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you decide to create a New Year's Eve unforgettable image? Want to shine a chic hairstyle, to enchant everyone with the harmony of style, femininity? Consider the fashion trends for the New Year 2015 - learn the secrets of beauty!

Masters offer a huge range of hairstyle variations for all occasions. Certainly, talented hairdressers are ready to amaze the imagination of the most sophisticated women of fashion. New Year trends deserve special attention, because now it's time to think about the details of the image for a magical holiday. The coming New Year Goats need to be met with dignity! Now we will consider the beautiful and fashionable hairdresses for the New Year 2015, note all the basic nuances and subtleties. You can choose the most suitable options, get acquainted with various hairdressing ideas and even learn how to make some hairstyles yourself.

Fashionable Hairstyles for the New Year 2015: New Year's Trends and Basic Rules of

You can start fantasizing today: which New Year's image will suit you? If you want to look fashionable, original and catchy, to bring thematic motifs to your holiday hairstyle, you should immediately remember a lot of tendencies, typical for hairdressing art. Masters give their advice, a certain regularity is seen in the main fashion trends. It is also necessary to take into account the symbolic significance of the coming year. Let's consider all variants.

Classics and elegance

High tails, classic beans and traditional beams do not give up their positions. Many famous designers, masters of hairdressing art offer to make such simple haircuts for New Year's holidays. They are universal, suitable for people of different types, allow you to emphasize the features of the exterior and emphasize the benefits. In this case, the simplest bunch instantly turns into a magic New Year's hair, when it is adorned with a magnificent bow, complemented by a flashy accessory, stitched into it with elegant hairpins and hairpins. Such a hairdress for the New Year 2015 will suit almost every girl.

Extravagant is always in fashion

Of course, young women of fashion and exacting women will gladly make extravagant options for laying. They are accustomed to take a critical view of themselves and bring the image to perfection, can watch fashion magazines for hours and watch the shows. It's nice to feel like a piece of the world of high fashion on New Year's Eve! There is a shock, a kind of harmony, a unique style and eccentricity in everything. Such a hairstyle will not go unnoticed, it will be the most vivid detail of the image.

Femininity in retro style

Nowadays, retropricers are especially relevant for the New Year 2015. It can be really magnificent: recognizable waves, tightly curled locks, exquisite hats and rims as accessories. It is enough to do just a few strokes, so that the usual head of hair with curls turns into an elegant retro-style hairdress that conquers harmony, smooth lines. Hair fit in such a way that surprisingly gracefully frame the face, complement the image with femininity.

Energy and fervor

It's time to remember the symbol of the coming year. Yes, a cheerful, energetic, indefatigable goat itself radiates a unique positive. It is possible to reflect all these qualities of the sheep, creating a hairdress for the New Year. It's time to give vent to fantasy! Loose hair, unruly locks, "creative disorder" and something completely fantastic on the head will become topical solutions. It is important to emphasize the unity of image and style, to decorate your hair with catchy accessories.

Blue and green?

To create a hairstyle for the New Year 2015 you will need to take into account the features of the symbol of the coming year. You will think about the holiday image, work on your appearance in a magical New Year's Eve. It's worth taking care of your direct connection with the symbol of the year! First of all, everyone notes that we are waiting for the year of the blue( or green) Goat.

And blue, green tone you can use when creating your own hair! Someone bravely tones hair, coloring individual locks, strands, hair tips. Yes, shades of heavenly and emerald extravagant women of fashion do not embarrass. And someone will join the symbolism of the year with the help of accessories.

A rim with emerald crystals or a magnificent hair bow in a blue color scheme will suit you.

Wooden Goat

As many already know, the goat is waiting for us wooden. This you can also take into account when choosing accessories and hairstyles. It is interesting that blonde hair, "straw" locks quite resemble a tree, cause associations with it. Especially if your hair is braided in braids. You can immediately recall the curls of Pinocchio from the shavings, which were light, tightly twisted.

