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Day of the defender of the Fatherland, not so long ago became a red day of the calendar, is celebrated in Russia with enthusiasm: not only at work, but also with the family. According to the tradition, which considers February 23 as a purely masculine day, on this day all the employees of the male sex are congratulated. And here the question arises: what should be a gift to a colleague on February 23?

The difficulty in choosing a gift for colleagues is due, on the one hand, to insufficient knowledge of their interests and preferences, and on the other hand, the fact that they are usually a few people.

And here the problem arises of the total value of gifts: when choosing an expensive option, this can be an unbearable burden for the purse.

Gifts for colleagues should be:

  1. Not too expensive( up to 200 rubles).Approximately the same price category.
  2. Symbolically related to the theme on February 23.

The nature of gifts, presented on February 23, should remind you that this holiday is celebrated not only by men, but by the defenders of the Fatherland. Even if your colleague did not go through military service, he by definition considers himself an advocate, because the desire to protect is an indispensable feature of the male genotype.

Original gifts to a colleague on February 23

On the day of February 23, the following original gifts can be presented to their colleagues:

  • A session of the game in paintball is a good chance not only to demonstrate a high class of shooting, but also to relax and escape from production problems.
  • The organization of the military sport game with a trip to nature. This event, similar to the pioneer game Zarnitsa, will be enjoyed by any man who likes to "war".You can develop a scenario of this game on your own.
  • A live action game, the , which is organized professionally by specially trained people. The game takes place on a specially equipped test site, it has a detailed story, and the participants dress in special costumes that are included in the cost of services.
Your colleagues will be delighted with such a gift!

However, the polygon game is a pleasure expensive, so not everyone can afford this luxury for their colleagues. In addition, it takes time to organize such a serious event, therefore it is necessary to negotiate with specialists long before February 23.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​a polygon role-playing game, you can try to persuade the management of your company to finance this event. The authorities, interested in rallying their team, can meet you halfway.

Holiday gifts to a colleague on February 23

What gift to make to a colleague on February 23?

  • heating USB stands , which increase the comfort of each workstation, will be very useful for the office staff. Thanks to this stand, your colleague can spend hours working at the computer, slowly sipping a hot drink, as the device will keep the temperature of his tea or coffee at 50 degrees. The stand is equipped with four additional ports, so it is often used as a USB splitter, and the clock built into its panel will save the employee from having to use a wristwatch.
  • If the heating stand seems too expensive for you, you can give a colleague a thermos mug .Let not so creative and convenient, but cheap.
  • A set of alcoholic drinks can be a variant of a good holiday gift for male colleagues. The cost of such a set is determined by the size of your budget and can vary in full accordance with the status of the recipient of the gift.

The head of the company can present a bottle of elite cognac, and ordinary employees - sets, complemented by additional gifts of producers of alcoholic beverages( as additional investments can be used glasses, wine glasses or corkscrew).

If you have too many men in your company, and you have a very modest amount, you can build small gift sets from bitter chocolate bars and a small bottle of cognac on your own.

If the budget allows, the number of bottles of drinks can be increased. Of course, you need to take care of the beautiful design of this set, with your own hands putting a present in a smart bag.

Unusual gifts to a colleague on February 23

Modern industry, applying the latest scientific achievements to create gadgets that make our life easier, allows us to find many interesting and useful things on the shelves of souvenir departments. A creative gift for a colleague on February 23 can be selected from this list:

  1. The employees of their office can present unique self-destroying mugs . This unusual gadget can solve the acute problem of a constant shortage of teaspoons, which are used to disappear somewhere. The owner of such a mug should only place in it all the components of the future drink and press the special button: the mixing of the ingredients will happen by itself due to the presence of a self-rotating disk. Having supplied its product with a hermetically sealed lid, the producers took care that boiling water could not burn anyone.
    In addition to drinks, the self-destructing mug can easily make even a quick-soup soup, so it can often help out during office hours when employees once go to the dining room.
  2. A very useful and popular gadget these days is the keychain for defrosting car locks . In an unpredictable climate characterized by sharp temperature changes, this compact device( equipped, in addition, with a LED flashlight) helps to cope with the problem almost instantly.
  3. multifunctional remote control is not less convenient device, sometimes having the appearance of a bright plastic tablet. With this intelligent device you can control almost any home electronics, and the size will not let it get lost somewhere in the living room. Give your colleagues this gadget and be ready that on March 8 they will shower you with flowers and gifts.

