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How to learn hypnosis? This question is often asked by people of all ages: some - out of pure curiosity, under the influence of the television program just seen, others - from the desire to help their loved ones who have become slaves to bad habits.

There is another category of people who are guided by the lowest considerations, seeking in selfish interests to master the consciousness of a man who has fallen into a trance.

Whatever it was, but interest in hypnotic effects on the mind of a person has never dried up. What is hypnosis?

From the history of hypnosis

  • The practice of immersing humans in trance has more than three millennia: this art was perfectly mastered by ancient Egyptian, Tibetan and ancient Greek priests, as well as the great healers of the East.

Everything related to this practice was surrounded by a halo of mysticism and mystery, as it belonged to the category of secret knowledge accessible only to a limited circle of especially dedicated persons.

  • The term "hypnosis" appeared in the first half of the XIX century thanks to the English physician James Braid, who conducted experiments on changing human consciousness while fixing a glance at a brilliant subject. The resulting special state of a person is defined as "hypnosis".Prior to this in the practices of different peoples and cultures, this phenomenon was designated differently.
  • The first scientific studies of hypnotic exposure were carried out in the 70s of the XIX century by the French neurologist Jean Martin Sharco. Patients suffering from hysteria performed as subjects. As a result of the research, the stages of hypnosis were studied and methods of its clinical application were developed. However, the school Charcot believed that the state of human trance introduces the impact of various physical factors: music, light, heat.
  • The diametrically opposite point of view on the nature of hypnotic influence was defended by the head of the Nancy Institute of Hypnosis Ippolit Bernheim. He argued that the hypnotic trance is due not to the unnatural essence of hypnosis itself but from the power of suggestion coming from a person using hypnosis.
History of hypnosis - video:
  • A huge contribution to the study of hypnosis was made by native researchers Tokarsky, Nevsky, Petrovsky, Bekhterev, Platonov and many others who were interested in the physiological mechanisms of hypnosis. In the course of their research, a conviction was formed that the hypnotic trance is a consequence of the specific effects of the hypnotist or purposeful self-hypnosis.
Modern researchers believe that hypnosis is a whole complex of specific verbal and sound techniques that purposefully affect the human psyche in order to immerse it in an artificially created state, in which it unconsciously performs various actions and commands.

This inhibited state resembles drema( it is often called pseudo).It is believed that trance is a specific mode of brain functioning.

The physiological mechanism of hypnosis

The hemispheres of the human brain, while ensuring a harmonious functioning of the organism, at the same time perform different functions and have their own specialization.

  1. The left, rational, hemisphere is responsible for carrying out logical operations and knowledge of the world around, as it controls the work of all senses.
  2. The right, "unconscious" hemisphere analyzes information coming from the left side of the brain, guided not by the senses, but by imagination, intuition and creativity.
In the course of the hypnotic action of monotonic stimuli, the left brain, without receiving information from the senses, is deprived of the ability to process it, and the right half of the brain enters into action, which can not control and analyze.

A man immersed in a trance, despite the external inhibition, does not fall asleep and remains internally active: he only ceases to analyze information coming at the subconscious level. The hypnotic effect disconnects the left hemisphere of the brain and activates its right half.

Can I learn hypnosis on my own

How to learn to hypnotize people? Can I learn hypnosis on my own? These questions are very relevant for people who have set out to master the art of hypnotic influence on a person's consciousness.

The methods of hypnotic exposure, introduction to trance and control are available to everyone. Anyone can learn hypnosis( subject to regular classes and reading of special literature).

The easiest way to extract the necessary information at home is to access the Internet resources, because we live in an era of developed information technologies. What ways exist for this?

  1. It is possible, after finding on the Internet, to download the books of famous researchers ( Platonov KI, Pirogov AG, Richard Bendler and John Grinder), who studied various aspects of the hypnotic impact on the human psyche. All these books contain so useful and accessible information that after acquaintance with them it is possible immediately to begin practical application of the received knowledge.
    The "book" method is convenient in that for 1 day it gives an opportunity to get a huge amount of priceless material for learning hypnosis.
  2. A good help can be videos and articles posted on various sites. The advantage of these rollers is the visibility and speed of the material. In almost 5 minutes a person who watched the video, has time to master the information, the search and assimilation of which it would take several hours. Secrets of hypnosis - video with real facts:
  3. Communication in forums with people who are well versed in this subject, can enrich any newcomer with a mass of unique knowledge, which is often very difficult to find.
  4. Virtual communication on the Internet sometimes easily grows into real contacts with like-minded people, which is very useful for a person who is going to seriously study hypnosis.
Home learning is good only for those who decide to learn hypnosis from scratch. Those wishing to understand all the secrets of this mysterious process will inevitably have to enroll in courses and attend practical classes, acquire books and video lectures of leading experts in this field.

