How to make makeup right

  • Face preparation
  • Skin structure alignment and correction of defects
  • How to use concealer( video)
  • Applying shade and powder
  • How to make eyebrows and eyelid make-up
  • Eyebrow make-up( video)
  • Eyeliner and eyelash coloring
  • How to draw arrows( video)
  • How to make up eyelashes correctly
  • How to apply blush
  • Makeup of lips

Cosmetics is enjoyed by the vast majority of women. Many people make make-up seem like a simple task. In fact, to create an ideal image, you need to know some features of make up. They will help not only to give the person a well-groomed appearance, but also to level out some problems of an aesthetic nature. About how to make make-up correctly, will be told in this article.

Face preparation

Before applying cosmetics, the skin should be cleaned and moistened.

  1. First remove contamination. Soap for this purpose is better not to use, as it dries the skin. It is best to use cleansing lotion or micellar water.
  2. In order to give the skin tone and to get rid of the signs of fatigue at home, it is recommended to apply several contrast compresses to the face. For this, you will need a container with hot and cold water and a towel. First, the towel is soaked in hot water and applied to the face for 2 minutes. Then the same procedure is repeated with cold water. Repeat the process 4-5 times.
  3. In conclusion, apply a moisturizer to the face and neck. It will soften and smooth the skin. As a result, make-up will stay for a longer time.

After applying the cream, wait about a quarter of an hour. Only after this you can proceed to the next stage of applying makeup.

Aligning the structure of the skin and correcting the deficiencies of

Getting directly to the make-up, first of all, you should visually remove some of the shortcomings, for example: bags or blue under the eyes, skin irregularities, oily shine.

The base under make-up will help to cope with these problems. In addition, it will even out the skin tone and give visage additional durability.

Tips for applying the base product:

  1. The cream base is applied to the face in a very thin layer. This can be done with a brush or fingers. The second method is more preferable, since the cream is consumed more economically.
  2. It should be remembered that for different parts of the face there is a basis. In this case, funds for eyelids, facial skin and lips are not interchangeable. It is not necessary to use all databases at the same time. So, the basis for the lips is necessary for women who have wrinkles or cracks on this part of their face. The base for the eyelids is desirable to use the owners of oily skin. It will not only give the shadows a more intense shade, but will not allow them to slide down.
  3. It is better for women with oily skin to give up this part of the makeup, or at least not to use the foundation permanently. The fact is that silicone, one of the basic elements of the composition, can clog the enlarged pores and cause inflammation.
  4. When the face is covered with a base, you need to wait 10-15 minutes and only after that go to the imposition on the face of the tone.
    If you use the next cosmetic immediately, then the makeup simply "floats".

To mask minor flaws, for example, pimples, circles under the eyes, small pigment spots or facial wrinkles, you can also use a corrector, or concealer, for the skin. It is used alone or after being applied to the face of the base.

Act this tool should be extremely accurate, painting only the problem areas. Proofreaders are released in the form of a pencil or liquid cream. To mask the acne, the first option is best. For painting blue under the eyes and defects in large areas of the face - the second. By and large, the liquid corrector can also be used for point application, but it is most difficult to choose the optimal dosage.

In a pallet with a liquid concealer, as a rule, several shades of a masking agent are placed. How to choose the right color:

  • Green is used to apply to red spots, pimples and red circles around sore eyelids.
  • Yellow masks blue under the eyes.
  • Orange paints small veins around the eyes, and also makes the skin tone warmer.
  • Blue will make invisible freckles, pigmented spots and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Lilac neutralizes an unhealthy, yellowish complexion or makes the soft tan too soft.
  • Pink is used to lighten brown circles around the eyes and improve the color of grayish mature skin.

How to use the concealer( video)

Applying shade and powder

After the minor flaws are eliminated and the skin surface is leveled, a face cream is applied to the face. Sometimes the base is enough, and this stage of applying makeup can be skipped entirely or mixed with a foundation foundation. But using a corrector to apply a foundation is necessary.

In order for the skin to have a natural appearance, it is important to choose the correct color of the cream. To do this, squeeze out a small amount of it on the brush from the inside and compare the tone. Ideally, it should completely coincide.

There are certain rules for applying a foundation:

  • This remedy, as well as the previous one, is applied a thin layer on the face and neck with a special brush.
    It is important to tonify not only the outline of the face and throat, but also the ears, as well as the area under the chin and the back of the neck. If this is not done, then the mask effect will appear.
  • Apply tone in a well-lit room in daylight. You can even go to the window with a small mirror. Only then will flaws be clearly visible.
  • For convenience, a little cream can be squeezed into the palm of your hand, and already there to dab a brush or sponge.
  • The tone begins to be applied from the center of the face, gradually moving to the edges.

If there is a need to adjust the shape of the face, you should use 2 shades of foundation, which is the same as the skin color and darker. The main tone is applied to the entire face, contrasting - only on certain areas.

