By what means can you remove the extensions yourself

Eyelash extension is a popular procedure. It gives a beautiful effect of long curved eyelashes. This result looks very attractive, however, it can not last forever. After 3 weeks, the lashes are removed. This can be done from a specialist in the cabin, and you can do with home remedies.

  • Debonder
  • oil
  • Cream
  • vapor
  • vapor Than can not be removed


This is a drug that doctors prescribe for the treatment of conjunctivitis and some other eye diseases.

This medicine has in its composition quite aggressive strong components that help dissolve the glue.

The procedure carried out with the use of this composition is quite simple. Under the eyes, first put cotton wool to protect, in Albucida, moisten the cotton swab and apply this compound to the surface of the eyelashes. For efficiency, you need to do this not one, but several times, with an interval of about 5 minutes. Applying the solution 2-3 times, it should be left on the eyelashes until half an hour.

After that, you can try to remove the extensions of eyelashes. If they do not get unstuck, you can hold the composition for a while.

This method seems quite safe, because it uses not harmful chemicals, but a medical product that is designed specifically for the eyes, and therefore it will not do any harm to the mucous membrane.

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This is the most complex of all possible methods, which is as close to the procedures performed by masters in beauty salons.

Debonder is a special substance that dissolves glue. You can buy it in specialized stores. It is quite simple to use a debander, it does not cause irritation, allergies and can be used even during pregnancy. However, it should be used with utmost care, observing all safety rules.

To begin with, put 2 soft cotton pads under the eyes. For convenience, they can be cut in a semicircle. Discs should be attached to the skin with adhesive tape or a piece of plaster, so that they take a fixed position. After that, gently, using a cotton swab, apply the product to the cilia. To dissolve the glue, the composition will take about 3-4 minutes. To remove the remnants of extensions, carefully remove the discarded hairs with a cotton swab.

After the procedure, rinse your eyes with decoction of chamomile or other medicinal herbs. Cilia can be treated with castor or coconut oil, this will help them to recover faster.

Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions
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oil Natural oils are the simplest and most popular means for removing artificial eyelashes. For these purposes, the following oils will be used correctly:

  • Castor .This inexpensive product perfectly strengthens the eyelashes, its regular application favorably affects the condition of the eyelashes.
  • Sunflower .An affordable tool, for those who do not know how to properly remove lashes. With it, you can remove eyelashes effortlessly and without harm
  • Repein. Not only allows to remove artificial parts of eyelashes, but also will promote the growth of natural cilia.
  • Olive. In addition to removing the extended eyelashes, this product also nourishes the natural.
  • of Jojoba .Has a soft, oily texture and copes well with the task of dissolving even the most resistant glue.
  • Coconut is an eco-product that has a high fat content, which facilitates easier removal of the extended eyelashes.

Regardless of the type of oil, the process of removing the eyelashes will be approximately the same. Under the eyes put on a cotton disk. Slightly lubricate the oil composition with lashes. In this form, you will need to sit with your eyes closed for at least half an hour.

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How much time is removed lash eyelashes, definitely can not be said, everything here is quite individual. Typically, it takes about 30 minutes. After this, you need to wipe your eyelids, carefully taking off the hairs that have dropped out.

This procedure is not only simple and does not require serious expenses, but it is absolutely safe and very useful. Used during its healing oils not only remove artificial hairs, but also perfectly nourish your own cilia.

However, you should act very carefully and do not allow a lot of oil to get into your eyes. In some cases, natural oils, getting on a sensitive mucous membrane, can lead to irritation and even a fairly severe burn.

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For a neat removal of the extended eyelashes, an infant's cream, regular moisturizing or body milk is suitable. The only condition: the remedy must necessarily be fat.

Apply the cream on the same technology as the oil. Having sustained the necessary time( at least half an hour), you can try to remove eyelashes with a cotton swab. If they do not fall off, they can be gently rubbed. How much time is removed with eyelashes cream, definitely can not say, it all depends on the composition of the selected cosmetic product.

This is also a very cheap and simple method, however, it is not as safe as the oil-based technique, because the cream is made of their chemical components, which are not desirable for eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out this procedure very carefully, so as not to harm the eyes.

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You can remove the old cilia with a special composition called Remuever. This cosmetic product is suitable for those who are thinking how to quickly remove the extensions of the lash at home.

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Remover specially created for removing from the eyes of artificial material. Among all the chemicals used for this purpose, Remouver is considered the safest.

It can take the form of a soft gel, lotion, paste or cream, containing in its composition hypoallergenic components and safe substances. They are safe for the mucous membrane of the eye, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

To remove the extended eyelashes, you should apply any liquid or cream remover to the eyelashes for 5-10 minutes, this will be enough to completely dissolve the adhesive composition. Removing all the hairs with a cotton swab, you can lubricate the eyelashes with olive oil.

This is a great way for those who do not know how to carefully remove the extended eyelashes.

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Another home method that allows you to remove artificial eyelashes without special tools.

This technique does not require absolutely no cost. All that is needed is hot water and a towel to make an impromptu steam bath.

It is necessary to heat the water to the boiling water, then pour it into a wide bowl. Put on the table, sit next to the bowl and cover your head with a towel, bending over hot water.

The incoming steam will warm up the adhesive composition, and eyelashes can be removed. Sometimes this procedure must be repeated for several times, achieving the desired result.

This is quite a troublesome and time-consuming method, but it has the most important advantages. First, it will not be necessary to purchase special preparations and cosmetic products, and secondly, this procedure is absolutely safe, unlike many other methods. Hot steam is completely harmless and will not cause any unpleasant consequences.

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Than it is impossible to remove

To remove artificial eyelashes independently it is necessary very cautiously. It is important to choose safe methods, especially if you suffer from allergic reactions or hypersensitivity. In addition, there are a number of particularly dangerous ways, which can not be resorted to categorically.

  • Under no circumstances can you wring out overgrown eyelashes with your hands or tweezers. Eyelash eyelashes will necessarily break out with the natural, which in the long run will provide you with aesthetic problems, since eyelashes grow very slowly.
  • Do not pick the glue with needles, toothpicks and other sharp objects, this is fraught with eye injury and eyelids.
  • Do not resort to the help of questionable drugs that were purchased through the Internet or in unverified stores. If you choose special chemical compounds for the removal of eyelashes, you should buy only quality products from reliable manufacturers in specialized stores, without saving on quality.

The procedure for removing extensions is not so complicated and you can perform it yourself. But if you still doubt your abilities and are afraid for the safety of the process, it is better to entrust this work to experienced professionals from the beauty salon.

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