Effective cure for pain in the joints, hands and feet: a list. The best analgesics tablets, injections, ointments, gels, dietary supplements, vitamins, patches, oils, balms, suppositories, folk remedies and compresses from joint pain

Today, due to bad ecology, accelerated mode of life, frequent stresses and other problems, various diseases are daily lying in wait for us. Some diseases we treat at home, to be cured of others without special medical help is impossible. Sometimes we may even need to consult several specialists at once. In this article we will talk about joint disease.


  • Joints hurt: which doctor heals?
  • Non-steroidal painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs against joint pain: a list of injections
  • Non-steroidal pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs against joint pain
  • List of non-narcotic analgesics against joint pain
  • Chondroprotectors for the treatment of joint pain
  • Warming and analgesic ointments for joint pains: list
  • Gels and balms for joint pain: list
  • Plasters against joint pain
  • Oils against joint pain
  • Aboutpain relief for joint pain
  • BADs and vitamins for the treatment of joint pain
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of joint pain: recipes
  • Compresses for joint pain
  • Sanatoriums for the treatment of joint pain
  • Video. Crunch and pain in the joints! What to do, that would not hurt the joints?

Joints hurt: which doctor heals?

At the initial stage of joint disease, you can see a doctor for a rheumatologist. This specialist therapeutic profile treats joints, whose diseases are caused by viral infections. Exactly determine the nature of the disease can be using such procedures as:

  • US
  • X-ray
  • Revmoprobes

After these procedures, the doctor will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment. If he reveals complications, then he can advise a narrow specialist. For example, an orthopedist traumatologist.

This specialist is engaged in the restoration of joint operability by surgical method. His help is resorted to if:

  • The joint is destroyed partially or completely
  • With loss of motor ability
  • Sensations of a painful nature do not pass even if the affected joint is at rest

Also some types of such diseases are treated by a neurologist. In particular, his services should be resorted to by pinching the nerve or inflammation of the nerve ending, negatively affecting the joints.

The doctor examines the diseased knee

In arthritis, which is caused by abnormalities in metabolic processes in the body, you need to contact the endocrinologist. Disturbance of metabolism can lead to salt deposits on the joints. Because of what they can lose elasticity and functionality.

Nonsteroid painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs against joint pain: a list of injections

Those who have experienced joint pain at least once in their lives know how painful this is. Help in this case can non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs).They are named so, because they do not include hormones. So, these funds have a minimum of side effects.

NSAID solutions can be used for both intramuscular injections, and for injections directly into the site of inflammation - the joint.

The most popular NSAIDs for joints:

  • "Diclofenac" .The drug for the removal of pain and inflammation. Used for intramuscular injection in severe joint diseases.
  • "Tenoxicam" ( "Texeman L" ).Sold in the form of a powder for a solution. Used for strong pain in the joints and for the treatment of gouty arthritis.
  • "Lornoxicam" ( "Larfix" , "Loracam" ).The drug for intramuscular and intravenous injection with strong pain in the joints.
  • "Movalis" ( "Mirlocks" , "Arthrosan" ).Very effective modern means. It is available as a solution for injections, tablets and suppositories. Has a minimum of side effects.
  • "Ketonal" ( "Dexalgin" , "Fastum" ).A remedy based on ketoprofen, which has proven itself in arthritis, salt deposits, tendon inflammation and other joint diseases.
  • "Ketorolac" ( "Ketanov" , "Ketolong" , "Ketorol" ).It is used for diseases of joints that occur in a chronic form. The drug has predominantly analgesic effect.

Substances of these drugs block cyclooxygenase. This enzyme is responsible in the body for the production of mediators of inflammation - prostaglandins.

Non-steroidal pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs against joint pain: a list of tablets

NSAIDs in the form of tablets are prescribed for mild forms of joint disease. The most popular of them are:

  • "Indometacin" ( "Metindol" ).Means for stopping the inflammatory process in the joints. Have antipyretic effect.
  • "Etodolac" ( "Etal fort" ).The drug in the form of capsules, which instantly acts on the inflammation focus and speeds up the recovery process.
  • "Aceclofenac" ( "Aertal" , "Diclotol" , "Zerodol" ).The drug is an analog of diclofenac. Has side effects in the form of nausea and dizziness.
  • "Piroxicam" ( "Fedin-20" ).Strong anti-inflammatory agent. It alleviates pain syndromes and reduces fever.
  • "Meloksikam" .A drug that is prescribed by a doctor after the removal of an acute form of joint disease. Helps them recover faster and come into working form.

