Correct form of eyebrows

Our eyebrows, perhaps, are the only part of the face that can be easily adjusted to any correction and the vagaries of the changeable fashion. We all remember the aspiration of every Soviet woman to a thin, astonishedly raised line of eyebrows, which, let's say: decorated not every woman. Modern fashion trends are not so radical and require natural and smooth lines.

To achieve the ideal shape of the eyebrows will not be difficult, if you follow some simple rules for correcting the form:

1. Adjustment is better done in the evening( pain is less by this time), in good light, sitting in front of the mirror using a thin brush.

2. Apply a brush to the wall of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. The point of contact with the superciliary arched will be the tip of the eyebrow and the thinnest part of the eyebrow.

3. Apply a brush to the wall of the nostril and the inner corner of the eye. The point of contact with the brow is the beginning and the widest part of the eyebrow.

4. Looking straight ahead, attach the brush vertically, so that it passes sideways from the edge of the pupil. This point will be the vertex of the brow.

5. To avoid pain, you can apply a little moisturizer and after a few minutes begin to adjust. The hairs are removed along the line of natural hair growth.

6. Carry out the adjustment in two stages:

The first stage: obtaining the desired shape. Correct one eyebrow to the desired result, then go to the second.

The second stage: giving symmetry. Alternate the removal of hairs on each eyebrow.

Currently, to emphasize the shape of the brow, use special pencils, following the rule: the eyebrow should not be darker than the roots of the hair. Also, many people face the problem of unevenly lying hairs. With her help to cope with a special eyebrow gel. Often it has a transparent color and a brush like a carcass. Or you can use a brush from the carcass( this method performs two functions: it gives color and fixes the shape), but this method is more suitable for dark-haired girls.


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