unknown. Maybe they wanted people to remember the story. But, most likely, they were trying to beat the theme of straps, which are so popular this season.

However, the gladiators blew up all the world podiums. In the summer of 2017, they are footwear No. 1.Fashion designers decorated them in different ways. Someone added them with golden buckles, and someone - interesting "curls".

You can even see models that include not only the details of Roman shoes, but also fishing boots. I wonder who will risk wearing them in everyday life? Only the most courageous women of fashion. The attention of those around them is guaranteed.

Fashion Accessories

  • Rivets and metal chains. These details were decorated with sandals and shoes in the style of "punk".An excellent choice for fashionistas who like to be in the spotlight, but at the same time appreciate convenience and comfort.
  • Lace-up. Worthy competition with sandals-gladiators will be shoes with lacing. It can be wound only around the ankles or around the entire gastrocnemius muscle.
  • T-clasp. Designers decided to pamper the female half of humanity with convenient models. These include shoes and sandals with an original clasp, which fits perfectly into the classic style.
  • Weaving. In the fashion collection were included sandals with a beautiful weave of thin straps. They are very comfortable and practical. It is certainly worth paying attention to the options with an abundant, chaotic interlacing of bundles. They will become the highlight of any image.
  • Fringe. Fashionable this summer, the shoes will be decorated not only with straps, laces and rivets, but also fringe. The fringe is a decorative element that came to us from last season. However, that year she decorated boots and boots, and in this - sandals, shoes and sandals. Some designers decided that just fringe on the shoes - it's very boring, so they decorated it with a sole.
  • Transparent heel. The form of the heel can be very different: cylindrical, square, triangular. The heel itself can be slightly colored, but the crystal clearness must be preserved.
  • Snake print. This season, he decorates not only the upper part of the shoe, but also the heel. This solution looks beautiful and very impressive.
  • Perforation, metal fittings, lace. These details effectively decorate the shoes for the summer, make it stylish and bright.

Fashionable summer men's shoes. Actual trends

Men's fashion spring-summer 2017goda will be very different from the trends of the past season. Belonging to the style is not so important. Sports shoes will be present in almost every image.

A great emphasis is placed on convenience and comfort. For manufacturing, only proven materials are used: textiles, suede, leather. However, men's shoes will be bright and bright. In one model, not only different shades are combined, but also different materials.

This year in fashion:

  1. Slip on the platform.
  2. Thin soles.
  3. Models with lacing.
  4. Shoes with perforation.
  5. Sneakers.
  • losers Slips are the most popular. This year, for their manufacture, designers chose leather, suede and jeans. They can be worn with shorts, jeans and trousers. In any case, the image will look very stylish.
  • Another trend of the summer season of 2017 - shoes with lacing. This element decorates almost all shoes - from sandals to sneakers. Laces will complement any image.
  • Stylishly and fashionably look models with perforations. A large number of holes is an excellent option for summer.
In 2017, designers did not skimp on decor not only for women, but also for men's shoes. A strong half of humanity is waiting for models with applique, embroidery, geometric patterns.

For the creation of men's shoes, modern couturiers have chosen different materials, but the most popular is the natural leather. Branded leather models are not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. There are variants made of different types of skin, flax, canvas. The most actual colors of the season are blue, brown, cherry, chocolate, ocher.

It will be very easy for a modern man to pick up shoes for all occasions.

Summer is a time when you want to wear a minimum of clothes. However, this does not mean that we should limit ourselves to simple shorts and flip-flops.

  • Stylish Bermuda will look great with slips made of thin jeans or perforated leather.
  • A good choice will be sandals made of textiles. They fit under any clothes. Designers presented models with animal prints in their collections. Of course, not every man decides to wear such shoes. But the couturier is recommended to discard all stereotypes and succumb to fashionable influence at least this season.
  • Business men should pay attention to stylish lofers. They look great with pants and classic shirts.

Summer is a time for holidays, so you need to choose good shoes for beach rest. The best option is flip-flops and slippers. To make the image look not so boring, designers presented models with bright prints: palm trees, suns, animal silhouettes.

For long trips, leather slippers with an accent on the thumb, textile moccasins are suitable.

For the sea, men should choose rubber flip flops with an interesting pattern that harmoniously fit into the beach image.

Very interesting look moccasins made of transparent rubber, as well as slippers, decorated with lacing and intertwined straps.

Fashionable shoes 2017goda will be bright, original and creative. Many trends migrated from past seasons, but this year the designers gave them a few fresh notes.

Sports shoes, models with thin straps, lacing, fringe, metal rivets, transparent heels, T-buckle will be very popular. At the peak of popularity - bright colors. Great emphasis designers made on convenience, so fashionable shoes can afford everything.

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