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slit in childhood we are taught to begin each morning with his charge. But for some reason, most adults throw this useful habit, forgetting that with the help of charging it is easy to maintain tone, strengthen immunity and control your weight. Of course, a set of exercises for losing weight at home does not mean that one charge is enough to relieve such an annoying excess weight. At the same time, you still need to stick to the diet.

Modern man living in the constant nervous tension and turmoil of a metropolis, it is not easy to find strength and time for morning exercises. But try and you will immediately feel the difference, between your morning without charging and in the morning with charging. After exercises for weight loss lift the mood, enrich the body with oxygen and saturate it with hormones of happiness - endorphins.

Morning exercise for weight loss is very convenient because you can start doing it in bed. And it's very right to wake up gradually, not abruptly. So immediately after the alarm signal, start charging with stretching, stretching muscles and ligaments. Then go to the twists, that is, the lower part of the body rotate in one direction, and the upper one - in the opposite direction.

To normalize the blood circulation in the vessels and strengthen them( and without it it is impossible to control their weight), pull up the legs to the stomach. Thanks to these movements, you can tighten the muscles of the back and the press, do a warm-up for the whole musculature of the body.

Morning charging advantages:

  1. Fat burning .Since morning exercises are done immediately after awakening, not yet having breakfast, then the body, devoid of other reserves, begins to actively spend the available supplies, that is exactly the fat that many people dream of getting rid of.
  2. The energy of the .Thanks to the oxygenation of blood and tissues during the morning exercises, the vessels and heart work more intensively, which ensures the influx of fresh forces. Therefore at the beginning of the day you get the necessary charge of energy and vivacity. Oxygen also actively nourishes the brain, which has a positive effect on mental activity. The effect after charging lasts a long time.
  3. Great mood .Endorphins, which are produced as a result of physical exercises for weight loss, are effective prevention of depression, guarantee a positive attitude and are charged with optimism for the whole day. Thanks to charging, your thoughts will be cleared of the negative and possible problems that await you during the day, you will meet with a willingness and an attitude to overcome them.
  4. The correct mode of the day is .If you get used to start the day with a vigorous morning exercise for weight loss, then in the evenings you can give up sport in favor of cultural rest. This mode of the day will be the most correct and enjoyable.

Exercises for weight loss of the buttocks

Exercises for weight loss pri will allow you to get rid of excess in the buttocks. The organism consumes an increased amount of energy during this morning exercise and therefore fat in the fat cells is actively split. But remember that without proper nutrition to reduce the volume of the buttocks will be quite problematic. Therefore, combine exercises with diet and achieve the best result. And do not forget about the regularity of physical activity.

So, the technique of doing exercises for weight loss buttocks:

  1. Sitting on the floor, move forward, using only the gluteal muscles. Do this movement first forward, and then back. It takes 3-5 minutes to complete this exercise.
  2. Stand on your knees and take your hands out of the way. The trunk should be straightened. Take turns to sit on the left, then on the right of the stop. Changing position, return to the starting position. In each direction, you need to perform 10-15 repetitions.
  3. Standing straight, set the legs to the width of the shoulders, and the arms to the waist. Perform the hips circular movements left and right.
  4. Stand straight with your hands down along the trunk. Try to raise the left knee as high as possible. Hold it on the weight until you count to 5. Then, the knee is taken to the side and you can return to its original position. With the right foot, do the same. For each leg, 5-10 repetitions are sufficient.
  5. Lying on your back, spread your arms along the trunk, bend your legs in the knee joints, and place your feet near the buttocks, shoulder width apart. Leaning on your feet, shoulders and arms, slowly lift the pelvis until the trunk with the hips are on the same line. Gradually return to the starting position. One motion should take no more than 15 seconds. For charging it is enough to perform from 5 to 7 such exercises.
  6. Sitting on the edge of the chair, between the knees, tighten the ball, lift the heels and take your shoulders back, slightly bending your back. For 5 seconds, you need to crush the ball hard. In doing so, try to connect your knees, and then let go. The minimum required for this exercise is 10 repetitions, and a maximum of 15.
  7. Lie on your back, on the floor near the wall, the distance to which should correspond approximately to the length of the shin. The hands lie on the stomach, the feet rest against the wall and are set on the width of the shoulders. Strongly compress the buttocks, so that the pelvis and hips come off the surface of the floor. Visually, this is almost imperceptible, but you will feel a change in position. Now grab your knees with your hands, pull them to your chest and duplicate the exercise. Do 5-7 similar cycles of movements.
  8. After the previous exercise, the starting position should not be changed. The ball remains clamped between the knees. Hold it and slowly raise and lower the pelvis. It is enough 10-15 smooth repetitions.
  9. In the same position with force, squeeze the ball with your knees. Thanks to the tension, the buttocks come off the floor. Do the exercise 5-10 times and, following the last approach, hold the buttocks bent for 10 seconds.
Remember that between exercises there are enough 30-second pauses.
This complex will not only make the buttocks taut and elastic, but also relieve tension from the muscles of the waist, and strengthen the spine in the lumbar region. Having tried each exercise on yourself, you can correct the complex, leaving only light loads. With time, training can be supplemented with these previously unbearable exercises.

