With what to wear ugg boots

As soon as we hear the word ugi, we immediately imagine something exotic and extraordinary. To many people this word resembles sounds that the Australian aborigines have published. This continent is famous not only for exotic animals, but now for comfortable footwear. It is Australia that is considered the birthplace of the ugi.

  • History of the ugly
  • Examples of the combination

History of the ugly

Originally uggs were called "uglyboots" in English, which translated into our language meant "ugly shoes".Indeed, most of the ugly can not be called glamorous and refined. But despite this, they are very popular at the moment, because the legs in them feel wonderful, and most importantly, warm.

There is no consensus about where, and especially when they began to wear boots made from sheepskin. And yet it is presumably believed that it was the first time in Australia and New Zealand to wear such shoes. Invented such boots about 100 years ago. Sheep breeding is very developed in Australia, therefore, there was enough material for the production of such footwear. The most famous brand of such shoes is UGG Austrealia. Inside their shoes is sheep's wool, but the sole is made of moisture-resistant synthetics.

"Discoverer" of such "felt boots" is Australian surfer Shein Steadman. Before him the uggs had a different appearance. In those days, these boots were not for young girls, but for people who had to work in the cold. First of all, they were made for sheep breeders. They also became the inventors of this footwear. To this list, you can add more sailors, surfers and hunters.

As early as the beginning of the last century, ugg boots were in great demand among farmers and villagers. Then they spread in China, where they were acquired for agricultural workers.

They were also worn by anyone who had to work in a wet or humid climate. Then the ugg boots spread among the skiers, later among the surfers and swimmers who wore them solely to keep their feet warm. The boots were also noted by aviators. The airplanes were not completely sealed and the wind was walking in the cabin, and the ugg boots were able to protect the pilots' feet from moisture and cold.

As for Shane Steadman, in 1996 he sold his invention and the rights to the Decker trademark UGH for $ 10,000 and three pairs of boots annually throughout his life. If he had not done it then now he would have received more than 700 million dollars annually. The idea of ​​creating Ugs Steadman came when he once again visited the sea. In the winter it was very cold and he had to wrap his feet in woolen things so that they would not freeze. This building and served as a prototype of the Ug.

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Examples of combining

If a couple of years ago the ugg boots were not widely known, and all our women of fashion looked at them sideways, now they are regulars of glossy magazines. Almost every girl on the planet in the wardrobe has a couple of ugg boots, and maybe even not one. Moreover, it is no longer a problem to buy comfortable and warm boots. But you need to know how and with what correctly to combine ugi and at the same time do not look ridiculous.

As soon as the ugg boots filled the whole world, they started to be worn with anything and anytime. Repeatedly, world-size stars wore evening dresses with ugg boots. In such images, they were often photographed by the paparazzi. And yet, do not follow the various quirks of the stars, since initially uggs are a Kezhual style, and only in this style are they relevant to what percent.

Best uggs look great with narrow jeans and leggings. That is, with this clothing you can wear, like low and high ugg boots. The main thing is that the pants underneath are narrow. Thanks to this, it is very easy to put boots inside.

But do not completely exclude wide jeans. The image will not be as effective as with narrow, but has the right to exist. If the same choice fell on all the same on the wide jeans, then it is better to wear them with short ugg boots.

You can also wear boots with warm knitted dresses or skirts in the same style as ugg boots. To this list, you can also include elongated sweaters, cardigans and tunics. This outfit is suitable for both weekdays and holidays. Original and harmonious will look ugly with a skirt in folk style. Another advantage of these boots is that they sit perfectly even on the full leg.

To wear or not ugg boots in the summer is a rather controversial issue. Basically, this is due to the fact that they are really very warm, and in summer their feet sweat heavily. In addition, your outfit, consisting of short shorts combined with ugg boots, will not be appreciated, moreover, they will find you very strange. So it's better not to take chances.

Uggs can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Their range is very diverse. Length also varies from short models to medium height and even high models. Short ugg boots can be worn with knitted golf, a knee-length skirt, tight jeans or breeches.

As for the medium and high model of boots, they can also be combined with jeans, leggings, short skirts and dresses with tight pantyhose.

Also with all the above things you can wear knitted and fur coats.

As for the outer clothing, the ugg boots are in perfect harmony with the shortened jacket, coat, down jacket. With a fur coat it is better not to wear such boots, since it will look ridiculous. After all, the ugg boots are designed for a more active lifestyle, and the coat adds solidity and elegance.

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Any ugg boots perfectly with warm pantyhose. With kapron pantyhose, knitted ugg boots look. Famous designers recommend young girls and women to choose pantyhose in the same color palette as the boots, only a few tones darker or lighter. A wonderful combination of boots and pantyhose with an ethnic pattern. But do not forget about the rest of the image. If you have already placed emphasis on the legs and put on the original tights, then do not overload the top. It is better to choose a more restrained tone. Uniform pantyhose should be combined with gloves, scarf and hat.

Sheepskin, from which this footwear is made, is painted in many colors - from more natural to colorful and bright. But the biggest problem is caused by such colors as black, gray and brown. Despite the fact that these classic shades with them are always the most difficult and arise. If the blue, red, pink ugg boots already oblige us to wear an accessory or garment in tone with boots, then with gray ugg boots it will be more difficult. After all, it's difficult to match clothes to gray boots. It can be shade darker or lighter than your boots, which means it will no longer look harmonious with them.

But this does not mean that you should not buy them. It is necessary to understand what is best to wear classic colors. Gray color though also washed away, but is a romantic shade, therefore it can be safely combined with clothes in pastel colors. Namely: pink, beige, blue.

Black ugg boots are universal and so you can wear with any color in your clothes, except for too bright and neon.

Red or brown ugg boots fit perfectly with tight blue or blue jeans.

In addition to redheads, you can create a cowboy image and complement it with a checkered shirt, a strap with a massive buckle and waistcoat. If you have beige uggs, then they will look great with sweaters in light shades, black or patterned leggings, as well as pantyhose.

This season, fashionable white ugg boots. In winter they give the image of magic. To date, the most famous are white ugg boots with artificial or natural fur. In this spectrum there is a huge selection of boots.

Many fashionistas prefer ugg boots with rhinestones. In addition, white boots fit any image. Famous fashion designers believe that in this case it is necessary to emphasize the legs, so you should wear shorter clothes, for example, a skirt or breeches. Of course, contrasting pants will also work.

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