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On Victory Day, the attention of not only our country but the whole world is traditionally attracted by the Red Square, which is the heart of Moscow. Every year on May 9, it is on this square that Victory Parade is held, which has become a real symbol of the holiday for a long time.

Symbol of the Great Victory

The parade is held in honor of the victory of the Soviet people in 1945 over Nazi Germany. The date was not chosen by chance, since it was at night on May 9, Moscow time in Berlin, that Marshal Zhukov and deputy head of the Allied Expeditionary Forces Tedder accepted the unconditional surrender of the German army. On this day the German General Wilhelm Keitel signed the Act on the surrender of Germany and the cease-fire.

This is the greatest victory not only of the Russian people, but of the whole world. For the countries of the former USSR, it was of great importance. In World War II, the largest number of soldiers and civilians died and suffered in the USSR and Germany, therefore in Russia they consider it important to remember the feat of their people and to transfer to posterity the memory of those events that occurred in the middle of the last century.

This day it is customary to congratulate all the veterans who took part in that war. With each passing year, there are fewer and fewer of them, but this holiday has not lost its May 9, and over the years, on the wave of growing patriotism in Russia, has only become even more important and serious.

History of the Victory Parade

By the way, for the first time the Victory Parade was held not on May 9, but on June 24, 1945, when the legendary Victory Banner from Berlin was delivered to Moscow.

The date of the was chosen by JV Stalin, then the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Armed Forces, and those servicemen who had by this time returned to Moscow from Berlin took part. The photographs of that year show how military and military equipment are moving through Red Square in the pouring rain, and this parade has become a model, which today conducts similar events in the capital.

There were years when the Victory Parade was not held in our country, and even on May 9 it was considered an ordinary working day. And only in 1996, after the collapse of the USSR, the government issued a decree to officially consider May 9 a holiday in the country and declared it a non-working day. And the May 9 parade became not just a symbol of victory over the fascists, it was turned into a fascinating spectacle, to which not only Russians but also foreigners look with pleasure.

Parade Program On this significant day, Moscow is visited by thousands of tourists from other cities and countries.

Annually held on Victory Day, more and more thematic excursions dedicated to the events of 1945.
Tour guides arrange for tourists to walk around Red Square and the buildings and historical monuments on it.
  1. Since 1997 a temporary tribune near the Mausoleum is being constructed for the Parade. The Parade of the Victory Banner is headed, the same one that was delivered from Berlin to Moscow in 1945, along with documents on the surrender of Germany.
  2. At the same time, a delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, led by the Minister himself, is leaving the Spasskaya Tower gate on Red Square to take the parade.
  3. The parade commander is obliged during the parade to bring to the Minister a full report on the level of readiness of the army of the country, as well as on the state of military equipment and military units of Russia.
  4. This is followed by a mandatory detour of the troops of the Moscow garrison, after which, as on June 24, 1945, the melody "Glory" is heard.
  5. After this, the President of the Russian Federation traditionally treats with an official holiday speech, not only as the head of the country, but also as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
  6. The solemn speech of the president is completed by the salvos of artillery salute under the national anthem.
  7. After this, a procession of soldiers begins on Red Square, followed by a technique.
  8. The highlight of the parade is its air part, in which airplanes and helicopters take part. The pilots of the Russian Air Force show this skill, doing a huge number of unique tricks and hitting the audience.
  9. At the end of the Parade, the sky over the square is painted with the help of aviation in the official colors of the Russian flag.

Details of the Parade

Usually the Parade is broadcasted in full on some state channels, and the main TV channels of the city and the country make reports about this event. Every year more and more representatives of foreign delegations and mass media notice that they cover the holiday in the media and come to Russia with business visits of a political nature.

In addition to the demonstration parade of military equipment and the march of servicemen, since 2012, a mass action was launched, which was supported by millions of people - "Immortal Polk".Conducted in 2012 in Tomsk, it was a great success, and already in 2013 became part of the annual program for celebrating the Victory Day, representing a full-fledged continuation of the Victory Parade.