Exercises for weight loss of the sides

Very often the fat focuses on the sides, which makes the figure disproportionate and unattractive. To solve this problem, will help the best exercises for weight loss sides.

  1. Turn the hoop around the waist for 7-10 minutes.
  2. Set your feet to the width of your shoulders, lift your locked hands up. Run the slopes to the right, moving smoothly. Then do the exercise on the left side. You should feel how muscles are stretched.
  3. After the previous exercise, leave your legs in the same position. Put your hands behind your head and start making quick and intense slopes left and right. Enough fifteen times in both directions. At the same time, breathe properly: down on exhalation, up on inspiration.
  4. Strongly not taking your legs off, make them a mahi. Stand straight so that your back does not bend or bob. First you can hold on to something. After making 15 swings in one direction, change the leg. Do three approaches.
This block of exercises can be performed every other day for 14-21 days. You can replace it with jumping rope.

Exercises with a rope for weight loss

Exercise for weight loss with a rope is very effective, because with an average intensity of such charging( 100 jumps per minute) for 15 is possible to burn about 200 kcal. In addition, that you can correct the figure, jumping rope for its benefit can be compared with classes on cardiovascular equipment. Such exercises also stimulate the cardiovascular system, develop different muscle groups, prevent the development of varicose veins, eliminate stagnation in them, remove slags from the body, lead the body to tone, provide a positive psychological mood and add confidence in oneself.

It is very important to choose the right rope so that its length is convenient for your growth. This will ensure a more precise and active implementation of exercises at maximum load.
Growth Rope length
Up to 1.52 m 210 cm
1,52-1,67 m 250 cm
Up to 1,83 m 280 cm
From 1,83 m 310 cm
  1. Charge start with a warm-up:
  • - stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Pull your arms out in front of you, bending them slightly at the elbows. Start to squat slowly, so that the hips become parallel to the floor. Do the exercise 8-15 times;
  • - Again a straight back with the legs spaced apart across the width of the shoulders - do the lunges forward so that the hips become parallel to the floor. The second leg remains straight. Perform 8-15 approaches for each leg.
  1. Begin training on a rope with simple, low jumps. During the exercise, keep the trunk in a fixed position so that the entire load is on the forearms, wrists and legs. Keep your hands close to the body, push off the floor with your socks, and when landing, bend your legs slightly at the knees. For each turn of the rope - one jump. Accelerate the pace gradually.
  2. Quickly jump over the rope on the right, then on the left foot. You will get an imitation of running on the spot.
  3. Make 2 jumps for each turn of the rope. Exercise is performed at a slow pace to catch your breath.
  4. Jump to the right and left alternately.
  5. Jump in turn forward and backward.
It takes two minutes to complete each exercise. Results will be visible in a couple of months, if you do three times a week.

