How to wear a short blouse? Fashionable combinations

  • Secrets of choosing a stylish blouse
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  • Color combinations

To imagine a female wardrobe without a stylish and attractive blouse is quite difficult. Today in the fashion collections there are many interesting options. One of them is a short blouse. This is a very stylish and sexy piece of clothing, with which you can make a lot of original combinations. How to wear a short blouse? It is necessary to get acquainted with the advice of fashion experts.

Secrets of choosing a stylish blouse

In the traditional sense, the blouse is a modified version of a man's shirt made from a thin material. This garment looks more feminine, because it is distinguished by a fitted cut and has a shortened length, reaching approximately to the waist. Today, designers offer many interesting options, decorated with embroidery, lace, bows.

To look attractive and stylish, you need to be able to choose a blouse depending on the type of figure. With the help of a successful model, you can hide all your shortcomings and advantageously emphasize the advantages.

So, low girls, who have a fairly dense physique, can afford a model with a triangular neckline. Thanks to this, it is possible to visually extend the neck and even stretch the entire silhouette.

Many girls have narrow shoulders and rather full hips. With this type of figure you need to get the most attention to the upper body. To solve this task will help the use of blouses, decorated with ruffles, draperies and frills. As for the cutout, it must be square or round. Also, an excellent result can be achieved with a decollete in the form of a boat.

Owners of a thin waist to choose a blouse will not be difficult. In this case, you can afford any style, cut and color solution.

Holders of the figure "apple" should pay attention to products in retro style. They have a fairly loose cut in the waist region and a neat rounded collar. To hide the fullness of your hands, you should choose products with long sleeves. A good choice will be flashlights, which expand at the bottom, forming beautiful folds. As a rule, such models decorate bows or triangular notches, which recalls the style of the fifties.

Special attention should be paid to semi-transparent products. In order not to look vulgar, you need to follow certain rules:

  • under such a blouse is recommended to wear dense underwear;
  • color supplements should ideally match the blouse;
  • underwear should not have drawings or lace details.

Under a transparent blouse, you can wear a solid top or jersey that will merge with the color of your skin and allow you to get the most discreet image.

Stylistic solutions

To create a harmonious composition, you need to decide in advance with the style of clothing and on the basis of this choose a blouse.

  • Business style. To get a strict and concise image, you can choose a short laconic blouse of a dark shade, for example, black. You can supplement this garment with brown or gray trousers. Also it can be worn with a skirt of white color. A great option would be a combination of a white blouse with a dark bottom.

It should be avoided to put on the office transparent garments. An exception can only be if you combine a blouse with a closed jacket or sarafan. Also in a strict office style do not fit models with bright pictures or images. Similar things are also worn under the jacket.

  • Romantic image. In this case, it is quite appropriate to look transparent and translucent products, which are recommended to combine with monophonic linens. To make the composition look holistic and harmonious, the blouse should be worn with a skirt decorated with a wide belt. Also, trousers with a high waist will be an excellent option.
Very nice ensemble will be obtained and in the event that you wear a blouse with a long sleeve over a closed top or dress.

In general, the creation of such an image has many options.

  • Evening composition. To get a harmonious image, you need to choose a beautiful blouse. At the same time, her style and fabric depend on your personal preferences. However, in most cases, a harmonious evening outfit can be created from a black blouse, a bright skirt and dark shoes. Also a great composition will be produced with the participation of trousers and a hat.

To make the image more attractive, it is worth using a bright belt, beads or chain. To look gentle and romantic, you can choose a lace blouse in a romantic style.

Color combinations

When you create an holistic and attractive image, you must consider the color scheme of the composition.

  • Classic white blouse always looks amazingly fresh and elegant. With her help, you can easily emphasize your femininity and at the same time create a fairly strict and formal ensemble.
  • When creating a business composition, a white blouse can easily be combined with a one-color suit.

To get a daily look, it is perfectly permissible to combine such clothes with jeans or a pencil skirt. Also a good addition will be classic pants. In this case, it is recommended to emphasize the waist with a wide leather belt.

Very original composition will be obtained if you choose a knitted cardigan to a white blouse, and decorate it with a belt on top. Complete so many bold and original ensemble will help a long narrow scarf.

Pretty original looks like mixing styles in one image. For this, a white blouse, decorated with embroidery, bows or ruffles, is recommended to be worn with a business or jeans suit.

  • The black blouse is in perfect harmony with the trousers. In this case, you can choose a classic narrowed model or extravagant wide products.

    It is recommended to complement the combination with a wide-brimmed hat, platform shoes, which match color with trousers in color. Also, you should definitely focus on the waist with a bright strap. If you do not want to use this accessory, you should choose long bright beads or chains.

  • To create a brighter and more ordinary image, you can select a red blouse. It is recommended to combine it with a neutral bottom. For this, trousers or a khaki skirt are suitable. A great addition will be camel's color.

You can also create a composition in different shades of red. So, the blouse of light red color is well combined with the bottom of the shade of red. If you decide to wear a dark red top, it's worth picking a pastel bottom. An excellent option will be a fuchsia-colored skirt and a gentle pink jacket.

At least will be a good option neutral shades: gray, white, black.

Courageous and confident girls should pay attention to more vivid combinations. Extravagant women of fashion can easily wear a red blouse with bright pink or purple things. An interesting solution is also a skirt of a rich yellow color.

To make the image even more vivid and memorable, you can complement it with decorations. In this case it is quite possible to afford silver or gold products, it all depends on your preferences.

  • An excellent option will be an image made in achromatic color scheme. In this case, a white, gray or black palette requires an important rule: no more than three colors in one composition. If this decision is violated, the ensemble will turn into a set of spots.

To get an elegant and elegant composition, it is necessary to pick up women's trousers with arrows or a classic skirt in achromatic color scheme and complement them with a blouse trimmed cut.

To bring a certain flavor to this image, it is recommended to use feminine jewelry.

An excellent addition will be a beautiful watch. If you want to make an image more stylish and original, you can dilute it with a small amount of red parts.

  • Very interesting option will be a blouse made of blue denim, classic trousers and shoes, decorated with an animalistic print. As a result, you will get a very daring and original composition.
  • To variegated blouses you need to carefully select the add-ons. To get a harmonious image, you need to give priority to a calm bottom. For this, blue jeans or dark trousers will do. If you want to get a more original and rich image, you should give preference to a white skirt.
  • Another interesting solution will be a blouse, decorated with animal prints. Such products require careful selection of supplements. In order not to get too pretentious and unattractive, you should choose classic trousers or jeans. As a result, you will get a refined and surprisingly elegant ensemble.
  • Transparent blouse models should perfectly match the color range of the laundry. Only in this case the image will look harmonious. Also it is highly recommended to use a jacket as an addition to this model. Such blouses are perfect with pants and breeches, made in light color.
In order not to get too boring image, it is recommended to use bright enough additions - scarves, belts, bags.

A short blouse can rightly be considered a universal subject of a women's wardrobe. With its help you can create a huge number of stylish and fashionable compositions, each of which will look simply amazing. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to all the tips of stylists, only in this case the image will look truly holistic and harmonious. It is very important that the chosen blouse fits into your image in style and color.

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