Dental health. Factors that improve the health of teeth

Statistically, people turn to dentists a little less often than to therapists, but more often than to other doctors. Excess air, poor drinking water and improper oral care lead to various problems associated with teeth. Such a common problem as caries occurs in 70% -100% of the inhabitants of our country( depending on the region of residence).In addition, apart from caries, there are other problems of the oral cavity. In this article, you will learn about the factors that improve dental health. After all, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it in a state of neglect.

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    Hygiene of the oral cavity plays an important role in keeping the teeth beautiful and healthy. But, except for daily care, it is important to eat right. After all, when we eat different foods, we feed not only our body, but also the pathogenic bacteria that live in it. The basis of vital activity of the majority of such bacteria is sugar and starch, contained in food. The more of these substances in food, the better for bacteria. That is why sweets have so often problems with their teeth.

    REMEMBER: The most favorite food of bacteria living in the mouth is refined sugar.

    It is found in various confectionery products. Therefore anti-rating products for teeth is as follows:
    • Candy;
    • Chocolate;
    • Sweet carbonated drinks;
    • Rolls of bread;
    • Cuds that contain sugar.

    But, sugar content in confectionery is not their only drawback. Also, the negative consequences of the use of such products include the absence of chewing load. And most of the sweet dishes and desserts can not give such a load to the teeth. As a result, the teeth lose the necessary "training" and become decrepit. Such products are especially dangerous for children. When they are used, not only the teeth of children and adolescents get spoiled, but also the dentition and jaw are incorrectly formed.

    Do not completely abandon the sweets. But, you can not abuse them. If you can not without sweet, then replace the products containing refined sugar, to those in which sugar is present in unrefined form. Such sweet foods are less harmful to the teeth.

    IMPORTANT: After consuming sweet foods, be sure to remove any sugar residue from the enamel of the teeth. If there is no possibility to use toothpaste and brush, use chewing gum. But, only one in which sugar is absent.

    The best products for dental health

    For dental health, you need to eat foods that stimulate the chewing load. The best among them are such vegetables as carrots, beets, cucumbers and apples. In addition to the fact that they themselves are able to clean the tooth enamel from contamination, vitamins( B, D, E, K, C and PP), as well as useful substances( calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iodine,fluoride, iron and cobalt) have a positive effect on the health of teeth. Especially in this influence, calcium and phosphorus were observed.

    In addition to the above vegetables, the TOP products for dental health include:
    • Greens( parsley, dill, onions and celery);
    • Berries( currants, strawberries and cranberries);
    • Nuts( almonds, cashews and pine nuts);
    • Dairy products( milk, cottage cheese and hard cheese);
    • Seafood( shrimp and some fish species);
    • Eggs;
    • Med.

    In addition to the positive effect on the teeth, all of the above products are extremely useful for the whole organism.

    IMPORTANT: According to some scientists, the most useful product for teeth is green tea. The natural antioxidants included in green tea prevent the formation of a dark plaque on the teeth and positively affect the health of the gums.

    Vitamins for teeth health

    Like any other human body, teeth need vitamins. Their deficiency can lead to various problems in the oral cavity. Especially important for the body is vitamin D .He is responsible for the assimilation of calcium - an extremely important macronutrient for dental health.

    It is especially important to properly balance your vitamin diet if you are using a weight loss diet. With today's protein diets, the body can lose less of such B vitamins as B6, B12 and B2.

    The teeth can be strengthened with the help of such vitamin complexes as: "Dentovitus" , "Calcinova" , "Videol" , "Calcium D3 - nikomed" and "Remodent" .To protect children's teeth, buy in the pharmacy such vitamin complexes as "Vitaftor" and "Vita-bears" calcium plus.

    Drugs for teeth health

    Sometimes, in order to make your teeth beautiful and healthy, only proper nutrition and consumption of vitamin complexes may not be enough. But, thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, in any pharmacy you can find drugs that can help your teeth. To strengthen tooth enamel it is recommended to use special toothpastes "Splat".They, in addition to calcium and fluoride, contain all the nutrients necessary for teeth.

    In order to relieve toothache, you can use such analgesics as: "Dexalgin 25" , "Ibufen" , "Ketanov" and "Sedalgin plus" .The time of their action is just enough to get to the dentist's office.

    Special gels are used to facilitate the cutting of teeth in children. Such as: "Holisal" , "Kamistad" and "Calgel" .

    People who have bad teeth have a number of other diseases

    Diseases can cause other diseases. Bacteria that lead to caries can adversely affect the entire human respiratory system. In addition, running caries can lead to sepsis. It is especially dangerous to start dental treatment for patients with a weak immune system.

    To date, experts have up to 80 types of diseases of the body, which directly depend on the condition of the teeth. Such diseases include cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the digestive system, rheumatism, endocrine gland diseases, kidney, eye, ear, skin, and even nervous disorders.

    IMPORTANT: Sore teeth can "infect" the entire body. Bacteria from a diseased tooth can get into the blood and, with a weakened immune system, spread to various parts of the body. There are no rare cases of the influence of diseases in the mouth area with heart disease.

    Factors that improve the health of the teeth

    Factors affecting the health of the teeth are:
    • Heredity;
    • Proper oral care;
    • Proper nutrition;
    • Regular prevention.

    Heredity is one of the dominant factors affecting the condition of hard tooth tissues. But, today, experts have accurately established that such a common tooth disease as caries is not inherited by inheritance.

    Proper nutrition is also a very important factor affecting the health of the teeth. With food we can get the necessary vitamins and minerals. But, the abuse of alcohol, coffee and sweet foods can lead to the destruction of the tooth enamel and even its loss.

    Therefore, it is very important to regularly take care of your teeth and take preventive measures. Periodic visits to the dentist's office for preventive purposes should become a good tradition. Teeth are much easier and cheaper to treat in the early stages of the manifestation of the problem than when the disease is started.

    Prophylaxis of dental health

    In the article on oral hygiene, the issue of dental health was considered. This measure applies not only to cleaning the teeth before and after sleep, but also to a regular visit to the dentist's office for preventive examination of the oral cavity.

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