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Salmonids, including salmon, are becoming more popular in our country. Many prefer to have breakfast and have lunch with sandwiches. And on a festive table a similar dish can always be put. Sandwiches with salmon are very delicious, hearty and appetizing. And their cooking takes minimum time, effort and products. Especially if you prefer the classics of the genre, that is, a combination of products such as bread, butter, fish and greens. But there are many more interesting and original recipes, which differ in a wider and diverse composition. In any case, the selected ingredients will give you a good mood, energy and excellent taste. It is worth considering that the red fish is saturated with fatty acids, which has a very positive effect on health.

Recipes suggest using smoked or slightly salted fish. Although they are interchangeable. The choice depends on your taste preferences, so boldly experiment and adjust the recipes at your discretion.

Since salmon is the basis for making sandwiches, it is very important to select it correctly. It is best to buy a steak or fillet. When choosing a fish, lightly press it. If the bones easily leave, it means that the salmon is not fresh. Also study the slices. They should not be torn. In addition, the good quality of the fillet is evidenced by its elasticity and gentle pink shade. Too bright color suggests that the salmon with dyes, and a dark red hue indicates a considerable age of the fish. But the pallor is proof that the product is made from frozen meat. Such a salmon will have a loose consistency.

In addition, the presence of liquid in a vacuum package confirms the fact, then used the fish is not the first freshness or the technology of production was violated.

And still be sure that in the product ready for use, there are no other ingredients, except salt and the salmon itself.

Sandwiches with salmon: recipe

To make sandwiches with salmon, you will need a baguette, white bread or a loaf. But still baguette - the best option. It must be cut into thin slices. Then spread each slice with a thin layer of butter. To facilitate this step, remove the oil from the refrigerator in advance and wait until it softens.

Cut the ham as thinly as possible, and to make it easier, place the fish in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting. For each oiled slice of baguette put a piece of salmon, laying it in the form of a ringlet. And to make the pitch look even more attractive and original, you can make the layout in the form of a "rose".To do this, cut another thin piece of fish of smaller length and fold it into a ringlet. And to get a rose, place it in the middle of the larger ring.

Next cut the slices of fresh cucumber. Cut each vegetable ring in half. Lay out the cucumber billets for each sandwich in the form of leaves to "fish roses".Also cut olives in circles and lay them on the other side of the composition.

Ready sandwiches beautifully spread on a platter or plate. On top decorate with parsley sticks or other herbs. Now the sandwiches are ready for serving. They not only look nice, but also very tasty.

Sandwiches with salmon and cucumber

Salmon and cucumber - this combination is familiar to many and for many a favorite. But this recipe, thanks to the use of sour cream sauce, makes simple sandwiches less familiar and more original.

To prepare these sandwiches you will need 16 pieces of red cold smoked fish, half a long cucumber, half a glass of fatty sour cream, 8 slices of rye bread and 3 tbsp.l.finely chopped dill.

To begin with, stir sour cream with dill, pepper and salt it to taste. Then, clean the cucumber, cut it into 16 thin long strips, add ¼ tsp.salt and leave for 10 minutes. After that, blot the vegetable with a paper towel. Bread grease with sour cream sauce and on top of serpentine place cucumber with fish. Sandwiches can be peppered and served on the table.

Sandwiches with avocado and salmon

This recipe is more complex and multicomponent than the previous one. It is worth noting that the avocado is perfectly combined with salmon. To implement this idea in life, you absolutely do not need the oil, which is usually used in the preparation of sandwiches with red fish. This dairy product will perfectly replace the avocado, which without extra fat will make sandwiches very tasty and nutritious.

So, prepare the following ingredients: toast or bread, salmon, avocado, cheese, olives and lemon juice. Slice avocado and fish. Avocado carefully lubricate with lemon juice, so it does not darken. Add the sandwich in the following order: bread, avocado and fish. Treat your meals with olives and cheese.

Bon appetit!

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