A good option is to use accessories made of natural wood. Crests, hairpins, hairpins made of wood look chic. You can easily pick up a carved hairpin from birch bark, an elastic band with wooden pendants, an original comb in retro style.

Spit and weave

Hairdressers on the basis of braids, all kinds of weaving are very popular nowadays. It is these options that will be appropriate for the celebration of the New Year of the Goat. They look great, they keep their shape for many hours, their hair is well-kept, they do not interfere. And to create many hairstyles will not be difficult on their own.
Here are the main trends that can be distinguished in the New Year's fashion 2015. Remember all the important points, then to easily create for yourself an impeccable image for a magical holiday.

Secrets of beauty: simple rules for creating elegant, harmonious hairstyles for the New Year Goats

You've already learned a lot of interesting things about fashion trends in the world of hairstyles. So that you can really be proud of the New Year's styling, it is important not only to take into account the main trends, but also take into account the features of your appearance, as well as the appearance in general, taste preferences and holiday style. A few secrets will allow you to make an ideal hairstyle.

  1. Be sure to consider the features of your face oval. Do not fully open a wide, round face. If the face is narrow, thin, it will not be decorated with an excessively magnificent hairdo with long curls. Of course, the owners of the classic appearance choose hairstyle the easiest, but people with original ovals will look fine if they correctly determine the option for their hair. It is best to do preliminary modeling on the computer, try out several options, and only then create the final styling.
  2. The hairdress should be in harmony with the dress, make-up and manicure, ornaments and accessories. This is the basic rule, which should not be violated even by adherents of shocking. It is important to make the image harmonious, complete. Otherwise, people might think that you just forgot to change your clothes or at the last moment you messed up your outfit.
  3. When considering any hair, do not forget about the color of your hair. Sometimes it's worth experimenting with, consulting with a stylist and hairdresser, trying out different styles to find your best shade. A good option - to tint the hair before the holidays several times, look at them under different camera angles and lighting. It's great if the hair color will be beneficial to emphasize the advantages of appearance, combined with the outfit.
  4. Take into account the style of the party. If everyone adheres to the classical style with little digressions, an extravagant hairstyle with bright blue strands or green disheveled curls will seem frankly ridiculous. Among young people who are not afraid of original design decisions, a girl with a classic almost strict hairstyle will not look very good. Fit into the environment.
  5. It is interesting that many girls do not pay attention to the technical characteristics of their hair. But this is extremely important! You can make an effective hairstyle with an oblique braid, and then suffer from a headache, go to the hairdresser and ask to create something extraordinary, to straighten the strands and hairpins all evening, insert the studs into place. Remember that on New Year's Eve you have to rest, joke and have fun, and not think about the hairstyle every second. Even simple options can look chic.
Be sure to think how comfortable you will be with a new hairdress, see if it fits your appearance, face. It is advisable to make a hairstyle, but at the same time to watch that it does not overshadow your face, attire.

Hairstyles for the New Year Goats

There are really a lot of hairstyles for the New Year. We will consider several ideas, taking into account the peculiarities of the holiday, fashion trends.

  • Ideal options for medium length hair are curls and weaves. You can easily create an effective hairstyle, collecting hair from behind and releasing a few large curls in the front. They can haggle upwardly, coquettishly descend down graceful strands. Someone will be more suited air strands, and someone will make themselves wide tight tight locks. All kinds of weaving also look great. The gathered hair allows to open a neck, to emphasize fragility and grace, and free curls will complement the image with notes of femininity.
  • Hairbrushes based on braids, including elements of weaving, have already become a real trend. In the New Year holidays such models will be an ideal solution. They are comfortable, often simple, effectively look and help emphasize the advantages of appearance. Now braid the French braids, Greek, simple and braids of five strands. From small elegant plaits you can create an entire intricate composition, and a thick braid with interwoven multi-colored ribbons will amaze everyone with originality.
  • Lush hair with a nap, smoothly laid hair and several strands looks great. It can be done not only on long, but also on medium hair. Typically, the model looks like this: the hair, pre-started, laid smoothly, with a lift on the back of the head. A few curly braces are produced behind them. Locks frame the face from two sides. One more actual variant is to release a long bang, take it to one side, wind the end of a wide strand. In this hair style, a bow, a flashy decoration, a rhinestone will be appropriate.
  • Extravagant hairstyles will suit connoisseurs of trends, shocking and fashion. At a youth party dedicated to the celebration of the New Year, you can easily feel like a person from the world of high fashion, if you make extravagant hair from the braids, arrange a "creative mess" on your head, raise short hair in apparent chaos, when strands and curls are scattered in different directions.
  • The retro style also remains a favorite. It is popular to have a usual magnificent hairdress from loose curly hair, started and collected in front, as well as combed at the back and issued in front of the curls. All these options become relevant on New Year's Eve. Famous designers recommend to remember the past and find there a way to beauty and perfection!

