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Want to change, but do not want to part with the luxurious curls? There is a solution: an elongated square for long hair, which will not change the image radically. In this hairstyle, classical features and eccentric stylistic achievements are harmoniously combined. Haircut is suitable for almost all girls, it is easy, has a lot of variations.

Strengths of the hairdo

Kare on long hair embodies all the wishes of active ladies. Compared to other haircuts, it has an incredible number of advantages:

  1. Beautifully looks on thick and thin hair. Rare locks will acquire a visual volume, will become more magnificent. Thick hair will not seem heavy, it will emphasize facial features.
  2. Reduces installation time. Such a hairstyle, as a square with an elongation, has a lot of evening and everyday variations. To create an image for a party or a solemn event, you do not need to visit the beauty salon.
  3. Looks impressive not only after a visit to the stylist. Growing up, the hair rests a curl to the curl, and the haircut only acquires a new charm.
  4. Corrects hair defects. On a long square, the split ends are not visible, and the curls look alive and shiny.
  5. Is universal. Hairdressers recommend a haircut for girls with any form of face. Hairstyle softens the sharp square outlines, makes the round face look elegant and feminine. The extra volume at the back of the head creates the right proportions of the narrow face.

Preliminary consultation with a specialist, you can find a "personal" version of this stylish hairstyle.

Variations of the square

The elongated square on the hair is today more popular than ever. Achievements of stylists have provided dozens of varieties of haircuts. The most relevant are the following:

  • Classic. Laconic strict form will suit business women. The line of cutting the curls is immaculately even and clear. To make the image become harmonious, the split ends and other defects are cut off. At your request, you can leave a bang or remove it, but strands necessarily reach the shoulder line.
  • With long front locks. It looks good on women who have a round or oval face. The strands along the vertical will reduce the round cheeks, disguise the long nose and the irregularly shaped chin. Elegant, seasoned haircut will appeal to ladies in their ages. There is no daring in it, but only laconism and simplicity. To make a fresh styling, just change the parting by throwing the hair sideways along an oblique line.
  • Asymmetrical. Stylish haircut differs bold "torn" strands and a sharp transition length from the back of the head to the front. The length on one side may be less than on the other. Haircut like disgraceful girls, because it looks fashionable and unordinary. Asymmetry is performed on all of the hair, masks wide cheekbones, advantageously emphasizes the oval face.
  • Graduation. To perform a graded square, you need to trim the hair with a ladder. Hairstyle looks good on thin hair, gives them feminine volume. Girls with an oval face should make a bang, with a round one - it's the same, but asymmetrical. Lateral strands can be made equal or cut asymmetrically.
  • With bangs. Owners of long hair like a smooth, ragged or oblique option. In this case, do not forget about the shape of the face. A straight fringe will distract attention from a large nose and rough features, and the slanting will balance the proportions of the angular face.
  • Bean-bob. Original and bright haircut for individualists. The feature of the elongated bean is that the length of the hair is strictly to the shoulders, the longest strands frame the face. The back of the head is cut short or even shaved. Hairstyle is loved by young girls, complemented by bright coloring or light bovozavikoy.

Despite the versatility of the long square, the look of the hairstyle must be carefully chosen.

If you incorrectly cut your hair, all the appearance flaws will not be veiled, but demonstrated.

Rules for choosing a hairstyle

Those who are fit with a long square, appreciated all the advantages of a hairstyle. The rest of the stylists recommend to build on the shape of the face and features of appearance.

  • Haircut is suitable for girls with a rectangular face. Long front strands give the cheekbones and chin the right shape. Smooth frame softens sharp outlines.
  • The hairstyle, laid by light waves, corrects the elongated face. If you have thick strands, this is even better: the quads will visually expand the narrow shape of the face.
  • Girls with a round face should wear an elongated square. Straight straight strands visually reduce the distance between the cheekbones, bring the proportions to the ideal. Categorically it is impossible to make magnificent curls or twist up the ends of the braces: the face will expand even more.

Haircut should not be performed by women whose hair is curled by nature. It will look like a splendid "hat", and with styling will have to tinker.

How to make a haircut?

It is not worth it alone to perform a long square. Only a professional stylist knows how to cut hair so that the hairstyle becomes effective. But if you are a beginner hairdresser or know how to perform simple haircuts, familiarize yourself with the technique. Kare with lengthening is performed in stages:

  1. Locks should be thoroughly washed using shampoo and balm-conditioner, selected according to the type of hair. If the hair has already been washed, simply moisten it with water from the spray gun.
  2. All the curls are divided into seven sections: the whiskey on the right and left, the front portion in the center, the left and right crown areas, the left and right occipital parts.
  3. Cut the hair from the front. Separate a small strand( width not more than 3 cm) with the comb from the desired area. Scissors keep parallel to the floor line and, aligning the strand on the chin or shoulder area, cut. You can not strongly pull the hair, otherwise the hair will be shorter than thought.
  4. After processing the front sections, move to the back of the head. Comb the occipital part of the hair and, without pulling, cut the strand. It is a control, all the locks on the nape are aligned clearly over this strand. Work will be much easier if you use comb-scallop.
  5. The back of the hair comb in the direction down. Similar to the previous steps, cut the strands. Move from neck to chin. Just do the opposite side.
  6. Repeat for the left and right crown areas.
  7. Nadlobnaya section - the last. The hair from the front is divided by straight or oblique parting. Cut as in the above steps.

Curls after haircuts must be dried with a hair dryer. If it is required by a hairdress, straighten it with an iron. So hair will get smoothness, become equal, and a haircut - beautiful.

Cutting of the square with an extension - video

Styling stylings

At first glance, the hairstyle of a square with an extension does not provide any styling options at all. But the length of the hair allows you to create spectacular everyday or evening images.

  • Perfectly straight strands are a great way to emphasize a strict office style. You just need to stretch your hair iron. Fluffy hair will give mousses and foam.
  • Playful hairstyle is easy to make with the help of large curlers. Dry hair with a hair dryer, untwist curlers and divide the strands with your fingers. Please fix the style with hair spray.
  • Similar curls are made with ironing. Hair is simply divided into several zones and wound up or down. It is most convenient to start with strands near the face and gradually move towards the back of the head.

Do not forget that the styling is best done on dry hair, pre-treated with thermal protection compounds.

The long, creative and effective, it will emphasize the beauty of every woman. Having chosen "your" option, feel free to go to the stylist. Do not be afraid of this haircut, because the length of hair will remain familiar, only the image will change: it will become elegant and well-groomed. Related Videos:

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