Non-narcotic analgesics against joint pain: the list of

The most easy-to-use drugs for treating the above-described problem are non-narcotic analgesics. They have analgesic effect, are able to have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Most often the doctor prescribes such drugs in the event that the source of pain is not established. Analgesics can eliminate pain for 4-8 hours. The most popular non-narcotic analgesics are:

  • "Aspirin" .The drug based on acetylsalicylic acid. The weakest drug of this group. In addition, it has contraindications and side effects. Aspirin can be used for mild pain in the joints.
  • "Analgin" .Often used means for removal of various kinds of pains. It is used for neuralgia, radiculitis, rheumatism and pain sensations. May cause anaphylactic shock if the remedy is intolerant.
  • "Ketalgin" .The drug is used to eliminate pain of different locations. Use this remedy for stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma and during pregnancy can not.
  • "Dexetoprofen" ( Dexalgin ).A medicinal preparation that is used to stop acute dental pain and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Chondroprotectors for the treatment of joint pain

Chondroprotectors, this is a special kind of drugs for the treatment of joints. Their name can be translated from Latin as protection of cartilage( "chondro" - cartilage, "protection" - protection).The main function of such drugs is to stop the process of destruction of cartilage tissue and its subsequent recovery.

Cartilage is a layer between the bones, ensuring their easy sliding. With various disorders, the cartilaginous tissue may suffer. That immediately affects the joints.

The main substances that ensure the proper functioning of the cartilaginous layer are glucosamine and chondroitin. Their insufficient amount causes destruction of the cartilage. Chondroprotectors can compensate for the deficiency of these substances in the cartilaginous tissue.

  • "Arthron", "Mukosat", "Chondroxide" and "Chondrolon" - chondroprotectors based on chondroitin sulfate. A substance that our body uses to synthesize cartilaginous tissue.
  • "Arteparon" is a product based on mucopolysaccharide. A substance that is a part of a cartilage liquid.
  • "Alflutop", "Rumalon" - chondroprotectors, produced from the extraction of cartilage and bone marrow of animals.
  • "Arthron Flex", "Dona" is a glucosamine based product. The second most important after chondroitin substance for cartilage tissue.
  • "Teraflex", "Arthron complex" - means with complex composition, combining the actions of several drugs. Relate to chondroprotectors of the third generation. Today, most often used to treat problems of the musculoskeletal system.
Injections of hyaluronic acid

In addition to the fact that all chondroprotectors can be divided into the main substance and the generation in medical practice, it is customary to classify these remedies according to the mode of application. By this criterion, they are divided into preparations for internal administration, solutions for intramuscular injections and agents for administration directly to the site of damage to the cartilaginous tissue.

Introduction chondroprotetkorov directly in the joint is carried out only with the help of a specialist of this procedure in hospital conditions. While taking such drugs inside and in the form of injections can be carried out at home.

Heating and pain relieving ointments for joint pains:

list Ointments and gels for joint pain are not used to treat the above problem. But, they can help well at home even before calling specialists. If the problem with the joints is due to sprain or neuralgic sprains, a good effect can be achieved by using creams with snake venom or bees. Such a means have a warming effect. Which leads to an increase in blood flow to the affected area. Due to which the pain subsides and the joint's working capacity is temporarily restored.

The most popular ointments of this group of drugs for pain in joints are:

  • "Capsicum" .Means based on the extract of hot pepper. It has both an irritating and warming effect.
  • Viprosal .A remedy based on the venom of a viper. Also in the composition of this cream includes camphor, turpentine and salicylic acid.
  • "GEKWAMEN" .A remedy based on menthol. Also, this cream includes camphor, clove and eucalyptus oil.
  • "Finalgon" .A very popular drug in our country based on nonivamide and nicoboxyl. These substances have an irritating and vasodilating effect.
  • "Episatron" .A remedy based on bee venom and mustard oil. The greatest effect this ointment has for joint pain caused by stretching of ligaments and muscles.

Today, warming and pain relieving ointments for joints can be bought on Alyexpress.

The catalog of such drugs on this site

By the way, if you have not already bought for Alyexpress, be sure to read our article on how to do this for the first time. In addition, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the memo of this site for new customers.

