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There are several types of hair: thick, thin, straight, curly. Each type is good in its own way. It is not necessary, for example, to envy the owner of a thick head of hair, since problems with drying and styling face them every day. Do not be upset that nature has not endowed with curls, their owners often apply titanic efforts to straighten strands. If the hair is thin and sparse, it does not matter: you need to choose the right haircuts for fine hair, and the problem will disappear by itself.

Positive - the main thing in life, we must treat everything with a plus sign! Rare hair? So, it's good: they can be dried in 5 minutes, put in a hairdress - for 15. The mass of cosmetics sold in stores will help to give the right volume, and coloring will give the hair the desired rigidity.

Proper Care for Thin Hair

Before choosing the best haircut for this type of hair, you should talk about proper care for your hair.

  • Well-matched shampoo is half the success in giving volume, do not buy air conditioner shampoo in one bottle. For such hair, there are many tools with keratin and natural extracts, making hair more rigid and elastic. The ideal pair will be shampoo and balm of one series, making the hair more elastic and bulky.
  • Rare hair is easy to injure, when washing your head do not forget about it. The head needs to be washed with soft, massaging movements, the hair can not be rubbed, so as not to break them.
  • Combing them is only after drying, beginning with the tips. The choice of massage comb should be correct. It is desirable to purchase a brush with natural bristles and a comb with sparse teeth.
  • For giving of splendor it is necessary to reflect on color change. But the paint should be chosen precisely for such hair: lifting hair scales.
  • In the hairdressing salon it would be nice to undergo the procedure of lamination, to do an easy perm or carving.
  • At least once a week should be applied special masks for fine hair. You can buy or make them yourself. Gelatine, oatmeal, masks with white clay will substantially correct the situation.
  • And of course, it's right to choose a haircut for thin, rare hair, so that it matches the type of face.

How to choose the most suitable haircut

There is an opinion that girls with thin hair should choose only the average length of the haircut, they say, too short or long does not fit this type of hair. This is fundamentally wrong. Hairstyle can be any length, you should only properly cut your hair and carefully arrange it, picking up the haircut for the type of your appearance.

Any woman who has decided to change her look and thinking about a new haircut, should focus on her type of face. It does not matter whether her hair is thick or thin.

Here are a few options for hairstyles suitable for certain situations:

  • A face in the shape of an oval. The form is considered the reference if the face is slightly elongated, and the cheekbones are wider than the chin. You can wear any hairstyle, long, short and medium, it all depends only on the imagination and desire of the girl.
  • Rounded face. Such girls are not recommended a straight fringe, it will further emphasize the wide cheekbones. They should choose the length of the hair that visually elongates the face: a little below the cheekbones or up to the shoulders. To this type of face well suited oblique, torn bangs or haircuts with parting on the side.
  • The face is square. Girls with a wide chin fit long hair without any wave or hair style with the length to the shoulders.
  • A person in the form of a triangle. So very often have girls of Slavic type appearance: a broad forehead, large eyes, narrow cheekbones and a neat chin. Such a pretty face should not be framed with too long hair to balance it. It is enough to give volume with the help of curls or uneven strands.
  • Trapezoid face, if the forehead is already chin, and the cheeks are rather round. It is necessary to think about haircuts with a straight bang, so it will be possible to create the illusion of a broad forehead. The most suitable for this type of appearance are hairstyles with long hair and bangs.
  • The rectangular shape of the face usually happens in combination with a beautiful, long neck. Do not hide this dignity. Short haircuts that emphasize the beautiful shape of the skull and swan neck are the most advantageous option.
  • A diamond face with a narrow forehead, a small chin and broad cheekbones. Hairstyles in the style of quads with different variations - the most relevant.
  • A person in the shape of a heart. With this type of appearance, you should wear rare bangs and pro-side toe to reduce the width of the forehead, and a small chin will visually increase if the haircut has the largest volume just below the earlobe.

Having dealt with the type of person and deciding which hairdo you want to make, you should talk about some nuances of haircuts for fine hair.

