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Easter is a bright holiday, symbolizinga revival of a new life. On this day, all members of the family gather together to celebrate the Bright Resurrection and exchange small presents with each other. If you do not know what to give to your family and friends, the interesting ideas of Easter gifts discussed in this article will help you.

Features of Easter gifts

From ordinary presents to gifts for Easter are different in that they carry a certain sacred meaning. Each of them must meet the religious theme of this holiday and include in itself a traditional symbol for this day.

Of particular value are various crafts, household items and souvenirs made with their own hands. They are put on certain symbols that attract the house well-being, peace and love.

Most often as gifts for the Easter holidays are presented:

  • Wicker baskets with eggs.
  • Traditional Easter cakes.
  • Easter rabbits, hares, chicks, bettas, chickens and other animals. Compositions of live or dried flowers.
  • Easter wreaths.
  • Easter trees decorated with pysanka.
  • Easter decor: bells, angels and pendants.
  • Books on religious subjects in a beautiful cover.
  • Household items with embroidered symbols on them. As such items are tablecloths, potholders, napkins, towels, etc.

Most of the above options can be made with your own hands from improvised materials.

Traditional Easter symbols

Each of the Easter gifts should bear the traditional symbol for Easter. Let's look at the basic symbols and their meanings:

  • The sun is a symbol of God.
  • The cross is the symbol of the universe, four seasons, four directions of the world and four winds.
  • Spiral is a symbol of fertility and time.
  • The trident is one of the oldest symbols of the Sun. In Christianity, he also means fire and the Holy Trinity.
  • The star is a symbol of the morning dawn and love.
  • The bird is a symbol of the birth of a new life, fertility and prosperity.
  • Oak leaf is a symbol of male power and Divine justice.
  • The branch is a symbol of the spring awakening of nature from winter sleep.
  • The rooster is the harbinger of a new day, the guardian of good and the defender of evil.
  • A horse is a symbol of the infinite movement of the Sun, the image of a fearless messenger of faith.
  • Fish is a symbol of water, life and health.
  • Deer is the guardian of truth, an image of God's search and mutual help.
  • Grapes are a symbol of the genus.
  • The vine is a symbol of Jesus Christ.
  • Flowers are a symbol of children, joy and beauty.

Gift Pisanky

Pisanka is one of the most complex Easter paintings that is made with the help of hot wax on the egg. For Christianity, it symbolizes the infinity of being and a new life.

Make pysanki as follows:

  1. Eggs are pre-washed in warm water with the addition of a small amount of table salt. Then they are soaked in vinegar and dried.
  2. Easter eggs are painted with a special wooden stick with an inserted metal tip with a pointed end.
  3. Natural beeswax is melted in a water bath. You can use a burning candle.
  4. With the help of hot wax, a pattern is applied to the surface of the egg, and then it is dyed in the desired color.
  5. At the end of the work, the wax is carefully removed.

As can be seen from the above, the process of creating pysanki is quite complicated. It is difficult to implement without proper training, certain knowledge and skills. Fortunately, gift Easter eggs with traditional symbolic painting can be ordered from professional masters or purchased in the finished form in the store.

Pisanka can be made both on natural raw eggs, and on wood. To beautifully present it, the pysanka is placed on a special wooden stand.

Gift Easter cakes

One of the traditional Easter gifts is Easter cake. To make it look festive and presentable, it can be decorated with snow-white fondant, and from above with the help of food colors of various colors to put symbolic patterns or images on religious themes.

Easter cake can be installed on a special stand. You can add this gift to beautiful pisanky, made by yourself or purchased in the store. It is desirable to consecrate the cake in the church so that the gift becomes more valuable and has become sacred.

It will be very interesting to look Easter from sweets. Such a gift will appeal to the children first. To make it it is possible as follows:

  1. Take a small straw basket of yellow color without a handle, decorate it with corrugated paper and decorative ribbons.
  2. Inside the basket put the candy in colorful wrappers.
  3. The top can be decorated with fresh flowers or embroidered traditional symbols with linen napkins.
  4. Sweet and beautiful gift is ready!

Gifts for Easter for the smallest

In addition to the Easter cake made from chocolates, there are other options for Easter gifts for children. Among them:

  • Toy Easter bunny. He can put pysanka, painted by a skilled craftsman.
  • Basket with Easter eggs and various sweets. It can be filled with Easter eggs, made of milk chocolate and painted with colorful fondant.
  • Easter chicken made from real flowers. Such a gift will suit a gentle and romantic girl. In addition to it you can present pysanka, a small Easter cake and various sweets.
  • A book with children's stories on religious topics. This gift can be given to a child who likes to read and is interested in religion.
  • As an interesting idea of ​​the Easter gift for the child will serve the Easter tree, decorated with various attributes of this holiday, made of chocolate or marmalade. Such a gift will cause real enthusiasm for the child. The tree can be decorated with chocolate Easter bunnies, chickens, eggs, eggs etc.
  • Gifts from candies for Easter, for example, you can make a magnificent bouquet of sweets. To do this, you need candy, candy, bright corrugated paper and tape. Make of paper like an envelope, inside which place sweets. Paper fasten the tape, tied it with an elegant bow. A similar gift can also be decorated with fresh flowers.

