What breeds of dogs are related to fighters - a list with names

When it comes to fighting dogs, usually people remember the Stafford or the Bull Terrier, but in fact this list is much longer, and the representatives are so diverse that many may wonder which breeds are considered fighters. To date, the term "fighting dog" denotes such breeds, behind which are noticed some features of behavior. We present to your attention a list of breeds with photos.

  • American Akita( Akita Matagi)
  • Bandog
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Brindizskaya fighting dog
  • Bully Kutta
  • Bull Terrier
  • Gampr( Armenian Wolfhound)
  • Gul Dong
  • Cadebou( Mallorcan Bulldog)
  • Kangalsky Karabash
  • Cane Corso
  • Sheepdog(caucasian)
  • Presa Canario
  • Rottweiler
  • Old English Bulldog
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier( Irish)
  • Tosa Inu
  • Fila brazileiro
  • Sharpei

AmericanAkita( Akita Matagi)

Akita is also called a large Japanese dog, its weight can be 55-75 kilograms, and the growth is about 65-70 centimeters. The dog's body is compact, the muzzle is elongated, but with a profile it seems trimmed, the ears are erect, the nose is black and has no spots, except for the white American akita. There is a distinctive breed of these dogs - it's blue tongue. Usually the eyebrows are highlighted in a different color, so the dog's look becomes faithful and sad. The tail of the breed is crocheted, the coat is double, there is a dense short undercoat soft to the touch.

Akita is not considered to be an aggressive breed, she is friendly and faithful, though the owner will deserve loyalty to the pet since birth. The dog is independent, it can be influenced only by caresses, which greatly complicates the training process.

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The breed is large, the height of the dog is 65-75 centimeters, its normal weight is 60-65 kilograms, but with improper feeding can increase. The muscular body is proportionally proportioned, the stomach is retracted, the head is large, the breast is developed. The muzzle is elongated, the nose is round, the eyes are small and far set. The ears are highly erect, docked in a triangular shape, the tail tapers towards the end. Wool of dogs is short, color is brown, white, black or spotty.

Representatives of the breed are distinguished by their protective qualities, but they require professional training. The periods of activity are replaced by a passive state. Keep the dog in the apartment is not recommended. On a walk, you should be careful, because when you feel the danger to keep it difficult.

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Dog of Bordeaux

The dog is quite large, the massive head looks not quite in harmony with the body. The growth reaches 65-70 centimeters, with the optimal diet the dog usually weighs up to 50 kilograms, but can grow stout and gain an extra 20-25 kilograms. The limbs of the dog are rather muscular, but the look is kind, the eyes are widely placed more often dark brown. The nose is wide and rounded, the ears hang and in the form of triangles frame the head. The tail does not lie on its back, it is short and low set. The color of the breed can be red, golden or reddish-brown.

These dogs are very smart, kind and mature, friendly to children. The breed is not aggressive, very touchy, they have a high degree of devotion.

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Brindisian fighting dog

This breed of fighting dogs is rare. There are no basic characteristics of appearance, as representatives can differ both in color and in length of the coat. The height of dogs of this breed is about 55-57 centimeters, weight about 50 kilograms, they have strong muscular physique, powerful and broad chest. The muzzle is elongated and as if cut off, the head is large, the nose of the nose is round, usually without pigmentation, but the presence is not excluded. Ears acute-angled, tail docked. Among the common colors are pink and dark blue variants.

This breed is aggressive, its upbringing requires a tough hand, from childhood it should be accustomed to obedience, otherwise aggression can manifest itself even towards the owner.

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Bulli kutta

A large breed with a strong skeleton, developed breasts and strong muscles, the dog can grow 75-110 centimeters, weighing 65-90 kilograms. The muzzle is always black, there may be pigmentation on the nose, the tail is long and tapers towards the end, even when excited on the back does not lie down. Extremities long with round broad paws. Wool is stiff and short, its color can be yellowish-brown, white, tiger, red, red, spots may be present.

A dog bold and devoted to the owner, in the family is benevolent. To other pets is usually neutral, but in the process of playing can harm them, because it has impressive dimensions. The dog sensitively reacts to any danger, therefore on walk it is necessary to be cautious.

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The appearance of this fighting dog is not for everyone to taste, its muzzle is elongated so that it looks like a rat, in relation to the body it is disproportionate. The breed has a muscular, strong and dense physique, the breast is developed. Growth at the withers can reach 30-40 centimeters, weight 20-30 kilograms. Eyes small and narrow have a triangular shape, usually dark brown. Ears stand high and also triangular, nose of unusual shape. The tail is small and tapers towards the end. The color of the short coat is black, white or colored.