  • To visually narrow a round face, you need to darken the area of ​​temples and cheeks.
  • To visually reduce the chin on the face of an elongated shape, a dark cream applied on its base and center will help.
  • The wearers of the heart-shaped face should mask the side portions of the cheekbones and the temporal region. This technique will visually narrow the upper part of the face and soften the contrast with its pointed base.
  • To make a less heavy chin on a trapezoid face, a cream of a darker shade is applied to the lower jaw and under the cheekbones.
  • The largest correction requires a square face. You need to apply a correction cream on all the protruding areas, and then carefully blend the transitions.
To make the make-up look more natural and eliminate the possible gloss, it is necessary to use a compact powder. It is applied to individual parts of the face, and then shaded with a brush.

It should be remembered that, like a foundation, the powder should be applied even to the furthest parts of the face, as well as the neck and ears. The tone of the cosmetic is selected in accordance with the color of the cream.

How to make eyebrow make-up and eyelid

Before you start applying decorative cosmetics to your eyelids and eyelashes, you need to give a beautiful eyebrow shape.

  • With a pencil or special shadows, the bend and the end of the eyebrow are carefully applied. The outlines of these parts should be very clear. Begin the correction from the middle.
  • Then the cosmetic is applied to the main part of the eyebrow and is grown with a brush or sponge.

To apply the shadows at home use a brush and sponge. First, the eyelid is stained from the outer edge of the eye. Then gradually move to the inner one.

Shadows must necessarily blend in with the eye color:

  1. Purple, gray and blue shades are suitable for green.
  2. With browns, all shades of brown and gray are well combined.
  3. Blue eyes will become more expressive when using a brown, pink, green or lilac color.
  4. Gray-eyed women can use a wide range of colors, for example: honey, olive, smoky, light turquoise.
If it's difficult to choose the right shade of shadows, you can stay on one of the basic colors that suit women of any color. These include all shades of gray and brown.
  • Matte shades of warm pastel tones are recommended for daytime make-up.
  • For the evening exit, brighter shades with pearlescent effect will do.
  • If the eyes are close to the bridge of the nose or the upper eyelids hang too high above the eyes, the inner part of the corner of the eye should be darkened.
  • To visually make the eyes bigger, you need to put shadows of a darker shade on the outer part of the eye, and light ones - on the inside.

Eyebrow make-up( video)

Eyeliner and eyelash coloring

To give your eyes special expressiveness, you can make a contour with a pencil or eyeliner.

Pencils come in two types - soft and hard. A solid pencil is usually used in a daily makeup, because it allows you to draw a thin line that is resistant to external influences.

Soft allows you to make a more saturated contour, and also draw the inner part of the eye. It is usually used for holiday make-up.

Liquid padding is more difficult to apply, but with skillful use it gives a better result than a traditional pencil. It is recommended to beginners to use a tool in the form of a felt-tip pen. More experienced you can choose a line with a brush.

Let's consider step by step the process of drawing arrows. If the choice fell on a pencil, then for the beginning it follows:

  • put several points along the line of growth of the eyelashes;
  • then connect them in short strokes;
  • over hold a flat line without taking it off.

When using liquid liner, you need:

  • to fix the elbow by placing it on the surface of the table or cabinet;
  • to cover your eyes and slightly pull the upper eyelid;
  • make a few short strokes at the base of the growth of the eyelashes;
  • to draw a common line.

You can adjust the shape and size of your eyes using eyeliner.

To visually enlarge small eyes, it is necessary to draw an arrow from the middle of the upper eyelid to its outer part and slightly raise its edge upward. The inner part can not be outlined.
  1. To give the round eyes an almond-shaped shape will help the contour, applied from the inside of the eyelid to the outer one. At the same time, it should be made wider at the edges and slightly out of the eye.
  2. With closely set eyes, the arrow is drawn from the middle of the eyelid, gradually rising and thickening to the outside.
  3. To "open" the narrow eyes, you must apply a thin line at the tear sack, and to the center to increase its width. Such arrows are drawn both on the upper and lower eyelids.

How to draw arrows( video)

How to make up eyelashes correctly

  • In an open bottle, mascara completely retains its properties for three months. After that, it will fold onto the lashes in a lump and quickly sprinkle.
  • To make the eyelashes beautifully bent up, they can be twisted. This can be done with special heated tongs or a spoon.
  • At first the mascara is applied to the roots of the eyelashes, and then the hairs are colored over the entire length.

How to apply blush

The color and location of the blush depends largely on the shape of the face.

  • To correct the shortcomings of the elongated face, you should apply a light shade on the cheekbones.
  • Visually make the narrower round face help the blush of a gentle hue, superimposed along the cheekbones in the direction of the corners of the lips.
  • Bright rouge, applied obliquely from the mouth to the area of ​​the temples, soften the angularity of the square face.
  • With a diamond-shaped and heart-shaped face, blush should be applied directly to the cheekbones. But in the first case they should be a dark tone, and in the second - light.

Lip make-up

When applying make-up, the following rule should be observed: the accent should be made either on the eyes or on the lips.

For everyday make-up shine or a lipstick of natural light shades, for example, pink, peach or caramel.

For evening make-up it will be appropriate to outline the lips with a contour and apply lipstick of the appropriate tone to them. It can be saturated shades of red, brown, purple or pink.

As you can see, making make-up by all the rules is not such a simple matter. But if you have the necessary knowledge and experience, you can learn to create a unique image that will not go unnoticed by others.

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