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  • Redemption of the bride. General advice
  • Scenario of ransom "Extraordinary journey"
  • Scenario "Contests for a real groom"
  • Interesting script "Little madness"
  • Redemption "Fairy Forest"
  • "Broken phone"

One of the most wonderful wedding traditions that sets the tone and mood for the whole wedding, - ransom of the bride. From time immemorial the girl was given in marriage only in the event that the groom "will buy" it. Over time, the tradition has changed a bit, acquired a joking appearance. Choosing wedding scenarios for the bride's ransom, be guided only by your desires and the time limit, because the main thing is not to be late in the registry office! Redemption of the bride. General advice

As you know, you need to prepare for the action in advance. Choose a script, buy requisites, inform the young about what you need to take with you.

You should not invent difficult and difficult tasks for your pious, bride's ransom is first of all an easy and funny procedure.

To help the groom:

  1. Usually, the bride's ransom can be useful for the following things: money, alcohol, various sweets.
  2. For the event, just in case, you can pre-select different synonyms for affectionate words, learn poems, songs, ditties and remember all the memorable dates from your relationship.
  3. Dear suitors! Do not be late for redemption of the bride, in this case, it may not take place, than you will greatly offend the bridesmaids, and the very future wife. The approximate time of the event is half an hour. You need to calculate it so that you can immediately go to the registration. All preparations must be made before this moment.

    Scenario of ransom "Extraordinary journey"

    An interesting script that will not let the groom get bored. In the course of a fun game, we will fly on an extraordinary journey in the name of love. For the competitions you will need: a sheet of paper, a small aircraft made of paper, markers, a balloon, darts and a cool voucher, which you can do yourself.

    1. Near the house of the future wife of the bridegroom are met by girlfriends led by a witness. They say: "Why are you here?"There is no bride, she flew away! ".
    2. Husband is wondering where to find her beloved. Girls respond: "Well, if you are ready - go for it! And take your friends. But first you need to get a ticket. Where the bride flies, you know? ".
    3. Naturally, the young does not know. He tries to guess which country his girlfriend went to, and for every blunder he pays with a ringing coin. To not completely empty the groom's pockets, you can give him a little clue.
    4. After the girl is offered to get acquainted with the type of tour. So, what option will the future husband choose?"Always under the heel" - a free fare!"I will love my wife" - a hundred rubles, "Insidious polygamist" - a hundred dollars! Girls carry out darts with pasted on it fields. Using his accuracy, the groom should get to the right place.
    5. The guy gets the ticket. You can go to the entrance. But even here the tasks do not end - there he is greeted by an attentive customs officer: "Hello! You need to declare prohibited things! Do you have any? And do not forget to pay the fee! ".
    6. The groom gives sweets and alcohol and goes on to passport control.
    7. "Present, please, a passport," says a passport officer. The groom shows the document."No, it does not! Here the bride has left her description, now we will check whether it is really you or not! ".
    8. The bridegroom is given a piece of paper on which his features are displayed in an even handwriting( for example, a kind smile, beautiful eyes, a big nose).The groom, with the help of friends, should draw his inner portrait. You can give each guy a pen, let them draw one element at a time.
    9. "Okay, look like it!" - a passport officer passes the groom.
    10. There is very little left, the groom has already almost risen to the right floor. It is necessary to go on board. There he is met by the stewardess: "Your boarding pass!".
    11. Talona, ​​of course, no."How can I not, really lost? So, well, then let's look at the lists. .. Your last name is. You will get a place if you remember what was on the ticket! ".
    12. The groom answers the questions of the stewardess.
      Questions can be related to a future wife: when they met, where they met, how many brothers and sisters she had, what kind of bride the apartment number. If the groom makes a mistake, he pays.
    13. Together they climb to the last floor. The stewardess speaks on the phone and informs the groom that the pilot is sick and the plane can fly only if it is helped. She gives a guy an airplane from the paper and shows where he should fly so that the groom can get to the bride. If the airplane has reached the door - you can let the young, if not, let him try again.

    Scenario "Contests for a real groom"

    This scenario is designed for about 20 minutes - the optimal time for the competitions not to get bored. Each task is designed for one floor, if the bride lives below - experiment, offer tasks on the steps.

    1. Ground floor. On each of the steps there are letters of the alphabet. In the process of ascension, the subject comes up with a sweet nickname for his wife, which begins with this letter. Next lie tables or sheets with a variety of tasks about the family beloved. The groom answers and goes on, and if he does not get it - he pays a fine
    2. Second floor. It's time to speak to the witness from the groom's side. He is given an apple with matches placed in it. Pulling out one by one, the witness should name the good qualities of his friend.
    3. Third floor. On the step are placed plaques on which the reason for the marriage is written."By zaletu", "from boredom", "just like that", "by calculation", "I do not know myself", and at the very top - the right answer: "for love".The groom needs to get on the top step, not stepping on the others and not using rails. As an option, the witness should carry it. But will the guys guess?
    4. Fourth floor. In the passage, you can arrange rose petals of different colors. If the groom steps on the yellow - let him say how he will call his wife, and if on the red - let him tell what words he will scold. And if you do not want to scold - pay a fine.
    5. Fifth floor. Together with friends the subject dances a funny child's dance or sings a serious song about love. Then he passes on.
    6. Apartment of the bride. All the doors to the shelter are closed, and on each attached sheet with an assignment. The groom should choose the door, which, in his opinion, is the bride. In order to enter there, you need to complete the task. To confuse the groom in one of the rooms you can put the bride's disguised relative.

