Fashion styles of skirts with an overstated waist

The popularity of skirts with an overstated waist is growing year by year. This skirt style was created back in the days of antiquity and received special relevance among the beautiful half of humanity in the era of the Empire. Thus, the ancient Greek women were often depicted in beautiful robes with a high waist, the line of which began below the level of the chest. It is this charming image that inspired many famous fashion designers to create different styles of skirts with an overstated waistline.

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Skirt styles

Designers of modern clothing offer fashion connoisseurs various styles of skirts of similar models, which are a wonderful solution for creating a romantic, business and youth style.

The most popular shape of a skirt with an inflated waist, regardless of the currents of fickle fashion, is recognized as a pencil skirt. She favorably emphasizes the line of hips and waist, perfectly complements the female image. A medium-length pencil skirt is also versatile, as it is suitable for any event.

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This skirt is perfectly combined with a blouse of classical style and high-heeled shoes.

For the summer period, long styles of magnificent skirts with an overstated waist are relevant, which are combined with shirts, tops, blouses and T-shirts. This ensemble will look great on vacation or at a cocktail party.

To emphasize femininity and own personality, choose short skirts. These models of skirts perfectly demonstrate the slender legs of a fashionista, as well as her slender waist and a beautiful thigh line.

The short and long skirts of the tulip and ballon are well combined with translucent blouses, fitted or elongated jackets, as well as high-heeled shoes.

Also very popular are short skirts-klesh and schoolgirls, under them you can pick up beautiful blouses and sleeveless jackets.

Another popular style is the bell skirts of different lengths. Regardless of the length, the top to such skirts will fit only in the skin.

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With what to wear

Modern fashion designers are sure that a skirt with an overstated waist is practical and functional for women. After all, this skirt model is organically combined with many kinds of clothes of the women's wardrobe. So, a business lady can combine a skirt with an overstated waist with a variety of shirts, tops and blouses, in which the décolleté line is underlined.

If the woman of fashion does not differ in perfect physique, then it is recommended to put on the jacket of an elongated cut on top of the blouse and decorate it with an elegant belt.

This will help to hide the shortcomings of the figure and concentrate the attention of others on the elegant line of the thigh and waist.

Fashion designers who prefer romantic style in clothes can also use a skirt with an overestimated waist to complete their own image. This skirt model looks perfect with thin blouses, open tops, short jackets and fitted jackets.

If your wardrobe is dominated by things of youth style, then this skirt will be perfectly combined with leggings, bright t-shirts, tight-fitting turtlenecks and tops.

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Stylists advise to put on a skirt shoes on high and medium heels, and also to supplement the received image with elegant belts or cords. But, youth fashion does not always obey the general rules, so perhaps a bold combination of a lush skirt with slippers, ballet shoes or sneakers.

The skirt looks in any color palette. Young fashionistas are best to choose the styles of skirts, performed in bright colors. Older ladies of fashionable clothing are advised, besides classic colors, to buy skirts of sand, beige, turquoise, cream and any other neutral shade.

Satin, chiffon, crepe, jeans, satin or silk are the main material for the skirt.

If you love not only beautiful, but practical things, then get a skirt made of warm wool, drape, corduroy and tweed. These types of fabrics are particularly dense and wear-resistant, so they are an excellent material for sewing demi-season skirts.

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