Action "Immortal Regiment" on Victory Parade May 9 - video

Plans for 2017

  • It is customary that on May 9, 2017 in Moscow, celebrations will be held at all levels. In each city and region there are festive events, and the Victory Parade will be the focus of attention in Moscow and some other cities, including the capitals of Russia's friendly states. In 2017, it will be dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
  • The Victory Parade will be attended by thousands of people, including participants in the action "Immortal Regiment", which is a procession of ordinary civilians holding photographs of their friends or relatives who died or fought in the Second World War.
  • On April 27, thousands of Soviet flags and decorations will appear on the streets of Moscow, as well as holiday posters with the corresponding portraits of the Victory Marshals' portraits, military chronicles and children's drawings.
  • In 2017, "Immortal Regiment" will go from the metro station "Dynamo" to Red Square. The procession will begin at 15:00.We expect from 700 thousand to 1 million participants. If more Muscovites come than last year, the action will be prolonged by 1-1.5 hours, "the words of N.Zemtsov( co-chairman of the patriotic public movement" Immortal Regiment ")
  • are also given. Participants of the march will also be able to get free water aroundroute procession, but the field kitchen will not work. This year, the organizers intend to improve the music. Military music will play all the way, and for the participants will be placed screens for the broadcast of the Victory Parade.

Clear Sky and Security

The Government of the Russian Federation considers this date to be extremely important and does everything possible to ensure that the May 9 celebrations pass without problems. A sufficient number of policemen will be brought to the streets of the capital, which will provide security for residents and guests of Moscow.

In addition to the addition, over the capital will be this day a clear sky, whatever happens. To this end, a dozen planes are planned to be lifted into the sky, the task of which will be to disperse the clouds over Red Square so that bad weather conditions do not cloud the festive mood for people who want to look at the parade.

Parade itself on Red Square will begin on May 9, 2017 at exactly 15:00, and it will be dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory. On the pavement of Red Square behind the ranks of officers and soldiers of the Russian army will be a series of modern military equipment, which will be accompanied by air helicopters and combat aircraft.

George ribbons

In 2005, in preparation for the Victory Parade in Red Square, the patriots of the Russian Federation offered to hold the action "St. George's Ribbon".Thanks to social networks, information about the action spread rapidly, and not only Muscovites, but also residents of all of Russia and the near abroad joined it.

Ribbons of the appropriate color were distributed to passers-by on the streets of cities, thus reminding people of the victory over the fascists in 1945.Millions of people on the planet on May 9 wear Georgievsky ribbons on their chest or arm, considering this gesture a tribute to Soviet soldiers and their incredible courage.

During the period of political confrontation in Ukraine, the St. George ribbon became a symbol of pro-Russian forces and representatives of the militia of Donbas. It is believed that they emphasized the connection between political events of the Second World War and modern political conflicts on the territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The significance of the

Parade Anthropologists are confident that today the Victory Parades are designed to demonstrate a strong connection between the present and the past. The parade is sometimes called a historical masquerade, and it is believed that its main task is to ensure a strong connection of generations and restore the historical relationship of post-Soviet Russia and the country of the times of the USSR.

The Victory Parade in the light of the latest geopolitical events has become even more popular and significant, as it is now perceived not simply as a festive event, but as a demonstration of military force and technology in the Russian Federation.

Opponents of the Russian political position refer to the traditional parade absolutely negatively and believe that it is necessary to stop holding it on Red Square.

The parade in Moscow and not only the

Victory Parade in Moscow is a solemn and incredibly beautiful spectacle, which should be looked at regardless of political views and features of the political position. It should be understood that this is not so much a demonstration of strength as a tribute to the memory of the ancestors of the Russian people.

The holding of parades in other post-Soviet countries is also quite logical, since in 1945 the victory was achieved only by combining the efforts of all peoples and ethnic groups that lived at that time in the territory of the state. However, given the political situation in recent years, some countries are inclined to believe that the parades should be canceled, and the Parade in Moscow is considered a kind of disguised act of the Kremlin's aggression.

Parade in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory on Red Square - video

On the streets of May 9, almost all veterans who have survived today will leave and they are accepted to congratulate on this great holiday. Usually they are given flowers and fruits, but volunteers often organize social actions with the acquisition for veterans of more expensive and meaningful gifts.

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