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. Summer is the time for holidays, sunny beaches and evening walks. Each girl wants her hair to look stylish and romantic. At the same time, there is absolutely no desire to stand at the mirror for a long time, creating complex stacking. What kind of summer hairstyles will not take long and make the image truly charming? We share ideas in our article.

Summer hairstyles for long hair for vacation

Long hair owners know firsthand how many problems arise with loose curls on vacation. Strands are constantly confused in the wind, the tips dry out in the scorching summer sun, and the hair falling on the back causes terrible discomfort.

Greek styling

Going for a walk or excursion, you can make a styling in the Greek style.

This will require a special bezel-bandage:

  1. Hair is good to comb on the braid or the central part.
  2. Wear the bandage so that it passes around the forehead, over the ears and descends on the nape of the neck.
  3. Fold the small prick in the front in a tourniquet in the direction of the face and fill it with a bandage.
  4. Do this with all the hair, dividing them into roughly the same strands.
  5. On the other hand, we spin the strand in the opposite direction, so that we can end up with symmetrically arranged curls.

How to make Greek styling - video

Original braids

For the beach or windy weather, the spit is perfect. In this case, you can completely braid it in different ways, and, accordingly, it will look simple, romantic or even solemn. Very light and at the same time an interesting version of the braid for long hair:

  1. Divide the hair into three parts by parting from the face. Owners of straight bangs should start from the middle and spread to the ears. Also, hair can be divided into those who wear a straight part. A slanting bang can be attached to one part of the hair, if its length allows.
  2. Secure the two parts with rubber bands or clips.
  3. From the free strand braid familiar to all the braid of three parts. Begin the weave from the face. At the ends fix with a thin rubber band.
  4. With the remaining strands, do the same procedure. The tighter the weaving, the better the hairstyle will be in the wind.
  5. The resulting braids are weaved into one and tied with an elastic band or ribbon. The rest of the gum can be removed.

Careless bun in a hurry

Another romantic and always relevant option for a vacation that will take minimum time is a careless bunch:

  1. Haircomb it on the back of the head and tie it with a rubber band. Owners of wavy ringlets can lightly beat the hair at the roots, this will give the hairdress a romantic charm.
  2. Weak not very tight braid.
  3. Twist it around the rubber bands, forming a bunch, and lock it with invisible tools.
  4. At desire to decorate a hairdress with a hairpin in the form of a flower or a starfish.

Going on vacation, in addition to ideas for hairstyles should be armed and special care products - shampoo and balm with UV filters, as well as a special sunscreen spray. Before you leave it's better to refrain from staining, but it's time to straighten the tips. Going to the beach, it's best to hide your hair under a hat or a scarf.

Summer hairstyles for every day for long hair

Summer is always a special mood, and you want to look particularly bright and at a meeting with friends, and on an evening walk, and even during shopping.


This is one of the most popular daily hairstyles for long hair:

  1. Hair comb, apply a little styling agent - mousse or spray, divided into two equal parts.
  2. Separate the fine string from the right side and toss it to the left. To get it neat, the strands should be taken from below and thrown over the top.
  3. From the left side take the same thick strand and throw to the right.
  4. Do this one by one along the entire length.
  5. Fix the fishtail with an elastic band. The freer weaving will be, the larger the hairdo will be.

Tails of different types

The tail does not lose its relevance. You can try different options:

  • "Horse" tail - hair style, which is perfect for owners of straight hair. To curry hair, apply a smoothing cream or spray. Comb your hair in a high tail and fix it with a tight elastic band. A bang, if it is, lay, as usual, and fix it with lacquer.
  • Lush tail - an option for curly curls of any density. On the roots apply a little spray or powder for volume and "beat" your hair with your hands. With a comb with wide teeth or fingers, collect a slightly careless tail on the back of the head and fix it with an elastic band. If necessary, at the base of the tail can be slightly combed and sprinkled with varnish.
  • The tail "bow tie" is suitable for any type of hair. Tie a tall tail on the back of the head with an elastic band and gently pull it down. Fingers split the tail in the middle and into the resulting hole to stretch it, as if turning inside out.

