Instructions for use Aflubin for children

In the spring-autumn period usually in the body there is a deficiency of vitamins, immunity and catarrhal diseases are weakened - quite a frequent phenomenon. Aflubin is considered to be one of the most effective and at the same time safe antiviral drugs, the instructions for use of children and reviews are presented below.

  • Composition
    • Composition
    • Pharmacological properties
    • Indications
    • Dosage and administration scheme
    • Side effects and contraindications
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    100 ml of the drug contains:

    1. Active ingredients: Gentiana( gentian yellow) - 1 milliliter, Acidumsarcolactium - 10 milliliters, Aconiumwrestler) - 10 milliliters, Bryonia( perestupen), Ferrumphosphoricum - 10 milliliters.
    2. Excipients: 43% ethyl alcohol.
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    Pharmacological properties of

    Aflubin is a complex homeopathic preparation with direct antiviral action and indirect - due to increased immunity at the local and systemic level.

    The agent produces an immunostimulating effect, activating the production of interferon. In this regard, Aflubin is effective for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases.

    The anti-inflammatory effect of Aflubin on the synovial and mucous membranes provides a reduction in mucus secretion, a decrease in edema, intoxication, and a decrease in heat.

    When taking Aflubin for medicinal purposes, the drug eliminates:

    • weakness caused by intoxication;
    • headache;
    • muscle spasms and joint pain;Runny nose and cough;
    • temperature and chills.

    When taken for prophylaxis:

    • increases local respiratory immunity and general body immunity;
    • reducing the likelihood of infection with the influenza virus or cold disease.
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    Aflubin is recommended for treatment and prevention:

    • Influenza and parainfluenza.
    • Infectious diseases of the respiratory system.
    • Together with other drugs is prescribed for the treatment of rheumatism or inflammation, accompanied by pain in the joints.
    Note the instructions for use for children of the drug No-shpalgin
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    Dosage and administration scheme

    Oncethe dose depends on the patient's age and is:

    • For children up to one year, one drop.
    • From year to 12 years - 5 drops( or half a tablet).
    • From 12 years - 10 drops( or 1 tablet).

    The duration of treatment and the scheme of taking the drug depends on the ailment:

    1. Influenza and acute respiratory diseases. On the first or second day of the onset of the disease, Aflubin should be drunk three to eight times a day. To continue treatment enough to take the medicine three times a day for 5-10 days. For routine prevention at the beginning of the cold season, Aflubin is taken one month before the expected increase in the incidence rate for three weeks twice a day. Emergency prophylaxis should be started as soon as possible after hypothermia or contact with the patient. Preventive course is the reception Aflubina for two days, 2 times.
    2. Rheumatic and inflammatory diseases with joint pain. The first two days of treatment should be taken 3 to 8 times a day, then three times a day for a month.

    It is recommended to take Aflubin 30 minutes before meals or an hour after.

    For children is more suitable preparation of the drug in a spoonful of water.

    Babies until one year need to dilute the product in a teaspoon of mother's milk or water.

    It is better to take the medicine in liquid form in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. In the form of a pill - put under the tongue until complete resorption. There are no recorded cases of drug overdose.

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    Side effects and contraindications

    Hypersensitivity to the drug components may manifest as allergies. It is very rare to increase saliva formation.

    The drug is hypersensitive to its ingredients.

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    Natalia, 29, Voronezh:

    "We treat our daughter Aflubin for cold and flu every winter. For five years now, we have not bought other drugs. I liked the fact that this is a homeopathic remedy, and recovery comes because of increased immunity, without causing any harm to the child's body. "

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    Inna, 34 years old, Perm:

    "Undoubtedly, Ablubin helps to cure or even not get sick when the virus only penetrated the body. He helped our family for more than ten years. But now the daughter has developed addiction, such a rapid effect, as before there is already no. The doctor advised us to change the tactics. "

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