The most popular ointment for pain in the joint in this catalog is Shaolin Analgesic Cream. It includes the poison of the scorpion. In folk medicine of China, this component has been used for several millennia. Scorpion venom has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Gels and balsams for joint pain: the

list Thanks to folk oriental medicine, today, along with traditional means for the treatment of joints, balsams and gels have been widely used. Active components of such drugs can reduce swelling, relieve inflammation and pain. Almost all gels and balms for joints are produced on the basis of natural components, which have a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Balms for joints are most often used as preventive agents. But, today you can buy drugs of this form and to treat problems associated with the destruction of cartilaginous tissue, salt deposits, sprains and even fractures.

The most popular means for joints in the form of balms and gels:

  • Balm "Dikul" .
  • Horse Balsam( Dr. Förster) .The composition of this product includes horse chestnut extract, fir oil, rosemary and mint.
  • Balm for joint pain massage( AromaRoyal Systems) .A product based on peach oil and specially selected mixtures of essential oils
  • Gels "Altai" .Preparations based on the oils of thyme, St. John's wort, mint, celandine and dogrose
Horse balm

On Aliexpress there is also a wide selection of gels and balms for the joints. The most popular among them is the Australian gel Fisiocrem. It is made of natural ingredients. Such as extract of arnica, St. John's wort, calendula and tea tree. The gel helps to cope with all kinds of diseases of the joints and spine.

Catalog of balms and gels for healthy joints on Aliexpress

Plasters against joint pain

Ointments, gels and balms have a local effect on the focus of pain. There is one more remedy for pain in the joints, which acts in a similar way - a patch. He glued to the area where the pain is localized. Under the influence of the temperature of the human body, the medicinal compounds of such a plaster take a convenient form for absorption under the skin. The therapeutic effect of the plaster on joint diseases is three days.

The most popular plasters for pain in joints:

  • Pepper plaster .Active ingredients of this product, in addition to the extract of hot pepper, are tincture of arnica, belladonna extract and pine rosin.
  • Reflective plaster .Does not contain active substances. Used to "reflect" the heat of the body in the place of pain localization.
  • Plaster "Voltaren" .The composition of this product includes the active substance diclofenac. Has similar effects with other forms of this drug.
  • Plaster Ketotop .The drug is based on ketoprofen. Used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Plaster "Versatis" .Active substance of this remedy is ice medicine. It is often used for joint diseases associated with neuralgia.

Adhesive patches can also be purchased on Alyexpress. These funds are created on the basis of recipes of oriental medicine and have many positive reviews.

Plaster joint for joints on Aliexpress

Plaster Red Tiger

The most popular plaster for joints on Aliexpress is the Vietnamese plaster "Red Tiger".It includes camphor, mint extract, cloves, cinnamon and other natural ingredients.

Oils against joint pain

Essential oils are good at coping with joint diseases. They easily penetrate into the lesion. In this case, such means can be used in the form of compresses and baths, and also use them during massage.

If joint damage is associated with impaired blood circulation, then it can be helped with eucalyptus, black pepper, fir, marjoram and thyme oil. Ginger and mandarin oil can also help. They can be used as compresses on sick joints, as well as during massages of affected areas.

Sometimes, joint disease is associated with the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. You can bring them out with massage or baths with lemon, thyme, juniper and grapefruit oils. A good effect to achieve this goal is provided with oils of lavender, rosemary and marjoram.

If you use aromatic oils during bathing, you can not use detergents after them. You can just rinse under a warm shower. These baths are best taken before bedtime.

The optimum water temperature is 35-38 degrees. Oil should be diluted with kefir, whey or sea salt. This will increase the effect of using this tool.

The first reception of such a bath should not exceed five minutes. Subsequently, time should be gradually increased. The maximum time of stay in such a bath is 30 minutes.

If you use oil for massage, it must first be heated in a water bath. A good tool for carrying out massages of diseased joints is a mixture of the base vegetable oil( 10 ml) and 3-5 drops of essential oil.

Oil in the form of compresses is used as follows. Cotton fabric or gauze should be folded several times and put it in a warmed-up mixture of essential oil and vegetable oil. Then the impregnated tissue must be applied to the affected joint and wrapped with a dry cloth.

Arthritis and rheumatism are well helped by hot compresses. For their conduct, the essential and base vegetable oil is mixed, heated and used as described above from five minutes to 1.5 hours.

When applying oils for the treatment of joints, it must be remembered that some of them can cause health problems. For example, hypertensive patients need to give up lemon oil. Thuya oil can cause epilepsy, and cinnamon causes irritation on the skin.

Pain relief candles for pain in joints

Rectal suppositories on the strength of interaction on diseased joints are between tablets and injections. They are easily absorbed by the intestine and their effect on the affected area is earlier than when taking tablets. It should also be noted that the funds for joint pain in the form of candles have fewer side effects and their application does not affect the digestive system.