You can discuss various ideas for Easter with children. Due to their spontaneity and vivid imagination, they can provide you with interesting options.

Animal figurines as a gift

Easter presents are often presented with one of the symbolic figures of animals for this holiday, which can be made of wood, clay, cardboard, textiles, crystal, metal and other materials. A gift in the form of a symbolic animal is one of the most interesting Easter ideas.

So, what symbolic meanings are the following Easter animals:

  • Chickens and chickens are a symbol of the beginning of a new life. Roosters are a symbol of light and the Sun.
  • Swans, doves and turtledoves are a symbol of fidelity and mutual love.
  • Storks are a symbol of the birth of a new life.
  • The cuckoo is a symbol of longevity.
  • Rabbit is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.
  • A lamb is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in the house.
  • Swallow is a symbol of spring.
  • A goat is a symbol of fertility.

Often in addition to such a gift, horseshoes are given for luck and luck, as well as bells that symbolize the renewal and awakening of a new life.

What to give for Easter to parents

As you know, most children have a vivid imagination, which they show in almost all areas of their lives. It is usually not difficult for a child to think up what to give to his parents.

However, on Easter, traditional gifts are not suitable, since the presents must correspond to the religious spirit of the holiday. Therefore, when choosing the right Easter gift, children sometimes need advice and some help.

Let's take a look at the most interesting ideas that you can give to your parents:

  • The best option will be your own painted Easter eggs. The painting can be made both on boiled eggs and on a model. For this you can use both natural and synthetic paints. A gift made by the hands of a child will be of great value in the eyes of the parents.
  • Older children can independently bake an Easter cake, decorate it with sweet, flowers from mastic and other edible ornaments. You can put the cake in a beautiful basket decorated with dry straw, willow twigs and fresh flowers.
  • Parents can be presented with a beautiful postcard. To produce it, you will need cardboard, ribbons, beads and dried flowers. First you need to cut out the shape of the postcard, then from the cardboard make an oval in the shape of an Easter egg and decorate it. Having attached the Easter egg to the postcard, decorate the rest of your gift with ribbons, pieces of lace, beads and dry flowers.
  • Very an interesting Easter idea will become violets or pansies, planted in the shell of a chicken egg. The shell can be painted in a beautiful and delicate color or decorated with a list. Inside the shell put a small amount of land and drop flowers there. From above, the ground can be covered with moss. Similar compositions put on a beautiful stand or put in a wicker basket.
  • A large bouquet composed of dried flowers and willow branches. He will stay in the house for a long time and will enjoy his delicate and pleasant aroma for a long time.
  • Adult children can please their parents with their own cooked pastries, various amulets, icons and the Bible. And, of course, the joy of the parents will cause the care and attention received from their children.

Easter gifts with your own hands

It's best to make presents for Easter by yourself. In this case, you can put in them a particle of your soul and good intentions.

In addition, the process of making a gift will allow you to realize your ideas and use your own creative abilities.

Let's look at some Easter ideas with our own hands:

  • If you know how to sew or knit, you can make a small figure of one of the traditional animals for Easter: rabbit, rooster, lamb, chicken, etc. In the form of these animals, you can make a heating pad on the kettle, a mat, a pillow for sleeping, a pad for needles, etc. Figures can also be made from wool using felting techniques.
  • An Easter basket made of twigs of trees, dry grass, moss and flowers.
  • With the help of dry twigs, moss, twigs and fresh flowers you can make a beautiful Easter wreath that will decorate absolutely any interior.

  • An Easter tree that can be made from branches of shrubs with leaves. As decorations, use Easter eggs, beautiful ribbons, figurines of rabbits and chickens.
  • Tablecloth and napkins with embroidered cross-stitch or smooth symbolism. Such gifts are always made with love and good intentions. They can depict those symbols that bring prosperity and love to the house of the people they are given.
  • Images of angels, decorated with bells and flowers.
  • Composition from willow twigs. To create it, take a shallow bowl and fill it with earth. Top the ground with moss, dry grass or smooth pebbles. Take a few branches of willows and circle them into the ground. From above, bind the branches with a beautiful ribbon. In the middle of the composition place an Easter egg or Easter cake.

Gift sets

Especially popular are Easter gift sets.

Prepare them on your own or purchase it in ready-made form in one of your city's souvenir shops or on the Internet.

The following attributes may be part of Easter patterns:

  • Figures of Easter animals: rabbits, hares, chickens, lambs, chickens, bettas, etc. They can be made from various materials( wood, textiles, gypsum, metal, etc.)), fresh flowers and even chocolate.
  • Artfully executed pysanka.
  • Embroidered wipes.
  • Easter cakes.
  • Herbal tea.
  • Ginger biscuits.
  • Gem, healing honey or jam.
  • Figurines of angels, bells, amulets.
  • Different sweets.

Sets can be packed in gift boxes or in beautiful wicker baskets. They can be supplemented with a small bouquet of spring flowers tied with a beautiful ribbon.

We have considered only the most popular gift ideas for Easter. In fact, there are many more. When choosing a gift, it is necessary to pay attention to it to answer the theme of the holiday and contain a certain symbolism. In addition, he must necessarily be chosen with a soul and sincere feeling.

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