Peculiarity of the breed is explosive, the dog is active and hardy. The master must be to her tough, but not cruel, she can harbor grievances. She loves to play, but her patience is not unlimited. A brave dog can behave aggressively with other representatives or suspicious passers-by.

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Gampr( Armenian wolfhound)

This breed is quite large and looks powerful, its height is about 64-68 centimeters, but there are specimens and about 90 centimeters. The weight of the dog varies between 49-64 kilograms, a significant part of it falls on the wool. The musculature is developed, the body is quite massive, the thorax is wide. Ears hang, eyes dark, there are inclined superciliary arches, due to what the look looks benevolent. The color of this breed is different, most often it is sand, but the muzzle is always black or gray. The coat is long, and even in a state of excitement, the tail does not lie on its back.

Gampre - a dog kind and caring, she does not like vanity and clearly performs the team. To children usually displays a quivering attitude, remains neutral to other animals. The dog calmly behaves in training and appreciates the promotion.

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A large strong and powerful breed, whose growth is 75-90 centimeters, and weight 45-70 kilograms. The abdomen is drawn in, the head is conspicuous because of disproportion to the body, it is large, the ears basically stop, they are highly erect. At the end of the outstretched muzzle is a round nose of the nose, the eyes are widely planted and usually dark in color. The breed has powerful legs and developed limbs, the pads are hard. The tail is thin and tapers towards the end, high it does not rise. Wool is stiff and short, its color is brown, white, tiger, black or gray.

Gul-Dong is a clever dog, but his territory is guarded jealously, the breed is not suitable for playing with children. With other pets does not get along, on a walk usually behaves aggressively.

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Ca de bou( Mallorca Bulldog)

The breed is physically developed, strong and looks powerful, the growth usually does not exceed 60 centimeters, and the weight with proper nutrition is 30-40 kilograms. The body is slightly elongated, the dog has a large head, the nose is black. The oval eyes are dark brown, they are widely spaced, the ears are high. The back of the dog is not straight, the stomach is pulled up, the tail is thick and dangling. Rigid short hair can have a red, black, brindle or deer color.

The breed is active, patient and loving, loves to participate in family affairs. It gives in to training well, but it is better to encourage it than to be rude, because it can be offended. She is friendly to children, can get along with other pets.

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Kanghal Karabash

A large breed, the growth reaches 90 centimeters, and the weight varies between 45 and 70 kilograms. The constitution is large, the musculature is developed, the hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs. The muzzle is slightly elongated, the nose is black, deep-set eyes are mostly dark in color. The triangular ears do not stop, they hang from both sides, the long tail twists into the ring, it is high-set and often elevated. Color is different, most often there are shades of red, grayish-brown, sand, a distinctive feature - a black "mask" on the face.

The breed is intelligent and independent, not inclined to show excessive aggression, but having felt the danger, no doubt, rush to the defense. The children are friendly, neutral to other pets.

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Cane Corso

Not too large a breed, with an increase of 55-65 centimeters, its weight is 35-45 kilograms. The body is powerful, the head is large, the neck is long, like the limbs. In profile the muzzle of the dog resembles a cube, the nose of the nose is black, the ears are high and are cut off in the form of a triangle, the eyes are oval. The abdomen of the dog is pulled up, the tail is straight and thick. Wool is short, double with a small undercoat, its color can be dark gray, tiger, black, rarely red.

The breed is calm, intelligent and playful, appreciates independence and freedom, on the street behaves not aggressively towards other representatives. He loves children, gets along with other pets, he treats strangers cautiously, but he will not rush.

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Sheepdog( Caucasian)

The breed thanks to voluminous wool looks menacing and powerful, its growth is 60-65 centimeters, the physique is powerful. The weight of an adult varies from 50 to 90 kilograms. The large head is proportional to the trunk, the muzzle is elongated, the nose is black, the eyes are dark brown. Ears are medium, stop, are high. The dog has long limbs and large paws, the fluffy tail is usually lowered down. The length of the coat is short, medium or long.

This breed is basically a balanced and friendly character, it can become a true friend and family member. She is patient with children's pranks and likes to be involved in family affairs. The dog is intelligent, easy to train, can get along with other pets. On walks, you should be careful, because she can show aggression to strangers.

