Types of perm. Features and consequences

History and theory
  • Important facts
  • Features and types of curls
  • Curling for long hair
  • Curling for medium hair
  • Curling for short hair
  • Know what you need to know when you decide to curl
  • Proper care and recovery
  • How to do perm - video
  • Hairstyle plays one of the main roles in creating a stylish and integral image. Representatives of the weaker sex by any means try to improve their appearance, make a variety of cosmetic procedures. The modern beauty industry offers new methods of transformation, and the rate is made primarily on safety, minimization of negative consequences and ease of use of funds. Perfection and chemical wave of hair.

    History and theory of

    The procedure for hardware perm was first carried out in 1908 by Karl Ludwig Nessler. It was this enterprising German who invented the permanent and false eyelashes. The hairdresser realized the dream of his wife about luxurious curls, she became his first client. To speak about a good condition of ringlets after such procedure it was not necessary. However, numerous fans of this method did not complain and addressed to him more than once.

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    Now have curls and curls all the same, but the chemistry itself does not cause significant harm to the hair.

    Chemical perm is a very laborious and complex procedure to turn straight, rare hair into a luxurious, voluminous and dense head of hair. Having done a wave, you can get wavy ringlets, large curls or small curly curls.

    Important points

    Each procedure performed with hair must begin with a diagnosis. It is required to evaluate the health of the ringlets, pay special attention to damage. For different types of hair, special compounds are used that are suitable for them. An experienced craftsman will definitely say whether it is possible to carry out a wave of hair or you must first treat them.

    1. It is important not only the condition of the client's hair, but also his health. Hormonal changes, the presence of allergies, stress can affect the final result.
    2. Do not expect that by making a haircut, you can just wash your hair and that's it. To make your hair look decent, you need to make some effort. The hairdresser will show and tell you how to properly make the styling and take care of curls. Follow his recommendations, and your hair will look neat, stylish and harmonious.
    3. After chemistry, hair can become drier. But a qualified specialist will choose the right care, offer to maintain moisturizing hair in both home and salon conditions. You will avoid possible discomfort, associated with dryness of the brace.
    4. The duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics and desire of the client. Curl should be renewed as the hair grows, on average, this period is six to seven months. After the first procedure, you will see how often you will have to do it.
    5. There are hair that do not succumb to chemistry. For example, dense heavy, straight. But you can also find an approach to them.
      A strong curl after chemistry may not work, but the use of the necessary stowage tools and devices will help to achieve a good result.
    6. To minimize the negative effect, proteins and amino acids are added to the formulations, but they slightly reduce the resistance of the wave.
    7. If you have done the coloring before, be prepared for the fact that the alkali will wash the dye almost half.

    Features and types of curling

    The technique of this procedure has undergone many changes. Now salons offer a choice of several methods of curling. They are distinguished by the resulting size of the curls, their frequency, the method of wrapping, chemical composition.


    This is a rather aggressive method, in which the drug penetrates the structure of each hair without revealing its outer cuticle. The result of this chemistry will be hard, beautiful curls.

    • This option is not suitable for women with thin and soft hair. Curls will soon lose shape, straighten out at the base. The hair will look ugly and not well-groomed.
    • It is also better to refuse such chemistry to girls with dry, damaged locks and sensitive scalp.
    • The most gentle is considered an acid perm with thioglycolic acid. Hair will keep curl about three to four weeks. Such a method can be used even on stained fresh strands.


    This kind of transformation will please you no more than 12 weeks. Curls are obtained natural and elastic. In this case, a special drug opens the cuticle and falls into the middle of the hair.

    • The alkaline composition acts more gently. On thick, tough strands, chemistry will last only four weeks.
    • This method has a lower cost than described above.


    This gentle perming can be carried out on any hair, the drug is applied to the entire length and roots. You will become the owner of flexible and persistent curls for 12-18 weeks.

    Amino acid

    In the composition for curling manufacturers include protein and amino acids that feed curls. He does not spoil the hair and almost does not harm the hair.

    • It turns out a beautiful natural curl, but it will last only a few days.
    • Amino acid perm is not applied to long, heavy and hard hair, curls will quickly unwind under their weight.


    There are no substances in the preparation that can cause significant harm. Thioglycolic acid, peroxide and ammonia were replaced with other components that are similar to the molecules of the hair itself.

    • After this procedure, the curl looks healthy, shiny and lasts about 10-12 weeks. Such a haircut is best done on hair that has not been exposed to any chemical effects for half a year.
    • You should not do a biotic shake if you have a dry type of hair. After the session, the curls can become even more dry and porous, start to get confused, and not fit well.
    But the owner of a fatty type of hair can afford it. Bioclavic normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, slightly drying the strands.

    Silk Wave

    Suitable for girls with curls up to and below the shoulders. The composition for the chemistry includes silk proteins that have caring properties, give the hair extra shine and silky.

