With what it is fashionable to wear a jeans waistcoat in 2016 year

  • Choose a denim vest according to the figure
  • Denim vest in 2017
  • Fashion bow with trousers and shorts
  • Jeans vest ensemble with a skirt
  • Denim vest + dress

For some unknown reason, women like to dress up in men's clothes. Pants, shirts, jackets and, of course, things from denim have long migrated to the ladies' wardrobe from the male and rooted there. Particularly fond of fashionable women working cotton clothes. And, with what to wear a jeans waistcoat or other thing from this series - it is not so important, since they are always more comfortable and practical in sock. In addition, a female outfit with such a thing has a special attraction and sexuality.

As the adaptation in the women's wardrobe, classic denim vests have undergone multiple changes. Today, their models are more than diverse: short and long, fitting a figure and a free cut, with sleeves and without, with different fasteners, functional decoration elements, various decor options, etc.

Fashion designers, stylists and designers offer many interesting solutions for creatingActual images with a denim vest for each of the seasons.

But first, let's look at how to choose the right style for this outfit.

Choose a denim vest on the figure

  • Young girls and slim women of high growth to face absolutely any model of veins from denim. Outfit by season for going out into the light or to work in the office can be made according to your taste with different things, supplementing them with shortened, elongated or long waistcoats.
  • The real rescue jeans waistcoats will become for ladies who want to hide some flaws in the figure. Such things in a successful ensemble are able to adjust the width of the shoulders, cover the folds on the sides, distract attention from the bulging belly.
  • Long and elongated waistcoats will make the miniature girl visually higher, hide the fullness of the hips and stretch the legs.
  • It is not recommended for girls of low and appetizing furs to put on things too loose "sack-like" cut or vests of dense heavy fabrics. Performed in a similar style, even a very fashionable thing will visually shorten and expand the figure.
  • Designers recommend full women with a pear-shaped figure to choose waistcoats that are just above or below the middle of the thighs. The best option is short or long denim vests.

Jeans waistcoat in 2017

It is not difficult to explain the inexpressible interest in vest from Denim. The point is the versatility of the style of this thing, which makes it possible to use the same product for building the most different in style bows. In addition, the waistcoats perfectly match with almost any women's clothing.

The trends in denim vests have not changed in the coming 2017.With such things you can easily create an ensemble in the style of casual, punk, business or romantic outfit, a suit in the style of street fashion

Trend of the year 2017 is a classic denim waistcoat without sleeves. Distinctive features of such clothes: simple strict cut, a minimum of a decor, the standard length. Actual in each season will also be models elongated or, conversely, shortened. At the peak of popularity - vests of denim with a deep cut.

The fashionable color palette has remained traditional: indigo, sky blue, black. Elements of the decor are unusual buttons, inserts made of leather, patch pockets, trimmed with fur. Hit the season - short vests with an original collar, embroidered beads.

Formerly there are options for what to wear a denim vest:

  • In hot days, you can safely put such a garment on your naked body as a stylish cape in a beach ensemble.
  • In cool weather, off-season and winter, vests can be combined with shirts, tops, blouses, shirts, turtlenecks.
  • The bottom for an outfit is suitable for any: skirts( long and short), trousers, jeans, shorts, etc.
  • You can safely wear long vests for a business woman instead of a jacket or jacket.
  • We should not forget about such an important accessory as a belt. The best option for a bow with a denim waistcoat will be a belt made of suede, leather, with velvet trim.

Fashion bow with trousers and shorts

Earlier, when jeans waistcoats were viewed only as men's work clothes, they were usually worn with comfortable wide pants. Now, when the waistcoat was not working, but rather, the everyday subject of the wardrobe, it is not considered forbidden to arrange it with a wide bottom, as well as any other styles of trousers.

The current bow will be an ensemble of traditional denim vest with classic style trousers. Tight models, seductively fitting torso, successfully combined with the hit of the season - jeans flares.

In summer, denim will look good with loose pants made of thin natural or airy fabrics, bananas. The variant of combining waistcoats of different styles with bermudas, shorts made of genuine leather, checkered or denim is still relevant.