All these actions require considerable expenses, but without this you will not be able to master the mastery of hypnosis.

Technique of entering into a trance

Every person is familiar with the state of light trance, as he experiences similar sensations several times during the day.

A vivid example of trance can be considered a state of drowsiness, involuntarily embracing a person before going to bed.

Many will recall that from time to time they sink into a kind of oblivion, fixing their eyes on one point without thinking about anything. An extraneous observer will immediately notice such a person by an absent look and a stopped look. Such a deep immersion in yourself is a state of trance.

Intentional evocation of trance, cultivation and deepening of this sensation - this is the task of learning hypnosis at the first stage of its development.

Here is the instruction for entering into a light trance:

  • When you are going to experience a trance state, you must take a comfortable position in the chair or on the bed.
  • In doing so, you need to achieve maximum relaxation.
  • It is necessary to abstract from the internal dialogue( there should be no mental conversations with oneself at this moment).
  • And to implement this step will require a concentration of imagination. One can imagine in imagination either a graphic picture or some bright visual image. Imagine yourself at the top of the mountain or on the seashore, you need to achieve an internal sense of presence precisely at this point in space.
Self-hypnosis and active autosuggestion - lessons in video:

The main task of immersion in trance is the concentration of attention on the inner, and not on the external state of a person.

After several such training, you can quickly and easily fall into a hypnotic state.

How to learn hypnosis on your own

How to learn to own hypnosis yourself? It should be said that two types of hypnotic effects are distinguished:

  • is open( when a specialist looks at a person in a trance and knows about it),
  • is closed( when the patient does not even suspect that he became the object of hypnosis).
How to learn hypnosis - a lesson in the video:

How to learn hypnosis with the eyes? There are many techniques of immersion of man in trance. To independently master them, it is necessary to carry out daily training lessons. Thus it is necessary to observe two obligatory conditions:

  1. The hypnotist should have good manners to place the patient to himself.
  2. The patient should feel the absolute certainty coming from a person about to subject him to hypnosis.

Methods of open hypnosis

  • Lesson 1
  1. The patient is comfortably seated in an armchair, making sure that his face is below the eye of the hypnotist.
  2. With one hand, the hypnotist holds the patient's hand( in the pulse region) and places the other on his shoulder. In this case, the patient is instructed to look into the eyes of the person conducting the session.
  3. Slowly and calmly the hypnotist asks the patient to relax and for five minutes, without taking his eyes off, looks at his nose.
  4. After this, the effect is followed by words. The hypnotist says that the patient is tired, very sleepy and should not resist this desire. Sleep will be brief and beneficial. After awakening, the patient will feel a surge of energy.
  5. After pronouncing this text, the hypnotist removes his hands and, standing behind the patient, orders him to close his eyes. At the same time, the hypnotist's hand slides down the patient's eyelids. For 1 minute the patient should fall into a trance. At this point, the hypnotist should say: "You are asleep."
  • The second stage of

In the next stage of hypnosis training, one can easily learn to introduce a person into trance with the help of small shiny objects( this can be a mirror or a metal ball).

By placing an object at the level of the nose of the patient, the hypnotist immerses the interlocutor in a trance( automatic reduction of both eyes into a single point, inevitably occurring while doing this, facilitates this task).

The effectiveness of the session will increase if you use music for relaxation and mute the light.
  1. To learn hypnosis, it is necessary to say the words of the instruction in a calm and even voice, and also to work on the ability to look into the patient's eyes intently, practically without blinking.
  2. Be sure to learn how to correctly remove a patient from a hypnotic state. Plunging it into a trance with your conversation, at the very beginning of the session you should warn the person about how exactly he will wake up.
  3. The hypnosis session usually ends with a loud clap of hands.

A little about hidden hypnosis

Milton Erickson - the creator of this method of hypnosis - argued that the most effective hypnosis, using psychological methods to influence the patient's subconscious.

Ericksonian hypnosis. The trance guidance formula and other techniques - video:
  • To learn hypnosis, which is able to introduce a person into a trance against his will, it is conducted at the closest possible distance.
  • Approaching his interlocutor closely, the hypnotist starts to copy his gestures and poses nonstop.
  • Having achieved a physiological connection, he finds out what kind of( kinetic, audible or kinetic) thinking his patient has, then he uses different methods for his final conviction.

Erickson's hypnosis has recently received a lot of attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is hypnosis harmful to children? Is it possible to do hypnosis at home at home?

As has been proved by many years of practice, the methods of hypnotic influence rendered by a competent specialist are not contraindicated either by adults or children.

  • Is it possible to learn hypnosis by yourself in 3 days?

Hypnosis( as well as everything that has to do with the human psyche) is a very serious technique that requires many years of practice. For such a short period, it is hardly possible to comprehend even the basics of this and to this day mysterious matter.

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