Rectal suppositories can be used only for exacerbations of the disease. For a full-fledged treatment, this form of medication is not suitable. The most popular means for the treatment of joints are:

  • "Voltaren"
  • "Diclofenac"
  • "Ketoprofen"

BADs and vitamins for joint pain

BADs and vitamins for the joints are good for the prevention of joint diseases. Their reception is indicated in sports, physically hard work and other activities, which can adversely affect the health of the joints. The greatest effect is given to dietary supplements that include:

  • Chondroitin sulfate is the basis of cartilage tissue
  • Glucosamine sulfate is a substance that strengthens cartilage and bone tissue
  • Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for bunches and bones
  • Calcium is a building element of bone and cartilaginous tissue
  • Collagen- a protein that is synthesized by the body and used as a connecting element of cartilaginous and bony tissue
Shark cartilage

As additional elements in food additives and supplements for jointsmay contain:

  • Hyaluronic acid - the major ingredient in the composition of bone and cartilage. Counteracts malignant tumors
  • Cartilage shark - this product contains three important components: calcium, collagen and glucosamine
  • Methylsulfonylmethane-substance that eliminates pain in the joints
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are an important element of metabolic processes in the body, many of which have a positive effect on joint health

Also important components of dietary supplements and nutritional supplements for joints are vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C and B6 are especially useful for our joints. And also minerals such as selenium and magnesium.

Folk remedies for the treatment of joint pain: recipes

In the arsenal of traditional medicine, there are many tools for the treatment of joints. For this purpose, tinctures and decoctions for oral administration, as well as mixtures for grinding and compresses are most often used.

One of the most popular means for healthy joints is the laurel leaf. Twenty pieces of this product are poured with boiling water( 2 cups) and cooked for five minutes. Then, the broth is infused for 3 hours and taken in small sips for 12 hours.

Very good helps to restore cartilage tissue gelatin. It can be used as a compress on the aching joint. For this, a wide napkin is taken and immersed in warm water. Then it must be squeezed and folded into two layers. Between the layers of the napkin should be placed gelatin( 1 teaspoon).After applying the napkin to a sore spot, it should be covered with a film.

Strengthen the effect of such a gelatin application by using this product inside. To do this, it( 2 teaspoons) is bred in warm milk( 2/3 cup) and drunk after dissolving the gelatin.

If the cause of pain in the knee are salt deposits, then you can help yourself with rice. It must be filled with water and held for two days. It is desirable to periodically change water. This product should be eaten within 7 days. In this case, the use of other foods should be kept to a minimum, and salt is completely excluded from its diet.

Compresses for the treatment of joint pain

Compresses are very often used in the treatment of joints. Such drugs not only relieve inflammation, but also reduce pain in the affected joint. But, in order for compresses to help they need to be done correctly.

Mullein flowers are a good help in coping with joint pains. They( 100 g) should be filled with vodka( 500 ml) and left for 20 days. After the expiration of this period, the product must be filtered and used for compresses. They are put up for the night, wrapped in woolen cloth.


Compresses with a demixid are also good. It( 20 g) is diluted in water( 250 ml), a cloth is moistened with a solution and applied to the site of the lesion. Keep such a compress on the patient's joint should not more than 1 hour

For osteoarthritis compresses with oatmeal are good. Unclean oats( 5 tablespoons) must be boiled for 5 minutes. Then allow the product to cool, drain the water and apply to the affected joint. From above, oatmeal should be covered with polyethylene and a warm cloth. Keep such a compress can not more than 30 minutes.

Also for the preparation of compresses you can use decoction of broth, fresh cabbage juice and a mixture of chalk and kefir.

Sanatoriums for the treatment of joint pain

In Russia, several sanatoriums specialize in the treatment of joints:

  • "Podmoskovye" ( Domodedovo district of Moscow).The sanatorium specializes in treatment with the use of physiotherapy exercises, turpentine baths and therapeutic mud.
  • Children's Sanatorium them. ASKraskaya ( Crimea).It is used to treat not only children, but also adults. It is located near the source of healing mud of Lake Saki.
  • "Old Russa" ( Novgorod region).Sanatorium, which uses as a treatment for joints sulfide-mud mud of a nearby source.
  • "New source" ( Vologda region).Sanatorium for the treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal system of adults and children. The highlight of this medical institution is curative coniferous and mineral baths.
  • Pionersk ( Kaliningrad region).Sanatorium, which specializes in the treatment of joints. The treatment uses peat mud from local deposits.

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