Fashionable summer bags 2016

  • How to carry a bag in the summer?
  • The main fashion trends
  • Materials and decor of bags
  • The most fashionable models of bags
  • The combination of bags with clothes

There are many women who have only one bag in their wardrobe. They wear it at any time of the year, while saying goodbye to this thing only when it is wiped to holes. And there are ladies and girls, for whom the bag is a favorite accessory. This object is able to make stylish and elegant any image, and can also be the main detail and decoration. That's why designers give this accessory a lot of attention, constantly come up with new models and surprise with unusual shapes. And the next season is not an exception, we will consider new trends and fashion bags this summer.

However, before criticizing designers for being too bold decisions, it's worth remembering that each bag has its own function, and manufacturers always provide it. Also, during the development of summer collections, it is also taken into account that women often change outfits and do not wear outerwear or gloves, under which winter bags are usually selected. That is why the shapes and colors of this accessory are so diverse.

Let's see what bags will be fashionable this summer and how to be stylish with them.

How to carry a bag in the summer?

Designers unanimously say that women do not know how to properly carry bags. And this does not apply to the combination with clothing, but how to keep them.

So, in the spring and summer of 2017 the subject for storage of female trifles needs to be carried in hands. And this applies to backpacks, and bags that have long handles. In this case, the straps should be wrapped around the arm. Exceptions are small handbags on the shoulder on thin chains.

Another trend is to wear not one but two bags at once. For example, if a woman after work is going to go to the beach, then she can easily take a briefcase and a fashionable string bag, in which will lie a towel and a sunblock. And it is not necessary that two things be in the same color scheme. They can only combine with individual parts of clothing.

Also manufacturers release kits, for example:

  • two clutches on a chain, a suitcase and a small handbag;The
  • is a rigid, regular and ragged bag, both for shopping.

The main fashion trends of

The forms of bags are so diverse that you can not just enumerate everything, you can only note that models designed for business ladies do not change their form, designers only experiment with coloring and small details of the decor.

  • As for accessories intended for walking and rest, as well as for exits to light, they can be square, rectangular, round, in the form of boxes, and also in the form of bags.
  • Very often in collections there are bags that have a bottom in the form of a semicircle. They are called crescents or saddles. Such things were at the peak of fashion in the 70's.
  • The size of fashion bags in the summer of 2017 can be anything. It is worth focusing only on the function of the object. Sets of clothes intended for going out into the light, it is necessary to supplement only with small purses, clutches and square mini-suitcases. And for walks and shopping you can choose either small or huge baulkas or touts, designed specifically for shopping.
As for the color solution, the designers use the whole gamut. But the bags and portfolios are mostly executed only in reserved colors.

And the most fashionable shades are:

  • deep emerald;
  • saturated blue;
  • is muted yellow;
  • red color Fiesta;
  • white.

However, most summer models are made in several colors. In fashion, various prints, patterns and floral motifs.

Materials and decor of bags

Summer bags are almost always made from the same materials.

  1. The most popular is leather. And not only natural, but also artificial, and varnished is used.
  2. Textiles and suede are also often used.
  3. But the most fashionable bags for the summer are made of straw. They are not so practical, but they look very interesting.
For decoration and decoration metal hardware, fabric, chains, artificial stones, leather straps are used. Do not lose popularity and bags with fringe.

The most fashionable models of bags

The motto of this summer, perhaps, can be formed like this: "Show me your bag, and I'll tell you who you are!".Stylists advise not to be afraid and choose the most original models, suitable, first of all, to the style of life, and not to the style of clothing. Here what bags can be called the mast-hev of the warm season:

  1. Clutch of bright color. Summer fashion bags are not always practical, but they look stylish. Any image can be supplemented with a clutch. In the new collections there are tiny models, in which only lipstick and keys will fit. You can also choose a clutch that resembles a small gift bag. The main thing is that such an accessory should have a bright color, for example, red, orange, blue or purple.
  2. Bag-pencil case. Such an accessory can surprise anyone, because it is very similar to the subject in which students wear office supplies. But you can not argue with designers, they offer to choose such bags eccentric and bright natures. You can buy a pencil case with a handle, sewn from a mesh fabric, or a hard rectangular pencil case. As the creators of models emphasize, with such a thing one should go not to school, but to parties.
  3. Transparent bag. Fashionable beach bags should be for every woman. But this summer the idea of ​​beach fashion among designers has changed dramatically. Instead of multi-colored large avosec, several fashion houses offer to put all the necessary things in an absolutely transparent bag. And this can be a small package, and bag. Such an accessory is suitable for courageous and open women who have nothing to hide, and who always have order in their purse. Some manufacturers have released bags-transformers, which on the beach can become a litter.
  4. Backpack. This item is also associated with the school, but you can wear such a thing not only for girls, but for serious ladies. The main thing is to choose the right model and coloring. In summer collections there are many backpacks in vintage style. Coloring also pleases: pastel colors, cage and bright patterns. Preference is given to products made of patent leather or suede.
  5. Bag with simulation patchwork technique. Girls who follow fashion know that things sewn from shreds are gaining popularity. In the new season, designers decided to transfer this trend to bags. Of course, not all models are sewn from pieces, often it's just a pattern that simulates the patchwork technique. The shape of such a thing can be any, as far as coloring is concerned, bags with shreds in the form of squares or rhombs are considered actual.
  6. Overuse bag. Previously, all women went shopping with packages, and then designers came up with special bags for shopping. Now they have become a part of everyday fashion. And the most interesting is that you can go anywhere with the baulk. A bag made of suede, a bag in a cage or a leather bag will look stylish with almost any clothing.
  7. Suitcase. Do not think that a suitcase is needed only to go on a cruise. It can be dragged along in your hometown. The main thing is that the suitcase should be bright and attracted to itself views. Serious ladies can choose a suitcase, made in white, and frivolous natures - richly decorated models. The suitcase will accurately accommodate all the things that are needed during the day. And almost all fashion models have comfortable wheels, so women do not have to carry the weight, as they say, on themselves.
  8. Woven bag. Russian women and could not think that the most fashionable bags will look like baskets, which usually go to the forest for mushrooms. But it is so. Some designers propose to acquire a thing made from the vine, others advise choosing a straw wicker bag. Some models, apparently for greater realism, are decorated with large flowers. Women who do not have the courage to wear such an accessory, you can advise bags of textiles with woven inserts.
  9. Bag with snake pattern. Fashion designers love the reptilian pattern and imitation crocodile skin. Apparently, therefore, designers continue to do things in this style. It's not so important what kind of bag it is, the main thing is the color scheme and the elements shimmering in the sun. It can be monochrome models of bright colors, for example, pink or purple, as well as bags, whose coloring resembles the skin of a snake.

The combination of bags with clothes

In summer everything should scream about the sea, the sun and rest. Therefore, very popular things in the marine style. Designers have taken care to create suitable bags for this style. A lot of models are made in blue-red-white. French fashion houses presented monophonic accessories, tied with ribbons, with the color of their country's flag. You can combine such bags with things where these colors are present, and with summer dresses of contrasting colors.

And one more trend that goes from season to season: to choose a bag of the same color for clothes. Look great striped kits, when both on the bag and dress, the vertical stripes are the same color and almost the same width. Some designers have created bags made of the same fabric as the dresses from their collection.

Judging by the latest fashion trends, it can be said that the bag has ceased to be just a repository for things. Practicality fades into the background. Designers disaccustom representatives of the fair sex to carry a lot of things, and advised to go light, decorating the hands of the original thing or even a work of art. At least a lot of bags fit this definition.

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