What a child should be able to do in 7 months

The seventh month of the life of his child parents will remember, perhaps, first of all, the appearance of his teeth. It is to this age that the little incisors already cut through the toes. If you are breastfeeding, you will surely feel these changes during feeding.

Together with the teeth, the character of the child also cuts through. It is at this age that you can observe changes in his behavior, the first manifestations of character and even the stubbornness of a little man. However, all these are trifles in comparison with those moments of happiness, joy and pleasant emotions that a growing baby gives you every day.

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional and social development

Physical development

At the age of seven months the child is still actively gaining weight and growing. In just a month, its mass will increase by 600 g, and height - by 1.5-2 cm. The baby's head size( at least half a centimeter) increases, and the volume of its chest( about 1.5 cm).

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Thus, the child's weight by the end of the seventh month of life averages from 8.1 to8,5 kg, height - 68-70 cm, head circumference - 43-44 cm, chest - 44-45 cm.

Along with growth and weight, the activity of the baby also increases. After he learned to sit and crouch confidently, he had the opportunity to more actively explore the world around him, all the toys and objects in the vicinity, so the most important task for the parents of a seven-month-old baby is to ensure his safety. It is necessary to remove from the way of the child all items that can harm his health, including rosettes and all sharp and cutting objects.

At the same time it is necessary to promote the physical development of the baby - play with it, do physical exercises and massage. It is equally important to stimulate the child to action - to put the toy of interest to him for some distance, so that the baby tries to get to it. This simple game will help strengthen his muscles and achieve the skills that a child must have at the age of seven months.

So, normally a seven-month-old child should:

  • sit down on its own, most often from the position of lying on the tummy;
  • to sit on its own, increasingly without the support of handles;
  • swinging, standing on all fours;
  • crawl on all fours or on the tummy;
  • roll from back to belly and back;
  • raise the upper part of your body, lying on the back;
  • independently get up, without the help of parents pulling themselves up from the sitting position;
  • stand with support;
  • cross the support from the foot to the foot;
  • get to the toy, which is at a sufficiently large distance.

Now, when the kid sits and can freely work with pens, exploring the subjects he likes, his fine motor skills are perfected.

A seven-month-old child can:

  • easily transfer not heavy objects from one handle to another;
  • playing with dice;
  • to invest small objects in large;
  • play in "ladushki", show "bye-bye", perform other similar gestures;
  • to connect the handles and hold the toys in two hands;
  • grab toys with your fingers, not just your palm.
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Mental development of

A seven-month-old child is an active researcher. He studies the taste and touch everything he finds in the way, thereby improving his knowledge of the world, developing both physically and mentally. It is interesting that at this age the infant is already beginning to evaluate objects from the position they like him or not.

Improved and the skills of communicating the baby with others - his infantile babbling and walking go into the utterance of quite legible syllables and even words, though not yet unconscious. So to this age the baby already has certain achievements in intellectual development.

At the age of seven months the child should:

  • to pronounce various combinations of sounds - vowels and consonants;
  • quite clearly articulate syllables with voiced consonants, such as: "yes", "on", "ma";
  • try to imitate sounds, repeat some syllables;
  • legible to pronounce the words "Mom", "Dad";
  • follow the trajectory of the movement of the fallen object;
  • be able to look for an object not only with eyes, but also with actions;
  • respond to its name;
  • to recognize Mom, Dad and other close people, with the question: "Where's Mom( Dad, Grandma, etc.)?", Show them with a pen;
  • play with dice and pyramids;
  • at the request of adults to seek and show a familiar subject;
  • to play elementary games for babies( "ku-ku", "ram-ram-buz", etc.);
  • understand the meaning of many words;
  • understand what "can" and "not" is;
  • with interest to consider pictures in books.
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Emotional and social development

At the age of seven months, the baby's speech is brightly colored. Due to various intonations, the child tries to convey his emotions, feelings and mood with syllables and "words" with a certain intonation. He is happy to "talk" with others.

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At the same time, the growing-up kid reacts sensitively to the words of adults, perhaps not understanding to the end what is being discussed, but catching the emotional coloring of what he heard. It is very important that parents talk with a seven-month-old child in a benevolent tone and control their words and sayings, because under their action the child's mood, his psyche and, ultimately, his character is formed.

At this age the child is more and more attached to her mother and emotionally reacts to her absence, experiencing real fear. The seven-month-old kid clearly distinguishes between "his" and "other" people, expressing in every possible way sympathy for them or antipathy.

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He continues to study himself and with pleasure considers his reflection in the mirror.

The first baby skills for self-service appear. So, at the age of seven months the baby is able to eat a spoon( of course, with the help of a mother) and drink from a cup.

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