Exercises for losing weight back

During slimming, the back for many is a problem zone, where removing fat deposits is not so simple. But doing special exercises will help get rid of this problem.

  1. The "wand-rod" : stand directly and lead a gymnastic stick behind your back, throwing your hands behind it. Do not strain your muscles to keep your arms and shoulders relaxed. Walk with a stick behind your back for about 15 minutes.
  2. "Lock" : vertical stand, lowered arms and relaxed shoulders. Raise your right hand up, bending at the elbow and leading it by the head. Left lower down, then, bent at the elbow, lead her behind her back. Try to connect hands, but without sudden movements. Exercise several times.
  3. "Crawl floating" : Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and spread them across the width of your shoulders. Set the legs on the width of the pelvis. On exhalation, raise your right arm and left leg at the same time, and on the inspiration - your left arm and your right leg. Move smoothly. Palms turn to the floor, stretch your head forward. Perform 12-15 times.
  4. "Fish" : lie on your stomach and across your torso, under your belly, put the roller out of the towel. Slightly spread your legs shoulder width apart, arms - to the sides. Pull your fingers up. Try to stretch the muscles, pulling the crown forward, and downwards - the coccyx. Raise the upper part of the trunk, hands and head above the floor. Brushes of hands alternately transfer to a basin and a nape. Try to keep the muscles of the buttocks and legs relaxed. Only the muscles of the back should be involved.

Slimming Exercises

What to do when the body loses weight, and the face remains plump, like a pink-cheeked baby? The cycle of exercises for the face will help you. In addition to losing weight, they provide a tone to the muscles of the face, which with age lose their elasticity.

Exercise for tightening the cheeks.

  1. Open your mouth as wide as you can. Now stick your tongue as far as possible. Hold it in this position for 7 seconds. Remove the tongue and round your mouth, as if you want to say "O".Pull out your lips, as if in a kiss. Keep the position for a few seconds. After that, close your mouth and squeeze your teeth.
  2. Smile broadly, without opening your lips.
  3. Inflate your cheeks as if you are playing on a pipe. The muscles of the face should be tensed for about 10 seconds, then slowly relax them.

Exercises for fast weight loss of legs

Legs lose weight very problematically. Exhausting diets and general physical activity can give even the opposite effect by increasing the muscular mass of the legs. Therefore it is necessary to do in the mornings effective exercises for weight loss of legs, which are directed on improvement of this area.

  1. Lie on your back, fully straighten your legs and slightly push them apart. At the same time, turn the feet, touching the floor outward and inward with the toe socks. The body should be relaxed, do not bend your knees. Do the exercise 20 times.
  2. Lie on your stomach, put your hands to the sides, bending them in your elbows. Alternately, bend your knees. Press the heel to the buttocks, and then straighten the leg, pulling the toe. Repeat the exercise for each leg 30 times. Then take the starting position and both legs at once bend at the knees and press with heels to the buttocks. After that, straighten your legs, pulling your socks, and gradually increase the pace of the exercise.
  3. Lying on your back, hug your knees bent at the knees, curled up in a fist. Then relax and stretch your toes forward.
  4. Sit on the floor and lean on your hands. Pull your legs out, putting them on your heels. Shake your legs to let the muscles relax. The main emphasis in this exercise is on the heels and buttocks.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

With the right breathing, you can also lose weight. There are special cardio exercises for weight loss, based on respiratory gymnastics. The organism best perceives such a charge in the morning. The main thing is to breathe deeply, to the full chest, using the thorax and abdominal muscles. If you feel discomfort and other unpleasant sensations - stop exercising.

