Beautiful hairstyles for hair length to the shoulders with a step-by-step description

Hair up to the shoulders, even with its small length, allows you to create a variety of styling - from a simple tail to stylish evening and wedding options. The main thing is not afraid to experiment and change. Next, the article presents several original hairstyles that any fashionista will like.

  • Casual
  • Smooth hair
  • curls
  • Tail
  • Pigtails
  • beam of
  • harnesses
  • Basket
  • Pompadour
  • Evening
  • In the style of boho
  • Greek
  • With concealed braids
  • Retro
  • Wedding
  • Side beam
  • beam of wave
  • Laying with invisible
  • Shell


To every day to look spectacular you should learn to do simple everyday hairstyles.

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Straight hair

You can lay the modest karas up to your shoulders in a laconic style. To do this, you need to carefully straighten your hair with an iron. Such a styling is well complemented by any bangs.

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  1. Apply a thermal protection to clean hair.
  2. Locks are divided into zones using clamps.

  3. Beginning with the lower ones, wind all the hair with the iron in the vertical curls.
  4. The stain is sprinkled with varnish and ruffled with hands to give a more natural look.
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  1. Hair on the vertex is well combed at the roots.
  2. Collect them in the tail at the back of the head. The tail should not be very tight, so that the heel can retain a three-dimensional shape.
  3. For the smoothness of the upper hairs, smooth a soft comb.
  4. From the tail, highlight the side strand and wrap it with an elastic band.
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Refreshing the image will help pigtails woven on the sides and fixed on the back.

  1. Hair is divided into two halves.
  2. On each side of the head braid braids and tie them with thin elastic bands.
  3. The ends of the hair are tucked under the hair and fixed with invisible.
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Always elegant and original looks a bunch.

  1. Hair comb back.
  2. Extreme curls roll in bundles and, combining with the rest of the hair, put together in the tail.
  3. In the space between the elastic band and the back of the neck, extend the tail.
  4. Hair ends to hide inside the beam.
  5. If necessary, secure the installation with invisibility and varnish.
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  1. harnesses The combing and dividing hair is divided into 3 equal zones.
  2. Locks of each zone are twisted into a bundle and wrapped in a bundle.
  3. Secure each beam with studs.
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  1. Hair smoothly divided into two equal parts.
  2. On the left side of the hair weave spikes, gradually weaving in it all the curls.
  3. Similar spikelet on the right.
  4. Locks the braids on the back of the head, one on top of the other, using invisible tools.

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  1. Apply a styling agent to the hair.
  2. On the forehead and the vertex, select the zones of the hair and perform on them basal hair.
  3. Brushed hair to collect and stab in the back of the head. If necessary, a larger foam can be attached to the roots.
  4. The ready-for-laying spread and raise with the help of a comb.
  5. To fix the hairstyle with lacquer.
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To create a feminine evening image for a solemn event, it's enough to experiment with hair a little and add accessories.

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In the style of the Boso

  1. . Wash hair and dry it with a hairdryer, lifting them at the roots.
  2. Apply thermal protection to them and screw onto a cone curler.
  3. Split the hair evenly.
  4. Locks to disassemble by hand.
  5. Apply wax to the ends of hair.
  6. Put on an ornament in the style of a boho.
  7. loading. ..

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  1. Clean hair for a curling iron.
  2. Wear a thin bandage on your head.
  3. Consistently beginning with the temporal lobes, detach the strands, twist them into bundles and tuck them under the bandage.
  4. Prepare a ready hairdress with hairpins and a varnish.
  5. Push the forehead to one side or fill it with a bandage.
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With hidden braids

This kind of hairdo visually lengthens the neck, so it can be successfully used by full girls.

  1. Apply a styling agent to the hair.
  2. Dry curls, lifting the roots of hair up.
  3. Hair on the vertex to collect and fasten with a clamp.
  4. On the temporal lobe, highlight the hair zone directly above the ear and braid the braid on it.
  5. At the back of the head, tie a braid with a rubber band, and fix the hair ends with hairpins.
  6. Similar spit braid on the other side of the head.
  7. The braids close the hair from the top of the head.
  8. All free curls to wind on a curling iron.
  9. Fit straightening.
  10. The tips of the hair are highlighted with wax.
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  1. Wash hair and apply mousse on them.
  2. Make a side part.
  3. Drying hair is necessary so that the jet of air is directed strictly down from the roots to the tips. In this case, the ends of the hair need to be twisted back.
  4. After this drying, the hair should fit snugly against the head and do not tumble.
  5. If the hair is long, collect them on the back of the head in a bun.
  6. Wear a bandage with stones over the hair.
  7. loading. ..

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Even on hair up to the shoulders you can make graceful hairstyles that will help to look irresistibly on your wedding day. They can be supplemented with a veil, diadem, fresh flowers, elegant hair clips or rhinestones.

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Side beam

  1. Pure hair is divided into two parts by a horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  2. The top of the hair is divided into strands and combed.
  3. Bottom hair gather in the side tail and roll into a neat bundle.
  4. Beam fasten the studs.
  5. Brushed hair back laid, smooth with a soft comb, so that they bend the bundle to the right.
  6. The ends of the hair are hidden under the bundle and fixed with studs and varnish.
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Beam with waves

  1. Wash and dry the head.
  2. With a horizontal parting, separate the hair on the crown and back of the head.
  3. At the top of the head, throw most of the hair to one side of the head and make a side part.
  4. The ends of the hair are wound with iron or curling iron.
  5. All hair with the crown and the nape of the tail.
  6. From the tail with the help of pins to form a bundle.
  7. Locks to disassemble hands and sprinkle with varnish.
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Stowage with invisible objects

  1. Hair wash.
  2. Apply mousse on them.
  3. Dry with a hair dryer, pulling each lock from the forehead to the back of the head. In this case, the tips of the hair must be twisted with a round comb up.
  4. For high-quality fixation, pinch hair with clamps 3-5 cm from the hair growth line, tightly pressing them to the head and pulling back.
  5. It is ideal to comb the hair along the entire length.
  6. On the back of the head, the upper strands should be stabbed in crosswise with beautiful invisibles.
  7. Clamps from hair carefully remove.
  8. Hairstyle to sprinkle with varnish.
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This hairstyle will be better kept on stale hair.

  1. Fringe and hair from the top of the head to gather on the back of the head and secure it with invisible ones.
  2. Hair with temporal lobes back and also fixed with invisible.
  3. Bottom hair roll into a roll.
  4. Tighten the tips with the studs and fix it well with lacquer.
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