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Presa kanario

The breed is not too large, the growth varies between 55-65 centimeters, such a dog weighs 37-48 kilograms. The musculature is developed, the back is straight, a massive but short head. Oval eyes, far-away ears are of medium size, straight neck is rather muscular, a small pendant is formed from below. Wool is short, color brindle or fawn, there may be white marks.

The dog is sociable and friendly, but it is incredulous to strangers, it will not be unreasonable to show aggression, without warning, will not attack. The breed is smart and a little phlegmatic.

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The dog is quite compact and squat, the physique is powerful and muscular, it can reach 56-68 centimeters in height, and its weight usually does not exceed 50 kilograms. The breed is characterized by a slightly elongated muzzle, black nose, triangular ears, hanging, not stopping. The eyes are dark brown, due to the coloring it seems that the dog is sad. The coat is short and stiff, it is always black with reddish-brown or red spots.

Dog, alert, courageous and clever, quickly learns commands, she likes to feel involved in family affairs, gorgeous in terms of defender and guard. The dog is friendly to children, but does not tolerate bullying.

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Old English Bulldog

The breed is sturdy and stocky, the dog's height is 30-40 centimeters, and the weight is 24-26 kilograms. The muzzle of the dog is short, but wide, widely set eyes of dark color are located low enough, there are folds near the nose, its lobe is black. Ears are thick, soft and drooping, there are folds on the body. The dog's chest is wide, legs muscular, paws neat, the tail thick. The coat is short, the color is red, white or tiger.

The dog is very kind, calm and serious, attached to the family, loves children. With proper training, it is not inclined to show aggression, it is usually neutral to other domestic pets.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A small dog, whose growth usually does not exceed 40 centimeters at the withers, and weight 11-17 kilograms. The constitution of the breed is proportional, muscular and strong, the chest is wide, the skull is wide, the head is bulky, the limbs are set wide. The nose is black, the lips are close to the jaw, the ears are in the shape of a rose or tulip planted high. The eyes are dark or light-brown, their shape is round. The coat is close, short and stiff.

This breed is affectionate, sociable and faithful, they usually quickly become attached to the owner. Socialization should begin as early as possible and accustom to the society of other pets, so that it does not show aggression. This dog requires a lot of attention, affection and communication.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier( Irish)

The breed is muscular and strong, the height of the dog is 44-60 centimeters, weight within 25-35 kilograms. Head broad, jaws strong, short muzzle with a black nose, round brown eyes. The ears are semistant and in shape resemble a rose, the neck is short, the chest is wide enough. Wool short predominates white and black color may be present spots.

The dog is obedient, loving and playful, loves children, participates in family affairs, easily gets along with pets. Usually, strangers are neutral, but will react accordingly if hostility manifests.

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The Tosa-inu

The breed is massive, the constitution is proportional, the height is 55-60 centimeters, such a dog can weigh 30-40 kilograms. The skull is a wide, strongly pronounced occipital mound, the ears of a triangular shape hang down. The dog has a broad chest, a tight belly and a straight back, a thick tail is high, the limbs are muscular and straight. Wool is thick, stiff and short, its color is brindle, black, fawn or red.

The breed is calm, intelligent and unobtrusive, these dogs are serious and balanced. But it is important to start education very early, because the breed was bred only for fighting, if it is not socialized, it will become distrustful and spiteful towards others and other dogs.

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Philo braziliero

Large breed with a powerful and proportional physique, the growth is 60-75 centimeters, weight - from 50 to 90 kilograms. Head broad, heavy, large, muzzle convex, large ears hang down, eyes set far, look sad. The limbs are even and muscular, the body is powerful, the tail of the middle landing at the base is wide. The skin is loose and thick, folds can form on the shoulders and withers, the coat is dense and short. Color usually yellow shades, ashy, brindle or white with spots.

A dog determined, but devoted and obedient to the owner, is patient with children. The character of the breed is imperturbable, its confidence can not be undermined by loud noise, but it shows distrust towards strangers. If there is a danger the dog confidently becomes defensive.

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The dog's constitution is strong and dense, the height is 45-50 centimeters, weighs from 20 to 25 kilograms. The head is large, the skull is flat, there are wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead. The nose is wide and large, on the lobe there is often an elevation or a small tubercle. The eyes are dark, and the eyes are gloomy and sad, the ears are small triangular, planted high. The tail is high, it is thick and tapers towards the end. The dog's fur is bristly and stiff. The color is different, but the exception is white.

The breed has a high intelligence, the dog is calm and independent. Education should be paid attention to puppyhood. Despite the fact that the dog loves to be a leader, it is not aggressive, the breed is obedient, loyal and intelligent, loves care and affection.

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