  1. Do this exercise, keep a measured pace. Take a breath, count to 4 and hold it for 4 seconds. Just exhale, counting to four. Do this exercise 10-20 times.
  2. Take a deep breath and draw in your belly. With a jerk, exhale the air in small portions with effort. The mouth should be tightly closed. On inhale-exhale alternately relax and strain the muscles of the press. Do the exercise twenty times.
  3. The following exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as weight loss of these zones. Sitting on a chair, straighten and install the knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Firmly press your feet to the floor. Breathe in your belly, relaxing and straining the muscles of the press. For starters, 10 approaches are enough, but in time, increase the number of repetitions to 30-40.
  4. Lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet so that they touch the floor. Put your right hand on your stomach, and your left hand on your chest. On exhalation and inspiration, lightly press one by one on the stomach and on the chest. Inhale the air, straighten the chest and inflate the belly, completely exhaling the air.

Exercises with a hoop for weight loss

The most effective weight loss exercises with a hoop will help improve the skin condition and remove excess centimeters. But they need to be done in the morning, on an empty stomach, before doing respiratory gymnastics. Also, to minimize injuries, perform a short warm-up.

To properly twist the hoop, learn to keep your back straight. The legs should stand on the width of the shoulders. Hand over your head if you are going to work with the main body part. Rotate in a circular motion, without making simple inclines back and forth.

If you move smoothly and neatly, then you never injure your muscles. Adhere to the lowest possible amplitude of movements.
In addition to simply rotating the hoop on any part of the body that allows you to perform such an exercise and need correction, this sports equipment can be used when swinging the press as a complication of the task. To do this, the hula-hoop is placed under the neck. You wrap your arms around him. Raise the body, complicating the exercise by turning the trunk.
If you twist the hoop around the waist, strain the abdominal muscles to enhance the effect.
You can also rotate the hula-hoop, constantly changing the position of the legs. First, forward the right leg, then the left one. Increase the frequency of shifts gradually.

Exercises with weight loss dumbbells

Weightlifting exercises for weight loss with the use of dumbbells help to effectively lose weight in different parts of the body and strengthen most muscles.

Exercise with dumbbells for thin waist

Take in the hands 2 identical dumbbells and press to the thighs the left arm, extending the right along the body. Perform the slope to the left, and start the right hand behind the head. Do successively 10 slopes for each hand or alternate the slopes to the left and to the right.

Exercise with dumbbells for beautiful hands

Along the body, pull out your arms with dumbbells. The press should be tight, and the scapula - reduced. Elbows push against the body. Bend your arms in the elbows, pull your fists toward your shoulders. It is enough 8-10 lifts. Standing, pull your legs together and straighten your back.

Exercise with dumbbells for slender legs. Fix your hands with dumbbells above your head. Perform an attack to the right, bending the left leg in the knee, gently lowering your hands down and closing them in front of you. For each leg, 10 attacks are necessary - sequentially or alternately.

Exercise with dumbbells for a tight chest

Standing straight, set the feet to the width of the shoulders, pick up dumbbells and straighten them in front of you. After you spread your hands to the sides, do not bend the elbow joints. After slowly draw your arms at the chest level. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Exercises on the slimming ball

Exercises for the slimming house can be performed with a special ball - fitball. He will help to always keep the body in great shape.

  1. Squats with hip abduction .Stand straight, bend one leg and put it on the ball. Hold your hands at the waist. On an exhalation, sit down, pulling the fitball aside. Return to the starting position, repeat for the other leg. For both legs, 10 squats are sufficient. Squats with the ball .Focus on socks and forearms. The latter are on fitbole. Pull in your stomach, but do not cave in the lower back. Rotate the ball to each side for 4 times for a minute. In the end, hold in a motionless position.
  2. Press on the fitball .Place your feet on the ball and your palms on the floor. Raise the pelvis upwards - exercises on the press on the balancing shell are more effective than similar ones on the floor. You can complicate the task by tearing your foot off the fitball or your arm from the floor. Aside from the buttocks on the fitball .Through this exercise, you will work the press, the muscles of the shoulders and the pectoral muscles. Lay down on the karemat, feet put on fitbole. Raise your hips up. Tighten your buttocks and do not lift your shoulders off the floor. Return to the starting position, repeat the exercise 16 times. To enhance the effect, try to do the lifts on one leg.

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