    Interesting script "Little Madness"

    So, the bride had a pre-wedding faint, and she was rushed to the hospital! There she was diagnosed with "overwork," and sent. .. to a madhouse! Only the groom can save her. He wants to take away his beloved, but the bride's friends are not allowed into the ward until he fulfills all their demands. Through testing it is conducted by a nurse.

    1. Task one. Opposite the groom is a snake from different objects. His eyes are tied, and with the help of a witness's testimonies the young one needs to pass the test. The words "left", "right", "back" and "forward" are replaced by the sounds "meow", "wow", "chirik", "uh-huh."Shot off the subject - pay a fine.
    2. Task two. The head doctor enters into the room: "Are there any strangers in the hospital?"So that he does not suspect anything, the players begin to behave strangely.
      For this task, you need to make sure that before the bride's ransom, all participants receive special cards with tasks, how to behave with a doctor. Tasks can come up yourself.
    3. Task three. The bridegroom needs to write a love letter to her beloved. Use the words suggested by the nurse: love, live, drink, fly, sail, hurt, athlete, marriage. Words can choose other. Friends of the groom help them to write, and then they read out the result. If guests liked it, the test continues.
    4. Task four. A nurse asks questions about the bride and her family, but the witness and his friends must answer. ..!The subject should prompt the children with gestures. If the test is passed successfully, the groom is finally allowed to the bride.

    Redemption "Fairy Forest"

    Girls meet the groom near the entrance. Now you need to imagine that between the street and the bride's room is an impenetrable thicket, the girl was stolen by the evil Koschey, and the groom is a real prince. Of course, only the love can save a bride. To do this, you need to pass several complex tests. ..

    1. Near the entrance to the entrance is a large pebble. The young must choose which way to go. The groom should choose "marriage for love," then you can let him into the thicket. The rest of the stones are "a marriage of convenience" and "marriage under duress".
    2. There is a spider's web made of threads. The groom needs to get through the wall, but you can not touch the thread! You can jump, crawl or take the help of friends.
    3. It's time to meet with Snake Gorynych. It is drawn on a poster, and our prince needs to pass by. He tells a poem, sings a song or dances a dance to appease the beast.
    4. Everybody stops at the door to the apartment.
      To get the key, the prince needs to answer a few questions about the bride. If everything is right, he gets the key, if not, he pays a ransom for every mistake.
    5. On the door, behind which the bride sits, there is a leaflet with a sentence: "A blue-eyed girl is languishing in this house".The groom needs to find an error, for example, this is the color of the bride's eyes.
    6. Prince goes into the room. The girl sits on the couch or lies, her eyes are closed. To wake the bride and save her from evil spells, you just need to kiss her. Done!

    "Broken phone"

    To get to the bride, you need to call her and say: "I love you. Open the door, I have come. "Only the trouble is that the bridegroom does not know the new phone number of the bride. To learn it, you need to perform some interesting tasks. The bride is waiting for a call in the apartment with a phone from one of her friends.

    1. The first figures are solved by the groom's friends. They need to answer questions without using "yes" or "no", but only synonyms. In this case, you can not repeat. The questions are asked simple, the main thing is to confuse the witnesses in their answers. At each repetition they pay tribute.
    2. The following figures guess the groom. The girlfriend holds balloons in her hand, one of which contains a leaf with numbers. In the rest - tasks or funny phrases, for example: "No, not here!", "Let's go further!".On balls, too, you can write something cool. The groom breaks balls and performs tasks until he finds the right leaf.
    3. The following numbers are written on a ball, which you need to hang somewhere high. The culprit of the celebration must get the ball with the help of his faithful friends and witness.
      At the same time, it is necessary to select several people who will sing a cheerful song to get the ball was more fun.
    4. The last digit. On the phone are recorded different voices of different girls who speak different numbers. Young must guess the voice of his chosen one - only she says the right answer. The groom, having all the numbers, dials to the bride, and if he does not guess, he will have to pay a ransom and call again.
    5. When the subject phoned, he speaks the right words and the bride lets him into the apartment.

    Redemption of the bride is a traditional action that is designed to amuse the guests and remove the pre-wedding tension. Solving riddles, solving problems and fulfilling desires, the groom and his friends gradually get to the bride, and the happy couple goes to the registry office. You can use the proposed scenarios or come up with something of your own, the main condition - that you had fun!

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