Hair cuts for medium length hair

Hair of this length is preferred by most women, they are comfortable for many reasons:

  1. For short hair it is convenient to take care of.
  2. These hair dry fast and fit well
  3. They are easy to assemble in a tail or stab so that they do not interfere with sports or house cleaning.
  4. You can create a variety of options for laying a haircut of this length.

One option on medium thin hair, well-creating volume, is considered a haircut in several layers. Cascade haircuts, made with a ladder, not only create the illusion of splendor, but also are easy to install. Such a hairstyle is noteworthy that, at the request of its owner, you can:

  • tuck the tips of the hair inside, giving the volume only at the roots of the hair;
  • artificially disentangle the ends, creating a volume effect throughout the head.

Care for cascading haircuts is quite simple. All that is needed for styling is a powerful hair dryer and a round brush for twisting the tips.

Hairstyles with an average length of hair will greatly benefit if they are supplemented with a thick bang, cut to one side. The length of such a bang can vary, and the tools that give a splendor, especially well will be kept on uneven strands of different sizes.

Cutting the square to the shoulders, made with an oblique parting and a thin, torn bang, is ideal for round face and thin hair.

Any medium-length haircut will change immediately, it's only necessary to wind hair. Light luxurious curls, resulting from fine hair, long enough to keep their shape, in contrast to thick and heavy. This laying really done on any haircut medium length, you just need to correctly choose the shape of curls, these can be curls, waves or curls. Haircuts for curly hair

Girls who possess by nature thin, curly hair, should advise you to choose haircuts of a cascade type, they visually give even more volume to the hair.

Layered haircuts and a ladder are also suitable for this type of hair.

Short haircuts

There are a lot of short hairstyles suitable for women with not very thick hair. Among them, I especially want to highlight the haircuts that create volume.

  • To this type of first of all it is necessary to attribute a hairdo to a bean that does not give up its positions for quite a long time. This short haircut is good even without styling, it is enough to whip the wet strands with your hands, applying a little mousse on them. The transition from the elongated strands framing the face to the short neck gives a splendor to hair of any type.
  • Long bean is another good option for fine hair. A tall and lush head that visually creates volume can be supplemented with strands descending below the chin, and a rare oblique fringe with torn tips will complete the image.
  • Recently appeared haircut "ruffled bean" will interest stylish girls who do not have a luxurious head of hair.
  • Pixie haircut is also suitable for rare hair, you just need to realize that this hairstyle requires daily styling, if the girl is morally ready for such victims - forward. Stylish short haircut, made with a very short or long bangs, always laid on clean hair, will give an incredible chic to its owner.

And the bravest girls should be advised short creative haircuts, emphasizing their individuality. Here, both asymmetric length and a shaven temple - such unusual solutions in the hairstyle will divert all attention to themselves, hiding a small volume of hair.

A thick bangs, straight or laid to one side, will create a complete illusion of a shock of hair, if it is made with a short haircut, because the whole accent will be on the bangs, just give it the necessary splendor.

Haircuts for long thin hair

Long thin hair will look lifelessly dangling and remind icicles if you do not give them the necessary volume. There are several tricks that girls with this hair texture can use.

The graduation made on such hair will completely change the look: the hair will become more magnificent, and the hair will look very well groomed. The procedure should be done at least once a month.

Smooth cut of hair, descending below the shoulders, visually give a thin hair mass and heaviness, this is another option for hair cuts for fine hair. Such a hairstyle is not bad to be supplemented with a rare bang, cut to one side.

Hairstyles made in layers, look great on long hair. It is only necessary to remember that on not very dense hair the first layer should begin below the chin. The strands framing the face will emphasize its beauty, and the multilayer will add the missing volume to the hair.

To make your hair look more magnificent, it is not only necessary to choose the right haircut, but also to resort to coloring your hair. Monochrome does not save the situation, it is worth paying attention to such a procedure as coloring. Strands of different colors will not only give a new look to their owner, but also create an effect of volume.

Light strands of different shades, painted on darker hair, visually create an entire mane even on thin and rare hair. Melting, coloring and bronzing are equally possible on hair of this type. These types of hair coloring, made by a professional colorist, will significantly improve the appearance of fine hair. Related Videos:

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