Consider more options to have an idea of ​​the choice of models. It is possible that you will like a hairstyle that you did not even know about before.

Accessories and hair accessories for the New Year 2015

You can choose any jewelry, hair accessories for the New Year. It is desirable to take into account the symbolic meaning of the year: you need to take into account the image as a whole, as well as the features of the exterior. Accessories should not create dissonance with a dress, jewelery, make-up.

  • A good solution is to make a simple hairstyle with a rim. Hair can be left smooth, combed and raised in front, fastened with an additional rim. With the rim will be in harmony with the famous bean. Certainly, choosing a bezel, you will be able to easily emphasize the thematic direction of the evening. For example, a bright green bezel with emerald stones will instantly emphasize that you meet the year of the Green Goat.
  • Textile bow also becomes a luxurious addition to many hairstyles. It is worth noting that the bow especially looks bright on smooth hair, although among the strands of an effective accessory will not be lost. Now manufacturers offer a wonderful range of bows of different sizes, shades. Great looks a large bow in the shape of a flower, made of wool in blue tones. Delicate petals, graceful stamens, shimmering shades make such an accessory surprisingly spectacular, elegant. The bow can be inserted into the bundle.
  • Decided to emphasize your retro style? Do you want to create a memorable image of a secular lioness? And here one can determine the entire appearance of one accessory! You make an ordinary wave, pick up a bang, taking it to one side. The hair needs to be treated with lacquer. Now it remains only to put on a smart shiny bandage with a large bow in the form of a flower! The accessory will completely change the hair, it will fix it well, will not allow the hair to crumble. The bandage performs its functions for hair styling, instantly gives the desired design a hairstyle.

Choose your accessories carefully, let your imagination run wild!

Hairstyles for the New Year on long hair 2015

Long hair is a real reward for their owner! Indeed, the master of hairdressing art notes that with long hair it is possible even in solemn cases to dispense with no laying and creating special hairstyles. You wash your head, dry your hair with a hairdryer, use the composition to make the volume and just leave the hair loose! This hair is as natural as possible.

Undoubtedly, on New Year's Eve you should take care of your hair, so that they do not interfere with you, retaining a beautiful appearance for a long time. It is worth choosing one of the popular hairstyles.

  1. Curls can be dissolved, but they should be fixed with studs, varnish or rim. You can take them back, completely throw them over one shoulder, divide them into pieces and leave them on their backs, in front. Do not forget about mousses and varnishes, because without them hair will seem dull and "tired" after a few hours.
  2. You can collect hair in front and make a start, and fix your hair with a bright hairpin, hairpin, bow or carved wooden scallop. Ahead of the hair will be cleaned, and the back will cover the back. It's stylish, feminine, relevant.
  3. The high tail also remains in the trend. You can easily make a smooth New Year's hair, if you decorate the tail with a bow, a bright pin, decorate the head with an iridescent wreath, release a few curls.
  4. The perfect option - a scythe. Now Greek spits, French, spits of five strands are especially relevant.
  5. You can also offer the latest model in the youth style. Hair in this version look great. You make a start, a tall large bun at the back of your neck, completely smooth. A shank and part of the hair on the side should be released, curled with light waves. As a result, the image becomes expressive, memorable, acquires notes of extravagance. The beam is formed by a scythe. This hairstyle for the New Year 2015 with a scythe on the photo looks really stylish.