Funny gifts to a colleague on February 23

A sense of humor is the best adviser in the difficult matter of choosing gifts for colleagues on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day. Great help in these days can be considered the emergence of departments for the sale of cool gifts, which are now almost in every shopping center.

Passing through such a department, you can certainly stumble upon the necessary thing. So, you decided on February 23 to give a colleague at work a gift from the category of jokes. What can the trading network offer us?

  • On the counters of the jokes department, you can now find food kits ( so-called army dry rations). And why not make your colleagues happy with such a present? Inexpensive, practical( in a set includes even a jar of the legendary stew), and it does not hurt anyone: all sets are the same( no one will have a reason to convict you of a biased attitude towards a colleague).Having made such presents on February 23, you will enlist the good disposition of your colleagues, who, if possible, will be ready to help you in any situation.
  • As you know, in the soul of everyone( even with the appearance of a very solid), a man lives a mischievous boy, so most of them like to fool around and play pranks. Give them on February 23. .. weapons. Of course, not real( such toys can be bought cheaply on a manufactured goods base). Toy water pistol, skillful imitation of formidable small arms( pistols, assault rifles) for some time can turn serious men into these same boys. It is possible that they will want to "shoot" right in the office to make sure the effectiveness of the gift. Presenting, just in case, move away, so as not to get under the jet of water from the toy water jet.
  • presentation of radio controlled models of aircrafts, helicopters and cars can be attributed to the jokes category: having cheered up, your colleagues can make your gift to their growing sons happy. Combined models of military equipment: tanks, ships, airplanes and guns can become very appropriate gifts for the Day of Defenders of the Motherland.
  • Thanks to the appearance of special workshops( specializing in tailoring inexpensive work clothes), everyone now has the opportunity to order such clothes with the logo of their corporation.
    In honor of February 23, it is possible to make colleagues happy with gymnasts equipped not only with your company's logo, but also with insignia corresponding to their positions.
  • The option of a cool gift to a colleague, consisting in donating t-shirts with funny pictures and name mugs with witty aphorisms of , is also quite legitimate. In addition, it is inexpensive, fun and absolutely not difficult.
  • As a cool gift you can present to your colleagues : now they surely will never wake up to work. There are also alarm clocks equipped with a target( rising during the signal) and a pistol shooting laser beams. In order to turn off the alarm, you need to hit the beam in the very center of the target. Such a gift( due to its high cost) can be presented to the head of his company.
  • No less amusing gift can be considered piggy bank, executed in the form of safe .Congratulating your colleague on February 23, you can accompany the gift with a brief recommendation periodically to invest in it some of your income for a trip around the world.

Gifts to a colleague with their own hands on February 23

A good gift to a colleague on February 23 can be made by oneself.

  • You can, with the diligence, please the colleagues with cards made by yourself.
  • While preparing a corporate party, you can perform the certificate of fulfilling your cherished desires with your own hands. To make it, you need to use an office printer( best color).The main part of the certificate should be taken by a colorful picture, and three tear-off coupons should be on the side. It is necessary to specify the warranty period for the fulfillment of wishes( let it be valid until March 7).A sample wish list:
    1. Relaxing massage( list zones).
    2. A cup of freshly brewed coffee.
    3. A friendly kiss on the cheek.
    4. Bringing the working place in order.
    5. Complex of industrial gymnastics.
    6. Minute of poetry( comic poem on February 23).Escort at the director's carpet.
    7. A friendly meeting after the director's "carpet" with the delivery of valerian drops.
    8. A sex session on the phone( the girl is breathing clearly into the tube).
    9. 100 grams of "fighting"( poured into a faceted stack of soldiers' flask).
    10. Time of praises( within five minutes compliments are heard).
    11. "Music ordered?"( Any song in the performance of the female part of the collective to order).
    A ready-made certificate is put into a personal envelope and handed to each male colleague. The fulfillment of each desire should be carefully prepared and played with humor.