    By the ways of winding, the wave can also be different

    1. On pigtail. This method is used to curl curls of medium length and maximum. Strands tightly wrapped in frequent pigtails, then wound on the bobbin.
    2. On the stud. Suitable for medium hair. The master winds the strands on non-metallic studs.
    3. With twisting. In this technique, bobbins of different diameters are used simultaneously. The curls are of different sizes. Children's
    4. .In this case, a special cap is put on the client's head, which protects the scalp from the influence of the chemical composition.
    5. Gemini. The method is applied on the hair up to the shoulders and below. It combines the vertical and horizontal wrapping.
    6. Basal. Used to give the head of extra volume and splendor. Still it is used, if it is necessary to curl strands that have grown after the previous chemistry.
    7. American. This is one of the most popular techniques in the world, which is done on medium length hair. Strands twist on spiral curlers, curl turns steep and neat.
    8. Bubble. The drug is applied in an unusual way with the help of a compressor, which whisks a special composition to a foam with bubbles saturated with oxygen.
      Small curls are obtained. This haircut is recommended for use on oily hair.
    9. Vertical. This method of winding is suitable only for long-haired girls. Curls are obtained as hard as possible, creating the effect of damp hair.

    Curling for long hair

    On long hair, the best ringlets look great. This size of the curl is obtained when using large diameter bobbins. Also, the master regulates its stiffness and intensity by holding the composition on strands.

    At the base of the curls are not so steep and curvy, they are unwound under their weight. If you want uniform curls, then contact an experienced technician. Only a highly skilled craftsman will be able to make a curl with the use of bobbin of different sizes and prevent creases and noticeable transitions.

    Specialists recommend to make a crocheting haircut or easy graduation before curling. A little shortened upper strands will make the hair more lush, add volume and help create the same curls on the roots, tips.

    Curling on medium hair

    Most often, a perm is performed on medium hair. The spiral turns out to be uniform, neat and does not untwist. Curl will provide faster styling, beautiful and voluminous curls.

    On hair of this length, you can use almost all methods of winding. Basal, vertical and other types of chemistry are used. The average length is universal, this gives the master-stylist a large field of activity for experiments.

    Curling for short hair

    The main advantage of short hair is that they can easily make an easy biowave and traditional chemistry. Now almost in any beauty salon you will be offered the most suitable options. But the choice of the master should be approached responsibly, it is better if you study the reviews or you will be recommended by a well-known expert.

    The bob or queen looks great with large curls, spiral curls or small curls. A nice square with a short bang will give the face freshness, and curls will add romanticism.

    The square without the bangs can be worn with a curl and with a straight parting, and the braid will make the hairstyle more original. Avant-garde ladies will like the option with a low parting, when almost all the curls lie on one side, this will bring into the image a note of sensuality and mystery.

    Curl perfectly emphasize the beauty of a graduated square or a Bob-kar. It will look great even a small ladder, the hair will look beautiful and original.

    Multistage haircut combined with steep curls can give unruly locks elegance, elegance. Hair will easily succumb to styling and, with proper care, look healthy and shiny.

    What you should know about if you decide to waved

    If you want to become the owner of beautiful curls, you should know about the following drawbacks of chemistry:

    1. Curl will dry your hair, thin curls will be difficult to comb, they can get confused. Take care of the proper care in advance.
    2. After waving remains an unpleasant odor. It will erode in a week or two.
    3. Wet curls at first look ugly. Help restore hair masks.
    4. The scalp may suffer, and at first there will be dandruff.
    5. You will always have to style your hair, otherwise instead of luxurious hair and stylish curls you will get an ugly shock with sticking strands.
    6. Any perm is harmful. Of course, there are undeniable advantages:
      1. Beautiful curls of any size look stylish and will always be in a trend.
      2. Curl will give your hair a volume.
      3. With chemistry, hair is easier to lay down.
      4. Modern compounds for chemical wave do not do as much harm as their predecessors, and with proper care, the hairstyle will please you and those around you for a long time.

      Proper care and recovery

      You can treat, moisturize and nourish curls after the procedure, both with special professional means and with folk methods. The first option is the most efficient, but costly.

      At home, trichologists recommend:

      • regularly make honey masks, masks with aloe juice;
      • use in the care of oils, for example, burdock, peach, castor, almond, palm;
      • use a shampoo specially designed for hair care after a perm, also suitable products designed for damaged, brittle, colored hair;
      • to choose the means, which contain proteins of silk, collagen, panthenol, keratin;
      • apply products for the restoration and care of one manufacturer, so they will act at full strength and give a good result;
      • it is advisable after each washing to rinse the locks with infusion on the bread, decoction of chamomile, nettle, hop;
      • in the diet include fish;
      • systematically cut off the tips and apply to the hair sprays, serums, mousses and oils, preventing their cross-section;
      • use a comb with sparse teeth;
      • protect your hair from sunlight, wear a hat or apply funds with a UV filter.
      Sometimes a wizard who performs a curling procedure, offers to undergo a salon recovery course at a discount. If possible, use this offer.

      To keep curls longer, adhere to these rules:

      1. For two days it is not recommended to wash your hair, blow dry air, use hair curlers.
      2. Avoid tight hair: tails, braids. Walk more often with loose hair.
      3. After washing your hair, do not unscrew them, gently pat them with a towel.
      4. When combing, try to immediately form curls.
      5. Before going to bed always dry your hair.

      To make your curly curls look beautiful, they were elastic and clear, they need to be laid in a certain way. Help you in this diffuser and use specially designed for this makeup.

      The majority of the fair sex representatives are sure that the chemical perm procedure will completely ruin the curls and they can not be restored. But it's not like that at all.

      Contact an expert technologist with a high qualification who will conduct the procedure professionally, choose the composition suitable for your hair and do it with all your heart.

      Give a little more strength to hair care, and then the styling will be spent much less time, and the hair will look stunning.

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