Note that in recent years it has become fashionable to wear shorts not only in the warm season. Therefore, with dense colored or black pantyhose and high boots, short pants in combination with a stylish denim vest can be worn year-round. Addition of this image in the cool autumn will be different models of sweatshirts, sweaters, slim sweaters, sweaters, warm shirts.

Designers are advised to select items to create a fashion image based on the principle of opposites. This year this is the trend trend of fashion.

So, narrow, fitting figure, fitted vests are best combined with boyfriends, chinos, trousers of free cut. Long and elongated models, like wide waistcoats, are in harmony with skinny jeans and leggings that tighten slender legs.

As modern jeans vests are not only traditional blue, but of different colors, you can combine them with almost any trousers. This applies even to the stiff classics, which requires certain rules in the selection of the toilet.

Jeans vest ensemble with

  1. skirt A gorgeous outfit denim vest creates with a variety of maxi skirts and a floor. They can be diluted and transformed, for example, podnadoevshy image from a wide skirt to the floor, an elongated top or t-shirt run.
  2. Very good and relevant this year will look a set of jeans vest with ties and a skirt-tulip, as well as the bottom, made of heavier in texture jeans.
  3. Fans of non-trivial solutions for building country-style images or boho stylists recommend assembling jeans vests with long white skirts decorated with light lace or sewn from a very fashionable perforated fabric this season. Fullness of the original image will be given by accessories made from colored leather or suede.
  4. No less successful are bows with playful pencil skirts made of flying lace, straight or narrower down models.
  5. Pre-fitted models of denim vests will redirect the attention to the waistline if they are worn with lush skirts made of silk, tulle, chiffon, organza or more dense in texture.
  6. Mini skirts and midi also perfectly match vest from denim. The model and style of the bottom is of no fundamental importance.
  7. In spring, in the warm season, you can, without doubting, dress up in straight, casual, narrow, lush skirts, create stylish images with skirts of sun-flare or "trapezium" style.

Denim vest + dress

Continuing the theme of the universality of jeans vests, we can not help but dwell on a very feminine outfit with a variety of dresses. In this respect, the woman was much more fortunate than the man who can wear a waistcoat only with pants, jeans and shorts.

  1. Dresses in combination with different models of vests from denim look perfect. In some cases, the latter can make the business office toilet more romantic and easy, soften the audacious casual style, make a new monotonous image sound. The jeans waistcoats are equally well combined with both short and long dresses.
  2. For example, long dresses always look very elegant, feminine. If you put a short waistcoat out of denim on top of this, the image becomes simpler, less pretentious. At the same time, the material of the thing that forms the basis of the outfit can be anything, the denim top is perfectly combined with lightweight summer fabrics, with knitwear, wool, etc.
  3. A short dress with a light skirt-sun or flares combined with jeans looks quite different.
    On the background of a somewhat heavy, rough denim fabric, the air dress looks even more impressive, lighter, more tender.
  4. There are also no restrictions on the style of restrictions. Jeans vest is successfully combined with dresses in tight-fitting or models with wide skirts.
  5. If the vest of a straight cut is worn with a short, tight dress, the bow will cease to be defiantly catchy. However, the share of intrigue and sexuality will remain in it.
  6. The easiest way to create a naive in its simplicity with a jeans waistcoat, is a "country" image in the country style. It is enough to dress up in a dress made of snow-white perforated fabric, a model decorated with flounces, ruffles or lace, and on top of a short "cowboy" vest of denim. To this charming image dresses of different styles and lengths from a fabric in a small flower will suit also.
  7. One of the main trends of the summer season 2017 is a snow-white light dress with a blue or blue denim vest. By making stylish combinations of clothes and choosing the right jewelry and accessories, you can vary the images to infinity. At your discretion, you can create a bow in a sporty, casual, romantic style, build an image in the very popular styles today, boho or casual. The length of the dress does not matter.

As can be seen from all of the above, vests of denim are still fashionable, one of the most popular and sought-after items of women's clothing. Fashion on them does not pass because of their unique ability to easily change beyond recognition any image. Therefore, if you do not have such a thing in your wardrobe for some reason, you need to correct this mistake as soon as possible.

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