    So, the complex of industrial gymnastics should be spent by the beautiful girl dressed in a tight-fitting tights and armed with dumbbells. To serve the tables, it is necessary to dress the co-workers in flirty aprons, decorate their hair with lace tattoos and give them in hand a special broom to brush the crumbs.

    • On February 23, for all men, you can cover a luxurious table by preparing your own specialties of your family: unusual salads, pastries and snacks. The decoration of the festive table can be an unusually delicious cake, which is hand-caked by a girl who is fond of cooking( in each team there is necessarily such an employee).
    • You can prepare your own secret box called "One hundred reasons for our love for you".Let each employee write with her own hands as many notes as possible with words of sincere admiration and gratitude to her fellow men. These compliments can be addressed to all at once, and to individuals. Let your colleagues read and enjoy. You can voice these notes throughout the corporate evening.

    Gifts to a colleague on February 23 to 200 rubles

    Gifts worth up to 200 rubles by definition can not cause much enthusiasm among those who receive them, because for such an insignificant amount you can buy something from a category or absolutely useless trinkets, or the right, but not provocativespecial emotions subject. So, what can you buy for this amount?

    • Original "live" postcard "Grow greens." The kit includes a colorful box, a special container with a substrate for germination of seeds and a bag of seeds. The first shoots appear only three days after planting, and after a while your colleagues' work tables will decorate islands of lush and fresh greenery. An original gift is enough if you consider the insignificance of the amount invested in it.
    • Entertaining keychain "Millionaire" in the form of a ball, which must be assembled from the plastic parts kit. Gift wrapping is a vacuum blister containing 24 pieces of high-quality plastic. In the process of assembling the parts are very tightly adhered to each other, so the keychain is durable and beautiful. The picture on the surface of the key fob depicts the national currency of different countries. At the moment of gift giving, you can promise to colleagues that the key chain will bring them luck in money transactions. Also not bad for a gift, entering the price category up to 200 rubles.
    • In the case of an extremely scarce budget, you can limit the gift of to the original ballpoint pens. However, even such a modest gift can be beaten. Giving colleagues bright hands "Helicopters"( which can be launched into the air, spinning in the palms of your hands), invite them to arrange a competition for the most distant flight of the "helicopter". And having made happy colleagues with pens, representing miniature copies of grenade launchers, you will return them to childhood, giving the opportunity to take part in a comic battle battle.

    Gift ideas for a colleague on February 23

    To make an interesting gift to a colleague on February 23, you need to walk around the shops long before the holiday and get acquainted with the offered assortment of goods.

    Ideas of what gifts can be advised on the eve of the men's holiday? So, on the day of the defender of the Fatherland, a colleague can get:

    1. A set of toy( best tin) soldiers.
    2. A beautiful beer mug in a gift box.
    3. A passport scrap with the original image and an inscription.
    4. Photographic frames of the original form.
    5. Set for playing darts.
    6. Pocket set of shoe cosmetics.
    7. A good air fragrance for the car interior.
    8. Beautiful ashtray.
    9. Cute mouse pad for computer mouse.
    10. A jar of good coffee or tea.

    We covered the topic of possible gifts for our colleagues on the day of the defenders of the Motherland. Please note that in our gift box there are no banal socks, no means of men's perfumes and hygiene.

    View the master class how to make original postcards on February 23 with your own hands:

    We will be glad if this article will help women choose gifts that will be perceived not as on-duty and boring presents, but can really please colleagues, because very soon the women'sday. And be sure: men are a hundredfold thank you for a great holiday, which you could give them.

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