Baroque style in clothes

The Baroque style is a style of luxury and wealth that are not shy and want to be flaunted. But such posturing should be built with the mind. The style has an incredible attractive brightness, it also shines with gold, and its incorrect application can turn you not into a refined beauty, but a Christmas tree.

  • Like any historical baroque style, it was due to contradictions and the desire for change. In this he did not become an exception. Given the time of its appearance( the 16th century) and the unstable, even bloody, European political background of that century, it becomes clear that Baroque was an outlet for the nobility. The classicalism that reigned at that time was too much in the making of society, and he wanted to breathe freely. Italy was the first to take such liberties.

    It began spreading the style, but it took root and reached unprecedented reincarnation and flourishing already in France, especially during the reign of the "sunny" King Louis XIV.

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    Features of the

    Women of that time could not do without exquisite and unusually lavish dresses. The lower skirt of this dress was a skeleton of a whalebone. The upper one often differed in color( it was lighter or darker than the bottom one) and spread out from the waist with magnificent draperies.

    Cosmetic was irreplaceable. The style of baroque in makeup was characterized by pale powdered faces, supplemented by a piquant spice - a fly on the face.

    As for the hairstyles, it must have been a high styling, similar to a festive cake or wig. Decorated hair with all sorts of feathers, ribbons, laces, and sometimes even real fruits.

    For Baroque style, the clothes are characterized by:

    • multilayered,
    • asymmetrical or quaint cut,
    • corsets with lacing and deep decollete,
    • long plumes, embroideries,
    • an abundance of laces and frills.
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    Historical style in modern

    Baroque today and Baroque in the past are two practically different styles, but they have preserved the common distinctive features of the historical trend.

    If historical style often turned a woman into a kind of cumbersome, voluminous creation, then modern, on the contrary, seeks to emphasize in women femininity and beauty of natural lines. But, what really both are similar, is the quality and high cost of the materials and fabrics used.
    Now this style is most often associated with the tandem of couturier Dolce-Gabbana.

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    The styles have significantly modernized, but retained a passion for asymmetry, for an interesting cut, for deep cuts and décolleté, for flying silhouettes.

    The empire of our century also spread to business and everyday fashion. Here the styles can be in English strict, elegant, but not restrained in the finish.

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    For embroidery high-quality threads, gold and silver threads are used. Widely used are pearls, ceramic products( jewelry), precious and semiprecious metals, stones, minerals, etc.

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    All kinds of silk, chiffon, varieties of expensive wool fabrics, genuine leather.

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    Modern Baroque sympathizes with the following color scheme: black, red, gold, pearl, green, blue.

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    The list of basic accessories includes the following:

    • Rings and hoops for hair in the form of crowns, tiaras decorated with artificial flowers;
    • Massive ornaments in the form of crosses;
    • All kinds of hair ornaments: combs, hairpins;
    • Bright and colorful bags, interestingly decorated shoes;
    • Massive jewelry with stucco molding;
    • Points in an interesting frame;
    • Decoration based on lace.
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    Perfect image of

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    To form an ideal image within the requirements of the current Baroque, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of this image: for what place it is needed, for what reason. And, most importantly, it's no exaggeration to evaluate your external data. It is not uncommon for this type of appearance, under which baroque simply does not fit.

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    Most often the evening image of the Baroque implies a dress as the basis of the ensemble. But in recent years, designers have diluted it with elegant costumes. Hair in this image should be collected in a modest hairstyle and decorated with indiscreet accessories. Dissolute them can be left only under the condition that each hair will be smoothed. Make-up can choose a classic evening with an emphasis on the lips.

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    Business and casual

    For this image requirements are not so strict. There are a lot to choose from: the style offers interesting jackets, coats, cardigans, vests, skirts, strict dresses and corresponding not-so-catchy and ornate accessories. Business and everyday style in the Baroque are similar. They differ in severity. Therefore, it is better to assemble the hair in an elegant styling, and the make-up to perform in restrained tones, but you can put an emphasis on bright lips.

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