Hairstyles for the summer for medium length hair

Mid-hair hairs do not always manage to collect hair in the tail or braid, because strands can be out of the hairstyle due to different lengthsneat. On average, you can choose a variety of stylish and light hairstyles.

High beam

This is an excellent option for a weekend. To create it you will need an elastic band, a comb with frequent teeth and several invisible ones.

  1. Collect the hair on the vertex and tie it with an elastic band.
  2. Separate most of the tail from the tail, leaving one knot underneath.
  3. The main part of the hair is combed with a comb from below and wrapped around a rubber band.
  4. Secure a thin strand around the resulting beam and lock it with invisible objects.

A bunch of harnesses

This is a hairstyle for the summer, which can be actual both on vacation and at the office:

  1. Hair is divided into two parts oblique or straight parting.
  2. Screw in tow from the face.
  3. Both bundles fix on the back of the head with an elastic band.
  4. The resulting tail wrap around its axis and pinch it with a hair clip.

Tail with weaving

To make the ordinary tail seem not boring, you can add a weaving element to it:

  • Collect the tail on the back of the head, leaving wide strands in the face.
  • Alternately separate thin strands and fix them at the base of the tail crosswise( weaving "fish tail").
  • After all the hair is collected, stretch them in an elastic band from below.

Double tail

Lovely evening version for wavy hair. He will create the illusion of lush and thick curls:

  1. Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  2. On the roots apply a spray for volume and a little scratching.
  3. Tie the bottom of the elastic band to the parting.
  4. The upper half is well beaten up and tied in the tail.
  5. Comb both tail at the base and sprinkle with varnish.


It's easy to braid middle hair in a "dragon":

  1. Comb hair back and apply a little spray or cream to smooth it.
  2. Separate the fine comb from the hair from the temple to the temple.
  3. Divide the strand into three equal parts.
  4. Place the left strand on top of the middle stripe, cover with a right strand.
  5. Weave the weave, adding strands of the same thickness along the sides.
  6. The remaining tail can be plaited into a regular pigtail or stuck under the bottom of the invisible to the neck remained completely open.

Bevel brace

To perform the brace of the braid, it takes a bit of dexterity:

  1. Make oblique parting.
  2. On the larger side separate three identical strands from the parting.
  3. Weave the "dragon", constantly adding strands on the sides.
  4. After reaching the nape, fix the hair with an elastic band and start the weaving on the other side.
  5. The remaining length of the braid in one braid or pick up the tail.
  6. If you want to braid, you can "dragon" only on one side, ending it with a pigtail, and the rest of the hair to leave freely to fall.

Greek hairstyle

Styling with gathered strings for any occasion. Even short strands will be removed, so they will not get any discomfort in the summer heat:

  1. Make a straight or oblique parting to the crown, including the bangs.
  2. Wear a special rubber band so that it passes a few centimeters above the hairline.
  3. Turn the strands under the rim so that the tips are inside.


Summer coiffure "shell" is one of the simplest and at the same time elegant:

  1. Comb comb the hair into a low tail, but do not tie it.
  2. Screw in a thick bundle and lift it up, as if hiding it inside.
  3. Lock the hairstyle with invisible objects and hide the remaining bundle in the middle.
  4. "Shell" is well combined with a multi-layered, torn or oblique bangs. For the beach is perfect complement in the form of a bright barrette.

Choosing a hairstyle for the summer, it is important to remember not only about its external appearance, but also about the benefits to the hair. Surplus stowage under the scorching sun can cause irreparable harm. In order not to get a burned shock during the summer season, you should regularly make nutritious and moisturizing masks.

Recipes based on kefir, aloe, banana.

You can also use masks based on olive, peach, castor or burdock oil.

  • When leaving the sun, it is necessary to spray the sunscreen spray even on the already prepared hair.
  • After bathing in the sea, you should definitely wash the salt off the curls.
  • When taking sun baths, you should wear a hat.

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