Remember that long hair is easiest to emphasize their beauty, but it's important for you to leave vivid accents on appearance, attire.

Hairstyles for the New Year on medium hair 2015

Medium hair also opens up space for hairdressers. You can choose different options, try them in practice before the holidays, and then pinpoint the most appropriate solution.

For connoisseurs of elegance and retro style, hairstyles with curls, waves, and combed hair are suitable. You can comb your hair up, and loosen curls in front of you, someone prefers classical waves. Look great options with curled strands, decorated with ribbons, bandages, rims with accessories.

Beautifully look on medium hair bundles, seashells, bows of hair. A talented craftsman will create flowers from strands. As before, there is a well-known cascading haircut in the trend. Hair remains to comb, to process with mousse and a varnish that they well laid. And a stylish hairstyle is ready!

Hairstyles for the New Year on short hair 2015

On short hair, you can also make spectacular New Year's hair. Bean is very popular, stylish looks like kare. Now often leave short hair for the New Year in the usual style, giving them a volume of mousses and varnishes. And the main design is created by toning.

Highlighting, lightening of individual strands, toning in several shades, contrasting staining - all this completely transforms the hair. Especially elegant is the "creative mess" on short hair, but it is better to entrust such a haircut to a professional.

Beautiful and fashionable hairstyles for the New Year of the Blue Wood Goat 2015

Do you want to see a few more options to choose a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle for the New Year 2015?Let us consider specific examples.

Are you the lucky owner of medium or long hair? Appreciate retro and classic? Make a start in front, emphasize the splendor and beauty of the hair, use rims, other accessories.

On short and medium hair, you can make a great hairstyle in retro style. She will make the image elegant, surprisingly gentle and feminine. The retro waves in the photo immediately attract the eye.

Exquisitely looks creative hair with a scythe. Hair braided in a braid on the forehead, covering the head with a kind of woven bandage. On the side of the spit descends freely. Hairstyle is original, memorable, it emphasizes the beauty of the face oval, allows you to emphasize expressive eyes.

You can make and stylish styling, remembering the famous charming Audrey Hepburn. A short bangs, smoothly combed hair and tight locks released from above, a tall bun, nachos - everything is harmonious, elegant, flashy.

The owner of short hair can make a fashionable hairdress, recommended by hairdressers. Hair is simply divided into parting from the side, smoothly combed and collected in a small tail. It can be decorated with a bright barrette.

With this option of laying the accent is created on the beauty of shiny hair, the tenderness of the face and the sophistication of the New Year's attire.

Master classes of Hairstyles for the New Year in photo 2015

Master classes allow you to make your own hairstyles yourself. It is enough to look at the photo in order to understand all the subtleties.

Do you want to make an actual hairdo for the New Year? Study this master class: a spit of five strands in the photo is depicted perfectly. You can braid it, following the recommendations. Everything is set out in steps.
This wonderful version of stowage on the basis of braids, too, many will like. This will emphasize femininity, it is well-laid hair. Make this haircut is not difficult.

With pleasure girls make and fussy bows of hair. They can be decorated with hairpins, rhinestones, catchy hairpins.

Looks good hairstyle from long hair. They need to curl, do in front of nachyos, give hair volume. Then the hair is carefully collected in front, and behind curly locks remain loose. The image will be gentle, feminine.

Video master class of a beautiful fashionable hairstyle for the New Year 2015

Video master class hairstyles with overlapping strands for New Year 2015

Video master class hairstyles for the New Year for long hair

Learn different hairstyles, consider the features of your appearance, overall style and nuance attire, make-up. Remember the characteristics of your hair. You have to go with her for several hours, celebrate the New Year. Among the different options, you will certainly pick the best one. Let your New Year's hairdress cause universal delight!

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